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Although lanyanxi gave up making dinner, she was not idle, carrying a small hand, like a hard-working child, standing beside Ling Mo Feng, watching him fry steak.

Ling Mo Feng is still wearing a white silk shirt, which really doesn't look like he should stay in the kitchen. If he cooks alone on weekdays, he must go upstairs to change clothes and come down again. But at the moment, he even forgot to change clothes, just wanted to make food for this woman.

"Ling Mo Feng, you'll have a lot. You can go to the hall and get down to the kitchen. If you marry someone, you'll be very happy." LAN Yanxi couldn't help but tease him, but he forgot to tease himself.

"Are you happy now?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes are slightly stunned, then he asks with a smile. Blue

Yan Xi shivered all over and said with shame: "now It's still happy! "

"What is it? Your future husband cooks for you personally. Are you very happy? " Ling Mo Feng did not know why, always serious state of mind collapsed, full of these are not serious words.

LAN Yanxi knew that he was deliberately teasing himself and stared at him angrily: "who said you must be my future husband? Maybe I can find a better way to rely on... " "

yes? Is Miss LAN looking for a family now? Let me hear it! " Ling Mo Feng turned the hands of Nian Pai, a pair of quiet eyes, implying oppression, staring at her face cautiously. Yan Xi is just joking. He wants to crack him down. Unexpectedly, his aggressive manner made her speechless, leaving her a pretty face. Ling

Mo Feng continued to fry the steak in a slow way and gave a light snort: "if you let people know that you live with me now, who do you think will marry you home in a fair way?"

LAN Yanxi thought it over carefully, and he said it quite reasonable.

"Ling Mo Feng, please stop playing with me for a while. Can't we get along well?" Lanyanxi doesn't want to quarrel with him. Anyway, she can't quarrel with him. This man is in a deep mind and has a way to stop her.

"Only if you tighten your mind, of course we can get along well!" Ling Mo Feng saw that she had softened first, and her tone had also changed a lot. "

I have no mind. My mind is at home now. I want to learn how to manage a home!" LAN Yanxi confessed to the truth. Ling

of course, Mo Feng also saw her sincerity. He put the fried and burnt steak on the plate and put it in front of her: "take it, but eat it later. Be careful not to get angry!" "

MM!" LAN Yanxi obediently reached for the plate, and suddenly found that the man had given her two pieces of steak he fried. She was stunned for a moment, and looked at him with a wink and asked, "don't you want to eat it?"

"I'll eat later. I'll take a bath upstairs first!" Ling Mo Feng said, and then turned to go upstairs.

When he passed by lanyanxi, lanyanxi saw that his white shirt was stained with a lot of oil stains. Suddenly, he was a little upset. When he took a bath, she would clean the clothes for him.

Ling Mo Feng went upstairs to take a bath. LAN Yanxi sat on the table and ate the steak with relish. He was full and finally recovered a little strength. Ling

after taking a bath, Mo Feng went downstairs wearing a suit of casual clothes. Seeing the girl sitting on the sofa, he didn't know what he was thinking. He went over and asked, "have you finished?" "

well, it's all over!" LAN Yanxi nodded and looked at the man, a thin sweater with a high collar and a pair of linen trousers, just like the male model who came down from the poster, with perfect figure. Blue

Yan Xi has always been a man who is not too fancy, but at the moment, he can't help but swallow his mouth and look at him more secretly.

Ling Mo Feng poured a glass of water and came over while drinking. He looked at the woman's lazy expression. He looked down at her and smiled.

LAN Yanxi was stared at by him. He was not right all over, so he had to ask him, "why do you look at me like this?"

"Nothing, just thinking, what your grandfather thinks is really thoughtful. He was relieved to leave you as a young lady to my care!" Ling Mo Feng looked at her red lips and white teeth. She was very clear. She always wanted to say something to make fun of her.

LAN Yanxi looked stunned, then tooted his mouth to retort: "where do I need your care? I'll get a servant back tomorrow, and I'll pay for it myself! "

"No way!" Ling refused directly: "I don't like strangers at home. There are many confidential elements in my study, let alone strangers." "

then I Can you see it? " LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"If you don't want to die, just look!" Ling Mo Feng gave a sneer.

LAN Yanxi hugged himself in a panic and replied: "I will never step into your study. Don't worry. I'm not interested in your politics. However, I'm thinking, I still have to find a job. I can't always stay at home and be idle. Ling mofeng, can you help me find a job?" "

What do you want to do?" Ling Mo Feng felt that she was interesting and began to have ambition. "

I have nothing in particular to do. After all, I am short of money. I want to find a job to pass the time. I can't be too tired or too busy. By the way, I can't work overtime. I also want to have some free space." LAN Yanxi is indeed the eldest lady. If she says anything, she can make people angry.

Ling Mo Feng is very angry. This woman really thinks that there is such a good job in the world, and it just falls on her.

"I suggest you go back to the blue family as your eldest lady. You will not be wronged!" Ling Mo Feng sneered. Blue

Yan Xi was stunned and didn't realize how much he had asked for just now.

"No, I can't go back to the blue family. I'll die when I go back. OK, I know I have too many requirements. Ling Mo Feng, I just want to find a job. Can you introduce me? It's better to be close to you. I hope that when someone pursues me, I can call for your help in time! " LAN Yanxi cheekily entreated him.

"Closer to me? Just to save my life? " Ling Mo Feng is more speechless to this woman. "

well, you can't help me." LAN Yanxi quickly stood up, walked over and grabbed one of his arms, and began to play her appeal to grandpa in the blue family to withdraw Jiao. "

for the sake of your honesty and obedience, come to the general office with me tomorrow, and I will arrange a job suitable for you!" Ling Mo Feng wants to reject her severely, let her know something about it, but he doesn't know why. He says yes.

"Really? If you let people know that you put me in, will you pass on that there is a nepotism between us? " LAN Yanxi didn't know what to do, so he began to shine.

Ling Mo Feng's expression was stiff, and he drew at the corner of his mouth.

"Do you know what nepotism is?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed dangerously, looking at her white and delicate skin, which could be broken by blowing. He really wanted her to experience the relationship.

"Don't be a fool, of course I know!" LAN Yanxi's small mouth turned and his face was not convinced. "

since you have said that you will be rumoured, it's better for us to settle the relationship. When someone says that, you won't feel aggrieved. How about it?" Ling Mo Feng felt that all the blood was running against the current. She felt uncomfortable without teasing her.

"You What are you doing? " Lanyanxi quickly reached out his hand to protect his chest and looked at him warily: "Lingmo Feng, you are a gentleman, you can't think about me." "

don't label me. Who told you I was a gentleman?" Ling Mo Feng turned a white eye without any words. This woman has some heart.

"Everyone knows that even the news is full of praise for you." LAN Yanxi said immediately.

"It's just a surface image I'm making for the world. You don't really think I'm such a man, do you?" Ling doesn't want to be labeled as a good person.

"What kind of person are you?" LAN Yanxi's face is white. How can you feel the man's eyes are so dangerous? Did she really lose sight of it? Is this a sheep in wolf skin?