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C641 big brother's tolerance

Looking at the tears at the bottom of her eyes, the anger of season owl's cold pressure on his back can't be released.

What he hates most is being cheated, because she is so important to him, so close to her, a little lie from her can pour all his inner enthusiasm.

He really wanted to punish her, but how could he treat her when her body was just recovered and her face was still pale?

Tang Youmei's eyes are eager and flustered. She knows that Ji Xiaohan must be angry and cheated by her important people, which is a devastating blow.

All of a sudden, the man stretched out his long fingers, and could not help holding and lifting her chin.

Thin lips, with anger, covered.

Tang youyou thinks that Ji Xiaohan will be furious, will denounce her deception, and even be disappointed with her, and will not pay attention to her again.

However, she did not expect that he would come to kiss her.

Kissing her tender lips, the anger in Jixiao's cold heart slowly subsided.

Tang youyou is tense all over. He feels that the man's lips and tongue are blowing a storm in his mouth.

She made a low voice like a kitten. When the man let her go, his thin lips were attached to her ears, and he said in a hoarse voice, "if you dare to cheat me again, I won't forgive you again, you know?"

Tang youyou was tense all over. After hearing his words, the string that was about to break was finally relaxed.

"Well, no!" Joe nodded his head at first, as he promised.

Season owl cold fingers, in her kiss red swollen mouth gently dawdle, although still reluctant, but, dare not go further.

Her body can't bear his anger at all.

"Go down!" Ji Xiaohan snuffs out his anger. His deep love for her has changed his habits. Tang youyou is still very upset: "will you find your brother to settle accounts? Don't you blame him, will you? In fact, he has always been very polite to me. He has never been aggressive. He has also realized that his behavior is not appropriate. Would you give him some time to deal with this matter by himself?

”When Ji Xiaohan saw her pleading for Ji Yueze, his handsome face suddenly fell down again.

"You still seem to care about him!" The voice of men's displeasure rose.

As soon as Tang youyou stayed, he shook his head: "I don't care about him, I just don't want your brother to quarrel because of this matter."

"As a big brother, I have my measurement. Don't worry. I also see that my brother is working hard for this matter. I won't blame him. I just hope he remembers his identity and doesn't do anything more right." Season owl cold tone a few light.

Tang youyou believes that Ji Xiaohan is a man of great bearing. Although he is tough to deal with the outside world, he is absolutely dedicated to his relatives.

"Will you talk to him about it?" Tang youyou asked in a hurry.

"Yes!" Season owl cold eyes color deep several Xu: "wait to eat a meal, I will talk to him!"

Tang youyou's heart quivers. I wish their brother's conversation could be more friendly.

"Well, let's make it clear to your brother. It's all right!" Don youyou won't stop it any more.

Just now, seeing the injury and disappointment in Ji Xiao's cold eyes, she really blamed herself.

He loves himself so much, but he has kept it from him for so long. Whoever he is, he will feel cold.

Both of them spoke, and Ji Xiao's cold face returned to normal. They went downstairs one by one.

Downstairs in the living room.

Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze are sitting together. A servant passes by. Although Bai Yiyan wants to ask him a lot of questions, they are not easy to ask at the moment.

Seeing elder brother and Tang youyou coming downstairs, Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly stiff, and he looks down and stares at the floor.

At this time, the elevator door beside opened, and two little guys accompanied the two old people out.

Dinner is ready. The family, sitting at the table, begins to eat.

There are two little guys around, no matter how boring the atmosphere will become warm.

Tang youyou and the old lady are busy telling the two little guys to eat the rice in the bowl.

Tang xiaonai still has the habit of being picky about food. She doesn't eat any fat meat.

"Give it to Daddy!" Ji Xiaohan looks at his daughter clumsily holding chopsticks and holding a piece of fat streaky meat. He doesn't know where to put it, so he gently hands his wrist to him.

Tang xiaonai immediately happily put the streaky pork into his bowl, and then smiled sweetly: "thank you daddy!"

The cute look of the little guy made everyone infected. The atmosphere was pretty good.

After dinner, Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan were unable to sit down. They immediately made an excuse to leave.

"Yueze, come outside with me." Season owl cold suddenly shouted to stop him.

Ji Yueze's face is stiff, and her eyes are not comfortable.

"Brother, do you have something to tell me?" Ji Yueze is a little uncertain, but he is nervous.

"Yes!" Ji Xiaohan has turned around and gone out.

The old lady thought that the two brothers had not met for a long time, so she needed to have a good exchange of brotherhood.

Then, the old lady hurriedly urged Ji Yueze, who was not moving, to talk to your brother and ask him to give you more advice

Ji Yueze has a pair of beautiful eyes. He really doesn't want to chat with big brother alone. His heart couldn't bear it.

However, since the eldest brother offered to invite him, if he didn't go out, it would be even worse. In between the dilemma, Ji Yueze still turned around and went out.

Big brother stood tall and straight in the garden path, the light of the street lamp shone on him, as if to pass a layer of golden light, giving a very amazing feeling.

Ji Yueze walked slowly behind him, and Ji Xiaohan went further.

Two people one before and one after, all around is silent, season Yue Ze feels not good.

Finally, walking to a far away lake, Ji Xiaohan stops.

Ji Yueze's step is also a meal. He raises his eyes and looks back at his big brother.

"Brother, don't you want to talk to me?" Ji Yueze summoned up his courage and asked.

"Yes, I hope you can let go of your love for Tang Youyou, can you?" Jiyueze's voice.

Ji Yueze's brain went blank in a flash.

Big brother said this to him so directly and suddenly, which really surprised him.

I can't turn my mind around.

"Brother, you may have misunderstood..."

"No matter whether it's a misunderstanding or not, I hope you can promise me to respect her as your sister-in-law." Ji Xiaohan didn't mean to blame him at all, just like a brother to remind him.

Ji Yueze breathed heavily. He looked at his elder brother and felt ashamed.

Before, he felt that the image of the eldest brother was always tall, and the eldest brother was like his father. The eldest brother always gave him a sense of security, which no one can replace. At the moment, big brother's figure, in his eyes, seems to be more tall and generous.