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C772 burying the curse

Tang youkangzhi will come to Tang youyou so sincerely to admit his mistake. It's not that he really lost his way. Suddenly, his conscience finds that he owes his daughter, but that someone is forcing him to admit his mistake to Tang youyou and want to get Tang youyou's recognition again. This

person is Ji Shangqing.

He threw another five million yuan into Tang Youkang's body, and what he bought was the good thing they had done this time.

Tang Youkang, who is already in poverty and suffering, has a little backbone. Seeing that five million yuan belongs to him, he agreed to go down without saying anything on the spot.

In fact, people are snobbish and realistic. Now that Tang youyou is back at Jijia, how can Tang Youkang really give up his father daughter relationship with her?

So, after the painful experience, Tang Youkang finally took out 100% sincerity, called Tang Youyou, and found the collection of his ex-wife. In fact, it's not just Tang youyou's endless yearning for his adoptive mother. When Tang Youkang found a picture of his ex-wife in the glove room on the third floor, Tang Youkang was deeply touched. After comparing the present mercenary wife, Tang Youkang regretted that he didn't cherish his former wife very well, so he had today's decadence and fall.

Tang youyou ordered the dishes before he came. At the moment, they are all worth a lot of money. It's more difficult for Tang Youkang to say what it's like.

The daughter who used to be reluctant to buy snacks, now the consumption of a meal, has been amazing.

Think of here, Tang Youkang still admire Tang youyou very much. After the gossip between Tang Xuerou and Ji Xiaohan, almost every month someone will report that they meet for dinner. Even if Tang Xuerou comes out of the imperial mansion, he will be taken out to catch the wind and shadow. But Tang youyou is very low-key now. She has given birth to two children to Ji Xiaohan, got his sincerity and the approval of the elders of Ji's family. It's the identity of the hostess of Ji's family. However, she never appeared in front of the media, only was occasionally photographed twice.

"Uncle Tang, eat it!" Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

Facing the delicious delicacies full of table, Tang Youkang is also hungry, but I don't know why. I just feel the panic in my heart.

Tang youyou is eating slowly, without saying anything more.

"Yo, can I treat you to dinner sometime? I'll be a father to admit my mistake to you! " Tang Youkang suddenly said.

"Good!" Tang youyou nodded.

Tang Youkang was relieved and finally asked her to agree to have dinner together. Then, he invited Ji Shangqing together, and finally fulfilled one of Ji Shangqing's requirements.

After lunch, Tang Youkang left. Tang youyou returned to the company with his mother's things. Just now, in front of the dinner table, she didn't look through the album carefully or open the small wooden box. At this moment, her mind surged and old memories floated to her heart. She opened the album, her sunshine, every year there are several photos of different periods, until the year when her mother died, as if all the happiness

was also cut off in that year, she never left any photos Now.

The tears in the eyes fell down. In the photo, Kang Youkang held her in his arms when he was young. His eyes and eyebrows were kind, unlike today's strangers. When he felt hurt, Tang youyou felt even worse.

Open the small wooden box, there are two pairs of silver bracelets, and some small ornaments when I was a child. Now, it seems that there is no new idea, only the simple and old, but the adoptive mother is kind to her.

Wipe away the tears, Tang youyou appreciates his childhood photos, and finds that his daughter, xiaonai, is really seven or eight points similar to himself. Although she is born with a dragon and a Phoenix, her son inherits more of Ji Xiaohan's appearance, but her daughter, xiaonai, is more like her.

A pair of children, have each other's shadow, this is absolutely the happiest thing.

Tang youyou suddenly thinks that Ji Xiaohan is abroad. What is he doing now?

Want to call him, but afraid to disturb him, forget it, he must be busy.

Indeed, as Tang youyou thought, Ji Xiaohan was not idle. In his hurry, he met many people, many of whom were his former rivals. He wanted to learn more about his father's work in the company.

These people used to be the elite backbones of Ji's family. They all worked beside Ji Nan, Ji Xiaohan's father. After Ji Lin took over the company, he immediately found various excuses to eliminate these people. One day, the emperor and one courtier seemed to be the same means in any situation.

Ji Xiaohan wants to investigate the relationship between his father and him again after Ji Lin is released from prison. He wants to find some evidence to prove whether his father's death, accident or murder. Ji Xiaohan put down his body and posture, and met with several of his father's most powerful subordinates. After some understanding, Ji Xiaohan was still shocked. He and his brother were still very small at that time. What his father looked like in the company, he never saw it, only knew what he would look like when he returned home. In the past few years, Ji Xiaohan was busy taking over the company. In addition, Ji Lin was put in prison again. With various restrictions, Ji Xiaohan put the investigation of this matter behind him. At this moment, Ji Lin is out of prison, and the company is also stable under his management. As Ji Nan's son, Ji Xiaohan's most haunted

is his death, whether his father is sorry for his mother or not, but he is definitely not Can die with injustice.

Coming out of the restaurant, Ji Xiao's face was gloomy and terrible. Lu Qing followed him and dared not say a word more. Just now, in front of the dinner table, those men were talking about one thing, that is, after his father Ji Nan entered the company, he had several big quarrels with Ji Lin. Ji Lin wanted to enter the company and was rejected by Ji Nan. Ji Lin asked him for many times. Although all the quarrels were private, it was a hidden danger.

Sitting in the car, the gloom between the cold eyebrows and eyes of the season owl did not disappear. He squeezed his big hand tightly into a fist, hoping to make a hole in someone's face.

Lu Qing followed carefully. He heard what he said just now. Ji Lin even threatened his father with his brother's life. If he hadn't heard it, Ji Xiaohan couldn't believe it. Ji Lin was even more vicious than he thought.

"Young master, what are you going to do next? Tomorrow noon, do you really want to invite him to dinner? " Lu Qing still risked his life to ask, if the young master has any arrangements, he must be prepared as soon as possible, which is the first duty as an assistant. "Please!" Season owl cold answer.