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Tang You You's expression was shocked to the extreme. She stared at him for a long time before finding her voice, "Are you sure you didn't say anything big? If you have to spend five million every day, then you have to be so wealthy that you can't afford to lose money! "

"Do you really believe it? I don't believe it myself! " Ji Xiao Han laughed out loud, because when he saw her serious expression, he felt that it was extremely interesting.

"Forget it, I'm too lazy to ask you!" felt that he did not have any concept of money, he only knew how to earn money!

However, up until now, there hadn't been any blooming of him!

What did he earn so much money for?


Indeed, seeing him bring the zoo home, he knew that this man had never mistreated him in his life.

Ji Xiao Han reached out and pulled her back into his embrace, his tone extremely gentle. "Wandering, don't worry. In the future, all the money I earn will be given to you to spend. You and the children can share all of my wealth!"

Hearing his words, Tang You You almost lost himself.

Did this prove that she would be a billionaire in the future? She could enjoy the lifestyle of not having to earn money and only having to spend it?

"Forget it. No matter how much more money you have, it was earned through hard work. I can't just randomly spend your money!" Tang You You chuckled.

As expected, Tang You You froze for a second. He lifted his eyes, and the light in the bottom of his eyes revealed a trace of resentment: "What did you say? You have other women? "

The moment Ji Xiao Han saw her angry expression, he knew that he had played a little too big on this joke, and quickly explained, "Of course not, I promise you, I was just joking earlier."

Tang You You thought about it carefully and said dejectedly: "Actually, with how rich you are, even if you have other women, I won't be surprised!"

This time, it was Ji Xiao Han who was stunned.

"Wandering, you can't really think that I have another woman, right?" Ji Xiao Han frowned.

Tang You You shook his head: "I don't think so, but after living for so long, it's hard to say what kind of appearance one will turn into."

"Sorry, I shouldn't joke about such a topic!" Ji Xiao Han knew that this woman could easily think of the worst case scenario, so he was a little regretful.

Tang You You sighed, and looked him straight in the eyes: "Ji Xiao Han, you are truly charming, sometimes I wonder, if I were to take all of you for myself, would you suffer a loss? With your outstanding looks, rich and powerful, don't you think you should enjoy a better life?"

Ji Xiao Han was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, he immediately kissed her lips and after a deep, punitive kiss, he warned her in a hoarse voice: "Stop thinking nonsense, understand?"

Tang You You's mind was blank, the man's kiss made her dizzy. When he let go of her, she took a deep breath.

"Maybe I created it. I have more imagination than others!" Tang You You immediately explained in self-mockery.

"Alright, let's not talk about this anymore. We won't talk about it in the future!" Ji Xiao Han was really afraid of her now, he had suddenly become so passive, causing him to feel deeply uneasy.

felt that she was completely bored and didn't have anything to do, hence she started to let her imagination run wild. In the past, when she was busy with her children and making money, she did not think of anything.

The moonlight fell softly on the road ahead, lengthening the shadows of two people.

Tang You You instantly fell in love with the feeling of strolling in the night with him.

Ji Xiao Han reached out and grabbed her shoulders, slowing his footsteps. He felt that the feeling of holding her in his arms was extremely comforting.

"Are you better off with your cold?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked with concern.

"Un, it's much better after taking the medicine!" Tang You You replied softly.

After walking a few steps, Ji Xiao Han took her into a large black hole that was dug out. Tang You You was shocked.

Ji Xiao Han clapped his hands a few times. The lights that were controlled by voices followed the footsteps of the two people and slowly spread out.

It turned out that the two sides of the mountain wall were already surrounded by glass. Behind the glass was a blue world. Within the clear waters of the lake, all kinds of fish were swimming about leisurely.

Tang You You was dumbstruck. She did not expect Ji Xiao Han to build a huge ocean pavilion in his home.

And it was so special, so spectacular.

Ji Xiao Han carried her on his back and backed off. He spread opened his window and pointed at the dark blue world behind the windows on both sides. Do you like it? "

"I'll bring them here to play on this double day!" Ji Xiao Han strolled over to her and gently wrapped his arm around her delicate shoulder: "Are you still going forward?"

Tang You You looked at his phone, and shook his head: "How about we stop here today, the children are definitely waiting for us."

Ji Xiao Han also thought the same. The children had to attend class, so they had to go to bed early and get up early.

Tang You You walked around Ocean Palace a few times, looking through all the strange creatures around before finally walking back with Ji Xiao Han.

Just as he walked into the living room, he saw the old lady sound asleep with Tang Xiao Nai in her arms.

The old lady seemed to be in good spirits. She looked at the two youngsters and smiled. "Is the romance over?"

When Tang You You heard the word romantic, he immediately felt shy.

"Alright, stop being shy. You're already getting married!" The old lady pounded her aching arm and left, accompanied by a servant.

Tang You You's affection for the old lady was deepening. She felt that, other than the poison in her mouth, the old lady had a good heart.

It was no wonder that he was able to bring up two such outstanding grandchildren.

That night, Tang You You had a beautiful dream. In the dream, she wore a pure white wedding dress, walked across the red carpet, and walked step by step towards the tall and straight man in front of her.

In the distance, through the haze of her wedding dress, she saw the man reach out to her.