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I don't like the fact that my son is too much like him

Tang Xiao Rui raised his gaze, his bright eyes looked at his father's sad face, and it was the first time he obediently leaned into his father's embrace, following that, he said indifferently: "Daddy, your imagination is truly abundant, and you're still playing teleportation, you think too much, hurry up and sleep."

Ji Xiao Han was startled, then suddenly felt that he really was a little ridiculous, to actually say such childish words like that.

What kind of aesthetic feeling did this man have? Why did he change her son's moe appearance to an unpleasing sharpness like his?

No way, no way. She firmly refused to agree. She had to comb down her son's little Liuhai, so that it would conform with his three years and ten months of innocence and cuteness.

"Mummy, I want to sleep a bit more. Please, let me go upstairs to sleep a bit more. I promise, I'll just sleep a bit more …" Tang Xiao Nai was just a little lazybones, begging Tang You You with a little bit of a pampered tone.

"Xiao Nai, this won't do. Look at how your brother has woken up, you must go to school with him. Be obedient." Tang You You had no choice but to earnestly reject his daughter's plea. This kind of lazy attitude, had to be corrected.

Ji Xiao Han swept his gaze across them with a serene gaze. Seeing his daughter's lazy look, his mood instantly improved.

His tall and big body had already quickly left the table, and he walked to his daughter and squatted down: "Xiao Nai, what's wrong? "You don't look like you're awake. Did you not sleep well last night because you didn't sleep with your dad?"

Tang You You, "..."

Did this man even have face left? His daughter was born to love sleeping. What did it have to do with him? He had truly taken himself seriously.

"Daddy, I want to sleep a little longer. Mummy won't let me …" The moment the little fellow saw its loving father, its eyes immediately reddened with grievance.

"Come, let me hug you for a while. I'll carry you to eat breakfast, okay?" Of course, Ji Xiao Han wouldn't let her go back to sleep on the bed. However, he could hold the little guy in his arms and let her be lazy for a while.

"Daddy is so nice, Xiao Nai loves you so much!" The little guy was so happy that she was about to fly up to her father.

However, halfway through her pounce, she was suddenly pulled back by Tang You You. "Can you stop relying on your daughter for everything?

"So what if I hug my daughter? Your daughter is still so young. You can't ask her to follow all the rules like an adult. " Ji Xiao Han felt that Tang You You was punishing his daughter too severely.

But Tang You You felt that if he doted on his daughter like that, sooner or later, he would spoil her.

Both of them had their own opinions, not allowing each other to take even a single step.

Tang Xiao Rui swung her short legs, slowly walked over, and advised them: "Daddy, Mummy, if you still don't eat breakfast, breakfast will become cold."

After that, Tang Xiao Rui grabbed Tang Xiao Nai's little hand: "Come over, let Big Brother accompany you to eat, you are not allowed to anger Mummy, do you understand?"

In fact, Tang Xiao Nai listened to her brother ever since she was young. Although her brother always bullied her, most of the time, she was still happy to be coaxed by him.

"Big brother treats me the best, hee hee hee!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately smiled like a little fool and followed her brother to the dining table.

As Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's words, he suddenly felt that there was an arrow piercing his heart. This little thing, it said that father was the best just now, but now it had turned around and become his big brother. Sigh, since little lovers are so fickle, what should he do in the future?

Tang You You was in a hurry to get to the company, so she could not be bothered to argue with this man anymore. She sat at the dining table, and started to eat her breakfast.

As she ate, she took a peek at her son's new hairstyle. The more she looked, the more she thought of Ji Xiao Han.

Thus, she stretched out her hand and patted her son's well-groomed little head. In an instant, her son's little Young Master hairstyle had been completely ruined.

"Look, my son is so handsome. It's better to comb through his bangs. He's the most handsome!" Tang You You looked at his son's strange expression and immediately pinched his little face with a smile.

"Mummy, why are you messing with my hair? It took me so much effort to learn to brush my hair back up." Tang Xiao Rui looked extremely unhappy.

Ji Xiao Han also felt that the woman's actions were weird. When he heard his son's protest, his gaze froze.

Tang You You curled his lips: "Who told you to follow your father's example? Go and comb your hair to show your age. "You're already so old. Don't mention that you're my son when you go out."

"Mummy, you didn't ask us to mention it in the first place …" Tang Xiao Rui felt even more wronged.

The expression on the face of the person sitting on the table opposite to him turned extremely ugly all of a sudden.

His son had imitated him by combing an identical hairstyle, yet this woman had scolded him for his age. Had she also scolded him in a roundabout way?

Is he old?

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han had doubted that he was a little too old, but was a man who was 27 years old considered old?

Didn't you say that even at forty, there is only one flower? This woman has a serious problem with her aesthetic perception.

Her son's words made Tang You You sob, but very quickly, she said with a serious face: "Mummy is still not used to you changing your hair style, children should look like children."

Ji Xiao Han immediately interrupted: "Tang You You, you sure have a lot to worry about. What kind of hairstyle does my son like, you have to care too.

Tang You You was startled. This man's IQ is still online? That's right, she was beating around the bush and despised his hair style.

"Since you think so, that's what I mean." Tang You You couldn't even be bothered to reply.

"You …" Ji Xiao Han was completely enraged, no one had ever dared to judge his appearance, and this was not the first time this woman had done so.