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C1049 the storm is back

Since Bai Yiyan's side has Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei's care, Wang Xin didn't dare to come to talk to her about work in the evening. In fact, Wang Xin knows that there is no possibility between herself and Bai Yiyan.

Before that, he felt that he might have a chance, because it was rumored that Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan had broken up, and Bai Yiyan's life in seclusion when she came to a foreign country alone must also be a life of bad feelings and frustration. She only needs to be touched for a moment, and maybe she can get her heart.

When I saw her and Ji Yueze appear together last night when I sent my textbook, Wang Xin's dream was finally sober. Now, there is another Liu Xiaoxing troublemaker in the school. She is also accompanied by a cold Feifei who is not easy to provoke when she looks in leather pants and leather clothes. Wang Xin has no courage to think about others.

Sure enough, not everyone has a chance to get close to the rich woman.

Wang Xin inevitably has resentment in his heart, so he feels that Ji Yueze has arranged these two women to prevent him, which makes him feel inexplicable inferiority and hit him inexplicably.

Wang Xin can't help thinking of the dark. Isn't Bai Yiyan here to hide? If he revealed her whereabouts, what would be the trouble for jiyueze?

While Wang Xin was thinking about it, Ji Lin was thinking about it. He always felt that Bai Zhenzhen's confession didn't make a big deal. Ji Xiaohan didn't let the police have any action, which made him very upset.

So he wanted to find a way to expose this matter, let the people in the society condemn Bai Zhenzhen's vicious behavior, and then let her reputation be ruined, even her daughter's reputation. After all, he heard that Ji Yueze's feelings for Bai Yiyan had been very deep. Although they didn't know whether they broke up, Bai Yiyan had a bad reputation. For him, they should It should have a big impact.

Ji Lin directly found a group of reporters and asked them to write this report. The story about the relationship between Bai Zhenzhen and Bai Yiyan's mother and daughter, and Bai Zhenzhen's killing Ji Nan, Ji Xiaohan's father, is true, detailed and thought-provoking. Moreover, it reveals that the reason why Ji Yueze abandoned Bai Yiyan lies in this. This

report spread to the Internet rapidly. Many netizens have read the secret records of the famous family. They are shocked. They know that Ji Xiaohan's father's death is really similar. It was a strange car accident at that time, but now they have pulled out the woman Bai Zhenzhen. They all agree that the life of the famous family is too messy and too deep, which is chilling. This

report began to spread in the morning and was completely deleted by noon. However,

Yes, it's meaningless to delete it. We still know about it. Even if it's no longer transmitted on the Internet, it's still a hot topic for us to talk about in private.

When Ji Yueze stepped into the company, he felt the atmosphere was different. Everyone looked away from him in fear. However, he knew that all the people in the company were telling Bai Yiyan's mother to be his father's third party, and he was stupid enough to hold Bai Yiyan as a treasure in the palm of his hand. For example,

now, he is the stupidest person.

The informant was too much, and irresponsibly exposed all the truth of the matter, but only took some of the most suspicious events to disturb the pool.

Ji Xiaohan has already called him. It must be Ji Lin, the first servant of this matter, because he is not willing to do nothing and let Ji's family live a leisurely life. Ji

Yueze has an impulse to find Ji Lin with a knife. He wants to kill that insidious and cunning man with a knife. He dares to make fun of his feelings with Bai Yiyan.

After Ji Yueze stepped into the elevator, all the people in the company hall bowed their heads and criticized again.

"It's true or not. Bai Yiyan's mother is a junior senior, and she is also the third of the boss's father. God, the amount of information is too large. Can Bai Yiyan be the boss's half sister? If so, it's a very interesting and powerful play. If it's written into a script, it must be performed Fire. "

"Who dares to write a play according to the facts? Didn't you see that the boss just looked like he was going to kill someone? Let's just say two words less. "

"Now everyone is talking about it. If we only talk in private, we should not let him hear it!"

When Ji Yueze stepped into the office, he was so upset that he directly swept one of the decorations on the table to the ground. With a crash, the porcelain pieces fell to the ground. It was shocking to watch. "

damned bastard, don't fall into my hands. Even if you are my uncle, I will skin you!" Ji Yueze's big palm is tightly squeezed into a fist. I wish I could fight Ji Lin's face directly. LAN

Yue also saw a piece of news. In addition to her heartache, she was more worried about her little son's mood.

Although the old lady doesn't seem to have any pity for Bai Yiyan's life experience, LAN Yue always feels that her little son is deeply involved in her. This relationship can't be erased in an instant. In this case, the incident was revealed by some people with intention. Ji Yueze was the most hurt. The old lady, with her presbyopic glasses, finished reading the report on the Internet and gave a cold snort: "these nonsense guys, who don't know anything at all, just scribble."

"Mom, don't be angry. Please calm down. I always feel that someone wrote it on purpose." LAN Yue offered her a cup of tea and said angrily.

"Of course, there are people who deliberately don't make our family feel better. We must let Xiaohan check it and see who is gossiping." The old lady was really angry. As long as the Ji's family knew about it, it would be humiliating to go outside. "

Xiao Han must be checking too. Mom, I haven't heard about Bai Yiyan from little Zeti recently. They really broke up." LAN Yue said with emotion.

The old lady's face was stiff. She thought of the last time she went to see Bai Yiyan herself. Unexpectedly, the girl had backbone, and disappeared completely from their eyes.

"What's true or false is that we must break up. Bai Zhenzhen is such a vicious woman. Although her daughter has a good education, she is always a time bomb. The descendants of our Ji family can't be destroyed in her hands." The most important thing for the old lady is to inherit the family. The mother's behavior is not good, and she can destroy the children most. LAN

Yueyue sighs. I really hope that this matter will settle down quickly. Otherwise, Ji's family will be trapped in a deeper vortex.

Who is the enemy behind Ji's family? LAN Yue frowned.