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C1809 dreams come true

Mu Weicheng stood in the bathroom, although it was spring, but he insisted on taking a cold bath for a long time. Today, even if the cold water was poured on his body, he still felt strange heat. His hands were propped on the wall, allowing the water to flow from the top to the bottom. He closed his eyes tightly for a long time, then opened them, closed the water, and took a bath towel to cover his body which was still a water drop.

The man's body is reflected in the mirror. It is the most standard man's body. The bronzed skin is more healthy.

Mu Weicheng has always maintained his body, never neglecting, in order to one day, be able to present his most perfect side in front of the beloved woman, today, it seems to come into use.

He casually pulled the towel and wiped the water on his short hair and face, which opened the bathroom door.

The light in the bedroom is dark. Mu's breath is a little heavy. Looking at the bulging bag in the quilt, his thin lips make a light smile.

He walked to the edge of the bed and suddenly found that his body in the quilt was shaking.

It seems that she is not asleep.

After drinking so much wine, when I took a bath just now, I deliberately accelerated my speed, just in case she would fall asleep.

Now it seems that she has been waiting for him.


Mu Weicheng attached himself, one hand gently opened the quilt corner, and saw the pretty face full of spring under the quilt. The intoxicated eyes secretly looked over and looked at him.

Mu Weicheng's heart, as if hit hard by the electric current, he couldn't help but attach himself, and kiss her with thin lips on her bright and clean forehead.

"Mu Weicheng, will you be gentle?"

Ling Nuan pleaded with him in a low voice.

Mu Weicheng can't laugh or cry. This woman doesn't think he will be a wolf who has been evil for 800 years.

"I try."

The man promised her in a low voice.

Ling warm picked up eyebrows, what he said is to try, how to do as much as possible?

The healthy body got into the quilt, which was warm by the girl, just like her.

Mu Weicheng smelt the light fragrance from her body, which is not like artificial perfume, but only belongs to her own fragrance.

His heart was so shocked that he finally stopped restraining.

One night later, in the morning, Ling wennuan finally knew how "tragic" it was last night.

Fortunately, she won't have to go to work tomorrow, otherwise, she may have to take a day off.

Mu Weicheng got up early in the morning and made breakfast for her. When he made breakfast, he was a little lost, because he almost remembered the beauty of last night.

Although he had imagined it, he found that no matter how good his imagination was, he could not imagine that kind of beauty.

I cooked pumpkin millet porridge, fried eggs, beat corn soymilk and toasted bread.

When he finished all this, he pushed the door into the bedroom, where there was still a thrilling breath. Mu's thin lips raised a trace of satisfaction, went to the window, opened the curtains, and breathed.

Ling wennuan opens an eye and peeps at the man.

"It's warm. When you wake up, put on your clothes and come out for breakfast. Don't oversleep."

The man went to the bedside, his voice doting.

Ling wennuan knows that it's no use pretending to sleep again, so she has to pull the quilt and sit up. "I'll go out right away. Don't stand here."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was shy, he smiled, "what are you afraid of?

We are both husband and wife. "

"That's not good, it's not."

Ling warm also can't say the reason, but feel oneself pass in front of him like this, that will have no mystery.

Mu Weicheng didn't want to embarrass her, so he turned around and went out and closed the door.

Ling wennuan ran to the bathroom and found in front of the mirror that he was afraid that he had no face to see people today. His neck, clavicle, all kinds of marks, of course, are not only these places.

Ling wennuan changes a suit of clothes and comes out. It's not natural. The man sits on the sofa and looks at her gently.

Ling wennuan stood up straight at once and did not dare to show weakness in front of him, because last night, he did not show weakness all night, which changed his poor appearance today.

When Mu Weicheng got up and came to her, he could not help but smile and ask, "do you need my help to the table?"


Ling went to the dining table, but it hurt. She took a breath.

"I'm sorry, I'm not good. I didn't take good care of you."

Mu Weicheng blames himself.

"You know."

Ling warm heart much better.

When Mu Weicheng served porridge for her, he suddenly thought of something. Although he had a good time last night, he was still worried about his sister's situation.

"Warm, do you know what happened to nangongyao and Xiaoyun?"

Mu Weicheng actually wants to call his sister at this time, but he feels that it's not suitable in the early morning, so he can only get some information from Ling wennuan's mouth.

"Nangong Yao likes her?

You can see it from the eyes. "

Ling warm side of the delicious porridge, while smiling.

"I know what is Xiaoyun's attitude towards him?"

Asked Mu Weicheng, wringing his brow.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's not bad for him since she brought him to your birthday party last night."

Ling warm guess, women will not easily bring a man to see their relatives, unless she felt each other have a future.

Mu Weicheng's face is stiff. His sister doesn't really want to associate with this man, does she?

Last night, Muyun sat in nangongyao's car, drank some wine and worked for another day. As soon as she got in the car, she would rest in her chair.

Nangong Yao, sitting next to her, is clear-minded. Her hands are tense, and her eyes occasionally peek at the woman around her.

There was a cool air in her body, but when she closed her eyes to rest, the beautiful face showed a lot of softness and a lot of sweet beauty.

Nangong Yao looked at her sleeping face greedily and lost his mind. He didn't expect Mu Yun to accept his pursuit so quickly. He thought it would be a long process.

Mu Yun didn't fall asleep completely. She just took a nap and opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she had a dark look at the man.

Nangong Yao was caught peeping, looking a little embarrassed, and quickly moved his eyes out of the window.

Mu Yun suddenly reached over and grabbed one of his big hands. The man was as electrified as a flash, and looked at the hand she held.

"Hold me!"

Moyun asked.

Surprise come so suddenly, Nangong Yao some can't believe, he handsome face stay.


Mu Yunmei picked it out, and then he was going to let go of his big hand.

Nangong stares at her to let go and immediately grabs her finger. Next second, he Yanks her into his arms.

After Muyun lies in his arms, he keeps his eyes closed.

Nangong Yao couldn't guess her mind. Looking at her cleverly leaning on her arms, he felt like a dream.

"I don't have class tomorrow. Do you have any plans?"

Mu Yun suddenly asked him.

"Where do you want to go?

I'll be with you. "

Nangong Yaoyou Mou a happy, immediately asked low.