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C1712. He took her in

The car drove on the dark road, crossed an earth rock road, and got on a spacious Avenue.

She sat on the copilot like a piece of wood, and her heart was suffering a lot.

Ling warm warm from the first jealous angry, to later relieved happy, the mood also ups and downs.

Mu Wei Cheng focused on the road and said nothing more.

When he arrived at the base, Mu Weicheng directly sent Xia ninglan to the clinic. There was a doctor on duty, who could give Xia ninglan an injection and take medicine.

"Xia ninglan, someone will come to arrange your night accommodation. Don't worry. The doctors here are very professional. Your cold will be better."

Mu Weicheng has a few words of concern to Xia ninglan.

Xia ninglan's eyes dribbled around and asked, "Mr. mu, I'm afraid of injection here alone. Can you let Ling warm up to accompany me? We used to be friends."

Mu Weicheng had long known that their ship of friendship had been overturned. Xia ninglan was a little upset about this condition.

"Well, I can't make up my mind. You have to ask Ling Nuan if he would like to."

Mu Weicheng said lightly.

"She won't be with me for sure."

Xia ninglan looks lost, and then she looks at Mu Weicheng with a pitiful look: "teacher mu, I only know you here except Ling Nuan. Can you sit with me for a while? I'm sick now, and I'm afraid."

Mu Weicheng didn't expect that she would ask for this kind of request. Maybe she was ill and had no one to take care of her. However, Mu Weicheng was absolutely impossible to accompany her, so she would be angry.

"I'll ask a nurse to come and talk with you."

When Mu Weicheng finished, he turned around and left.


The sense of loss on shanninglan's face is stronger.

Soon, a female nurse pushed the door in and asked her how she felt with a smile on her face.

Xia ninglan's mood plummeted.

"Nurse, do you know who is the drillmaster's girlfriend?"

Xia ninglan does not give up asking each other.

The nurse was surprised: "do you have a girlfriend?

How come I've never heard of it? "

"Don't you know?"

Xia ninglan was very surprised and refreshed: "how could it be? He just said that he has a woman he likes. You work together and you should hear some news."

Sister nurse shrugged her shoulders: "did the drillmaster admit it himself?

That's really strange. The drillmaster is a famous workaholic. He doesn't even have time to make a girlfriend. "

Xia ninglan's heart was shocked. Did Mu Weicheng guess her mind?

So, did he lie to himself on purpose?


Because he's not his type?

Xia ninglan's heart has become worse and worse. She has never been so hit. Mu Weicheng has no girlfriend, but she is afraid that she will confess. That's what she says.

"Too much!"

Xia ninglan breathed to bite the lip: "I won't give up easily."

Ling wennuan is still sitting in Mu Weicheng's car. Seeing him coming back, she can't help asking, "how is she?

Do you mind? "

"Don't you stop being friends with her?

Still care about her? "

Mu Weicheng chuckles.

"I'm not a friend, and I don't want her to be seriously ill. After all, the medical conditions here are not good enough."

Ling warms his lips.

"Hard spoken and soft hearted!"

Mu Weicheng left her four words.

Ling warm a choke, want to refute, but feel unnecessary.

"Where are you taking me now?"

Ling wennuan saw that he had started the car, and immediately asked curiously.

"Where are you going to stay tonight?"

Mu asked her with a smile.

"I can live anywhere. I can sleep as long as I have a clean bed."

Ling warm face disapproval of the expression.

"Is it?

That is to say, sleep in my bed. My bed will be cleaned every day. "

Mu Wei Cheng immediately laughed.


Sleep in your bed?

Where do you sleep? "

Ling warm breath a lag, beautiful face can not help but heat up.

"It doesn't matter where I sleep. This is my jurisdiction. Isn't there a place for me to sleep?"

Ling wennuan glared at him, "Why are you learning to talk to me?"

"If you don't want me to sleep somewhere else, I'll make a bed by the side of the bed and make do with it all night."

Mu Weicheng's voice sank and he listened to some evil spirits.

Ling wennuan chuckled and sweetly said, "OK, then you can make a shop nearby. I can't sleep in a strange place. You can talk with me."

"Just talking?"

Man means something.


What else do you want? "

Ling wennuan understood his hint for a second and immediately asked him angrily.

"No, I'm afraid I can't sleep."

Mu Wei Cheng suddenly laughed, as if she had a sense of achievement.

The two said that they had arrived at a two-story building. In front of them, there were orderly vehicles. A guard was stationed outside the door. When they saw Mu's car, they respectfully saluted.

Ling wennuan's expression also became serious. Although she was used to this kind of life with different superiors and subordinates, she followed elder brother's experience, but she still respected the soldiers here. Only with them can we have national security and people's happiness.

"Get out of the car, here you are!"

Murmured Mu Weicheng.

Ling wennuan pushes the door to get off the car, looks up and looks at the building without any features. She is inexplicably distressed. She always thinks that Mu Weicheng's life here should also be very good, but she seems to think wrong. His life here is two levels of his life at home, which is definitely not here to enjoy.

"What's the matter?

Go upstairs! "

When Mu Weicheng saw her stupefied, he couldn't help chuckling.

Ling wennuan turns his head and looks at the handsome face of man ranxiao. Suddenly, he wants to jump over and hold him tightly.

But her inner thoughts were suppressed by reason. She could only make herself look calm and follow him to the next stairs.

"Mu Weicheng, to be honest, did you come here to work because of hiding from me?"

Ling wennuan asked him seriously.

"Why do you ask this?"

Mu Weicheng's handsome eyes are surprised.

"I just want to know how you eat this hard. You used to be like my brother, born so well, have the conditions to live a better life, have so many choices, but you choose to stay here. I don't know how you think, but I really Some of you are distressed by this. "

Ling warm said, tears big big big drop.

Mu Weicheng's body was a little stiff when he stood on the stairs.

"Warm, what can I cry for?

Everyone's choice is different. I come here just because I want to come here. No one forces me to come here. I want to prove myself. It's a little heroic. "

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was crying, his voice was choking. He was at a loss. He wanted to comfort her, but his outstretched hand was frozen. At last, he could only take it back with his fist in his hand.

"Really not because of me?"

Ling turned around. Under the white light, the tears on her face were very clear. Those big eyes stained with water mist also had heartache.

Mu Weicheng reached out and wiped the tears from her eyes: "warm, don't blame yourself. It's not really because of you. Besides, life here is hard, but it's also a rare experience. When I want to marry you, I'll go back and give you and your children a safe life. I'm training a successor now. As long as he can guard here, I can Don't worry about leaving. "


Ling warm tears red eyes opened a circle, it is difficult to believe that he even arranged her into his future life.

"Of course it's true, it's true."

The man's gentle eyes fell on her face and his voice murmured.

Ling warm finally no longer Jin hold, directly into his arms.

Mu Weicheng was standing on the two steps below, and was rushed by the girl. He almost leaned back, reached out to hold the railing beside him, and then stabilized their bodies.

He couldn't help laughing: "warm, aren't you afraid of us rolling down?"

Ling wennuan found that the two people were still standing on the steps. She trembled with fright, and even more forced to circle his waist: "sorry, I was so excited just now."

"Come on, let's go up first. Don't be so bold."

Mu Wei Cheng smiled softly, full of doting.

Ling wennuan followed him up the stairs, opened the door and went in.