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C925 bridesmaids block the way

At ten o'clock, Jijia's wedding car started on time. The limited number of luxury cars blinded the eyes of the public. Many people purposely stopped to watch. Every car is rare to see, so it's natural to have a good eye.

Season owl Han holds a bunch of flowers in his palm. His face is slightly taut. Although he has experienced many storms, he is married for the first time and only once in his life. He is nervous because he is excited and cares.

Thinking of the little things he and Tang youyou have come through, most of the time is still very sweet. Although there have been many sad things, they are still all sweet all the way to today. Ji Xiaohan chuckles. Meeting Tang youyou is something he never thought of. Falling in love with her, even without any omen, seems to be predestined by heaven. When she appears, it becomes the image he likes. Let him try his best to pursue, yearn, get and have it for a long time. A lot of people have asked him before, because it's his kind grandmother, who will call him almost every few days to ask him what kind of woman he likes. At that time, Xiao Han really didn't know what kind of woman she would like, but Tang youyou appeared, that's her kind. Season

Xiao Han's eyes are hard to conceal his deep feelings. He regrets that he finally married her in good faith, and his heart is very satisfied.

The long welcoming team appeared in front of Xia Weiwen's new villa door, forming a long dragon, which is very spectacular.

Xia Weiwen stood on the balcony, looked at it, turned around, and walked towards the dressing room of Tang youyou.

Knocked on the door, four beautiful bridesmaids saw that it was Tang youyou's father. They all went downstairs to wait. "

Dad!" Tang youyou gave him a light shout. "

Jijia's welcome team is coming, waiting downstairs. Are you ready for it?" Xia Weiwen looks at his daughter's graceful appearance, and he is very happy. This is what he always wanted his daughter to look like when she grew up. Did not

think that heaven had pity on him, and really saw it with his own eyes. For a moment, his mood turned and his eyes were hot and sour. Even though he wanted to give his daughter a smile again, he could not do it. Xia Weiwen raised his hand to block his eyes. When he made a voice again, his voice choked: "daughter, dad is very happy, and he has the opportunity to see you marry with his own eyes. Dad is really lucky!"

Tang youyou saw that her father suddenly choked and wept, and she was in a bad mood. She went over and her eyes turned red. She put out her hand and hugged her father's shoulder. She said softly, "Dad, stop crying. We will meet every day. I will never leave you again!"

Xia Weiwen didn't want his daughter to cry with him, because she put on makeup, which had an impact on her makeup. He quickly controlled his mood, and Wen said, "you are right. Our father and daughter will be together and never be separated again. I want to see not only your marriage, but also your happy life."

Tang youyou chuckled and nodded: "well, Dad, today is my wedding day. Don't cry, OK? I'm afraid I can't help crying! "

Xia Weiwen was amused by his daughter's witty words, and took a tissue to her: "wipe it, don't spend your makeup crying. Today, none of us should cry, happy!" "

MM!" Tang youyou still cried, tears diluted her makeup, she took some powder to make up.

Downstairs, Ji Xiaohan is standing at the gate of the villa with a bunch of flowers in his hands. Behind him, he is followed by four handsome men. The man takes a rose symbolically in his hand, because they will see all the people they love in a moment. It's best to send the roses out.

"Knock directly or kick the door! I can do it! " Mooshi's mouth is the most at night. He asked with a smile.

Season owl cold eyes cut over: "you want to kick this door bad, then my marriage has to be another day."

A joke, so that a few men are not taut, all corners of the mouth up, more than a chuckle. Season sighed: "life always likes to tease people around the corner. It's the door of Xia family. I have to break several doors a day."

"That was before!" Ji Xiaohan smiles and picks up his eyebrows: "not now. He's a long father. We should respect him for his love and reason." Season

more Ze shrugs his shoulders: "I know, I just say it casually!" "

then How long do we have to stand? Do you want me to give it a try? " Asked lohnin with a blank face. "

let me do it!" Season owl cold raised his hand, but did not knock, but rang the doorbell. Some people are looking forward to the four beauties who will open the door in a moment. "

who?" Sure enough, murin's voice came from over there, which was obviously intended to embarrass them. "

it's me and my best man!" On the electronic screen next to the doorbell door, there is a video picture. Ji Xiaohan points to himself and opens his body to let four handsome companion Lang show a face. "

Mulin, would you please open the door and let us in!" Lohnen instantly showed the video a smile that he thought was very attractive, trying to seduce it with beauty. Mu

Lin turned a big white eye and put her hands around her chest. She looked like a female overlord: "no, we just discussed. You have to answer our three questions before you can come in!"

"Sister, stop playing. Do I need to answer any questions? I grew up, what embarrassment you don't know, open the door quickly, sister, please, give your brother a face, let me show off in front of them, OK? " At night, Mu Shi saw that his elder sister was standing in the way. He immediately exerted his rogue character and began to plead with her shamelessly.

Murin was like a door god, still with her hands around her chest. She said lightly, "that's not OK. You're my brother, and it's just that four of us are here, one by one. Who will come first?" "

me, here I come. I have something to ask!" Yang ChuChu's voice came in the video. On this side, Luo Jin Yujun's face is slightly stiff. Next second, he reaches for his forehead. "

LUO Jinyu, can you say something I love to hear?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful and charming face magnified a lot in front of the screen. She asked with a smile, like a naughty child. "

brother, yours!" Lohnen took the big brother a step straight forward. Luo

Jin Yu; "..." However, this little woman is the most active in such things. "

clearly, can you go home and say this sentence?" Luo Jin talks quietly.

"Why, don't you want to say it?" Yang ChuChu said "

no!" "There are too many people here, so it's inconvenient to say it!" Luo Jin replied

"Luo Jinyu, I love you!" Yang ChuChu was not afraid of many people, so he said, "do you hear me? I love you! " Body

then came a burst of men's clapping and clapping. Luo Jin's face is red!