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LAN Yanxi and Wang Xinyi have a chat for a while. Wang Xinyi is busy with her work. She has to leave first. She walks in the bright corridor with some boredom. Seeing that everyone is busy and in a hurry, she looks like a leisure person. Suddenly she feels embarrassed and goes to Ling Mo Feng's office.

In the past, she would be limited to go anywhere. Now, she is unblocked all the way. There are many people saying hello to her. This kind of treatment is very well received. It is very difficult to be respected. But because of Ling Mo Feng, everything has changed so easily.

LAN Yanxi walked towards Ling Mo Feng's office. Suddenly, she saw a fight happened nearby. At first, she didn't care, but she heard a name and a voice that seemed to have been heard somewhere.

She immediately went around and saw Chen Fuyu arguing with a guard by the elevator.

"I'm really a good friend of Mr. President. We grew up together. I made an appointment with him. I don't know how to get through his phone at this time. You let me go first and see Mr. President. Naturally, I can explain everything clearly. I'm not a bad person." Chen Fuyu is calming down and talking to the guard.

LAN Yanxi was really surprised to see that it was her. She found Chen Fuyu's special feelings for Ling Mo Feng, but she didn't expect that Chen Fuyu would come to the general office so soon to find Ling Mo Feng.

This kind of feeling can't be said to be stuffy, but it's just a feeling of discomfort.

"I know her." LAN Yanxi came out directly from a nearby wall and said directly.

Seeing that it was her, the two guards immediately paid a little more respect to her: "Miss LAN, is she really a friend of the president?"

"Yes, she is, but I don't know if she and Ling Mo Feng have an appointment." LAN Yanxi replied as he walked over.

Chen Fuyu's face changed suddenly after seeing blue Yanxi. It was a little ugly and a little bit embarrassed.

Chen Fuyu just wanted to go upstairs to say hello. At this moment, she just wanted to turn around and leave.

LAN Yanxi, seeing that she turned around to leave, immediately called out, "Miss Chen, what a coincidence! What do you want to do with Ling Mo Feng? Do you want me to convey it? "

Chen Fuyu's face was a little dark. He said lightly, "even if there is something, it's also something between me and him. I really don't bother you to convey it."

"What's the matter between you and him?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help asking.

Chen Fuyu sneered, stopped and turned to look at LAN Yanxi. "You are his fiancee. I don't think I need to report to you."

LAN Yan and Chen Fuyu don't respect people very much. What's wrong with the fiancee? Does a fiancee have the right to know why she came to her fiance?

"Miss Chen, do you want to confess to me? Do you like Ling Mo Feng?" LAN Yanxi doesn't want to guess dumb fans with her anymore. Since it's hard to see them, why don't you open the window and talk up?

Chen Fuyu didn't expect LAN Yanxi to ask her so directly. She was surprised.

LAN Yanxi turned to go to the glass window, put his hands on the rail, looked out of the window at the sky, and said lightly: "even if you don't say it, as a woman, my intuition tells me that you just like him. You think the feelings you grew up with together can defeat me, I am the one who stepped in, you are the most reasonable together, your feelings are the most Deep. "

Chen Fuyu's face changed again and again, and finally turned a little pale. Her eyes were filled with resentment and she looked back at her blue Yan Xi. This woman was really straightforward enough to say all her thoughts.

"So what?" Chen Fuyu sneered.

LAN Yanxi turns around lazily, and on the back of the rail, her face is also more cold: "have you thought about the consequences? Lingmo Feng is not an ordinary man now. His every move, every word and deed has been magnified by others. Do you think he will give up his status for you and fight for it hard? "

Chen Fuyu's face is like being slapped two times, which is very ugly and even painful.

LAN Yanxi's face was even colder: "don't say it's you, even I dare not take myself too seriously."

"I'm not like you." Chen Fuyu retorted with a black face.

"What's different? Oh, by the way, it's different. You're his friend, I'm his wife, and our roles are different, so we make different decisions. I'll take care of his current situation. You won't, you just think about how to get rid of me and become the most important person in his mind. " LAN Yanxi immediately sneered back.

"Wife?" Chen Fuyu's face suddenly stiffened. He asked incredulously, "where do you come from, claiming to be his wife?"

"I just got the marriage license with him this morning. We are legal husband and wife now. I am not his wife. Are you?" LAN Yanxi really didn't want to hit her.

"What?" Chen Fuyu's face has turned blue and white: "Lan Yanxi, you really have the means. You are afraid that I will go back to China, so you will be so anxious to cheat Mo Feng to get married with you. You are the person with the most ingenuity. It's true that the rumors are true. You can stand out among so many women. You can't have the means."

Lanyanxi thought that she would tell the news of her marriage, but she didn't expect that she should attack her directly, and she immediately became angry.

"Miss Chen, it seems that you have investigated me. I wonder who said the rumor you heard? Would you like to have a confrontation with her and see if she can say it in front of me? " Blue Yan Xi's face was angry.

Chen Fuyu was about to open his mouth when he saw the end of the bright corridor, and a tall figure walked towards this side.

As soon as she was shocked, she could not move her eyes away from Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yan hopes to see that her face is different. She can't help looking back. Seeing Ling Mo Feng, she is also shocked.

Suddenly, she felt guilty. She felt that she had done something wrong. She wanted to turn around and leave.

However, she was afraid that she would go away, leaving Chen Fuyu to get along with Ling Mo Feng alone would cause more problems, so she stretched herself and stood nervously in place until the man came to her.

"Fu Yu, why are you here?" Ling Mo Feng asked Chen Fuyu.

Chen Fuyu's eyes were filled with tears for no reason. She seemed to be accusing Ling Mo Feng and suffering from great grievances. She bit her lips and said nothing.

Lanyanxi really admired her acting skills. Just now, she was able to tear up with her. At this moment, how could it be that she bullied her? What did she cry for?

Ling Mo Feng frowned, but he reached out his hand and took LAN Yanxi to his arms. He asked lightly, "I'm married to Yan Xi today. If it's convenient for you, I'll stay for lunch together."

Chen Fuyu's tears suddenly froze and his face ached: "Mo Feng, do you really love her?"

LAN Yanxi shivered all over. She was confused by cold. God, she didn't call this man's name so intimately. Why did Chen Fuyu call it so smoothly?

"Yes, I love her." Ling didn't think about it or hesitate to answer her directly.

"Then you Have you ever liked me before, before she appeared? " Chen Fuyu tears flow more fierce, she raised her hand to wipe.

LAN Yanxi is suddenly afraid. If someone comes here and hears Chen Fuyu and sees such a scene, will they spread gossip?

Fortunately, no one came here at the moment. LAN Yanxi suspected that Ling Mo Feng had sent someone to clear this place.

"Fuyu, I know what you mean, but I'm really sorry. I used to be your friend and my wife is a jealous person. I hope we don't get so embarrassed. If you think our friendship is worthless, then I will accept to be a stranger from now on." Ling Mo Feng's back, a small hand is twisting his waist, it is precisely because the little woman around him conveyed a sense of her anger to him, so ling Mo Feng's words just so strong desire for survival.

The stranger's three words directly hurt Chen Fuyu, and she looked up at Ling Mo Feng more sadly.