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Late at night, in the wedding room, Mu Lin lay on the bed as if she was tired. She didn't even want to move her fingers. She was too tired to get married. She got up at seven in the morning. She made up, performed the ceremony, toasted, and smiled at the guests. She stretched out her hand and pinched her cheek, which made her smile stiff. Luo

Henning pushes the door in and looks at Mulin, who is too tired to be able to bear the pain. When he comes over, Wen Sheng is concerned: "Mulin, do you want me to knead it for you?"

"My legs are so sour. Can you rub them for me?" Mu Lin immediately opened her eyes. What reflected in the beautiful eyes was the handsome face of a man. He took off his suit and jacket, wore a white shirt, and his face was white as a jade crown. Those eyes were always gentle as water. How could they see that? How could they hurt him? "

OK, here?" Lohnin sat by the bed, his warm fingers beginning to pinch on her calves.

"Ah..." Murin didn't expect that as soon as the man's finger touched her calf, she would feel as if she had been hit by an electric current. She immediately made an unsightly sound. Luo

Henning's fingers froze suddenly, and her eyes turned to her and asked, "what's the matter?"

"No It's nothing. You can press it somewhere else. Don't touch it. I can't help laughing! " Mu Lin said with a helpless smile.

Lohnin went to the end of the bed and sat down. He took one of her feet directly with his fingers, and rubbed it slowly in the palm of her feet. "

well, it feels better here!" Maureen breathed a sigh of relief. Luo

Henning's strength is gently and gently pressing for her to relieve the tiredness of the day.

"Lohnin, it's our wedding night. What do you think?" Mu Lin is enjoying her husband's professional service at the moment. She can't help but want to tease him. Luo

Henning chuckled, but the movement on his hand did not slow down. He said slowly: "what else can I think of? You are so tired and pregnant, I can only think about it in my dream at most! " "

do you want us to finish our wedding night in a different way?" Maureen suddenly sat up with her hands on her back, her beautiful eyes glistening. Luo

Henning's deep-sea eyes made her swallow her mouth subconsciously.

Well, he's not that gentleman.

"What What's the way? " Lohnin was so nervous that he stammered a little.

Murin immediately half knelt on the bed, like a lazy cat, and crawled towards him step by step. "

come here and lie down!" Murin's voice suddenly fell. Luo

Henning looked out with a pair of handsome eyes: "so Not so good! "

"What's wrong? We are legal couples now. There are many things that couples can do." Mu Lin finally wants to create a romantic and charming atmosphere, but she is interested in the wood. She directly turns her mouth.

"What can husband and wife do?" As expected, lohnin is relatively simple. Mu immediately reached for him and touched him! In the Bath

the room, lohnin collapsed and was gasping for breath. At last, he knew the other way, but it was really new. Mu

Lin is carrying him on her back and washing her hands. She turns around and sees him standing still: "take a bath, I'll go to bed first. I'm so tired!" Luo

Henning looked at her languid appearance, and her heart was overflowing with love.

He used to pay tribute to Mulin as a goddess. How dare he imagine what happened just now? However, some things happened naturally. Surprises are everywhere.

Lohnin took a bath and came out. Mureen was asleep. He lay softly beside her and put his hand around her tenderly. Mureen turned over and hid in his arms.

Now, Mojia! Although the night was already dark, the face of the moose sitting in the living room was startled.

"Dad, did you just say you wanted to apply for a transfer back to work? Did I hear you right? " I asked in the night when I was admiring.

"Mu Chengping nodded:" yes, I will write the application when I go back this time. Later, I will often go home "

you and my mother Are you reconciled? " Mu Shi night immediately looked up the stairs. It was strange. What did his mother use to make his father change his mind?

"We've made up. Why do you seem to have any questions?" Lanrona appeared at the stairway in time. Although she was wearing a piece of conservative sleepiness, it was still full of charm and whitened her son's eyes. When mu

shrugged his shoulders at night, he spread out his hand: "what can I say? It's a happy thing. Mom, I just want to know that you are serious this time. Don't you always doubt that my father is out there?"

Mu Chengping: "..." Is this his own son? Why is it always pouring cold water?

Lanrona snorted, "yes, I doubted it, but it's not without evidence. Besides, do you believe that your father will be out there?" When mu

shakes his head at once: "of course, I don't believe it. I inherited my father's special love. Of course, I believe him!"

At last, Mu Chengping was moved. Well, it has been proved that he was born. "

but won't you have the occasional emptiness, loneliness and coldness after so many years of separation? Will it be... "

"Mu shiye, get back to your house now!" Lanruona really can't stand her son's mouth that doesn't hold the door. It's not easy to revive her old love with her husband, but it's going to be destroyed by her son.

Mu shiye immediately laughs and quickly takes the car key and walks out: "I'm just worried about you quarreling again!" "

if you have a crow's mouth again, be careful if I smoke you!" Lanrona's character was picked up by her son.

Mu Chengping hurriedly walked to her, took her hand and comforted her softly: "well, don't get along with his son. You know he's not serious!"

"I really need a woman to take care of him!" LAN ruona said angrily.

"He has already found it. When orange grows up, he must be a daughter slave, and orange will take care of him." Mu admits that he likes his little granddaughter very much.

"You mean Pei Anxin? She seems to be able to control her son! " Lanruona doesn't have so many complaints about Pei Anxin, because she made a scene last time. She was so angry that her son was about to jump from the building. Lanruona was convinced. Maybe she was old enough to see through some things easily. "

Anxin is not bad, so don't worry about her!" Mu Chengping counsels in a low voice. LAN

ruona leaned into his arms and sighed: "well, no matter what, I don't have the energy to take care of it. Chengping, would you like to take a vacation and let's go out for a tour to relax? I haven't been out for a long time! "

"Well, I'll ask for leave tomorrow!" Mu Chengping's fingers trembled and hugged his wife. In such a warm moment, he thought he would never have another.