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C1395 eat this bowl of dog food

The film just began to play, and the light in the cinema suddenly dimmed. Ling Mo Feng felt that he had a small hand and was wrapping it around his palm. He chuckled and chuckled. Without waiting for the other party to grasp it, he grabbed it and clasped his fingers.

Lanyanxi is a person who has no sense of security, especially when it is too dark, she always wants to find something she is familiar with to hold and hold. Now, there is no baby around her, only Ling Mo Feng is the one she trusts most.

Lanyanxi takes a popcorn and puts it into his mouth. Once he bites his fine teeth, it's crispy and crispy, which makes the man around him smile silently. Lanyanxi's beautiful eyes immediately glance at him. Then, she directly pulls down the mask on Lingmo's mouth. In the light of the light, she can see the upward corner of the man's mouth.

"What are you laughing at?" LAN Yanxi, with a strange face, asked in his ear.

"Nothing, just happy!" Ling did not hide his feelings.

"Really?" Lanyanxi is also very happy. It's rare to have such a romantic and relaxing time.

"Yes!" Ling Mo Feng answered her positively.

Lanyanxi immediately grabbed a popcorn and handed it to him: "you can eat it, too!"

"No, you can eat it. I don't like sweets very much." Ling Mo Feng immediately shook his head and refused her beauty.

"Just one!" There is no reason to take back what LAN Yanxi delivered.

Ling Mo Feng just bowed his head and bit down, but he ate more elegantly. Fortunately, no one sat around them, so they could speak in such a low voice.

The film has already started, LAN Yanxi will stop making noise and start watching the film quietly.

In the upper left position of them, there are two straight figures. Chu lie and Cheng Yuan are used to this kind of military sitting posture. However, Cheng Yuan feels that it's not a woman after sitting for a while, so she sits on her back. Chu lie is still as straight as a pine. Fortunately, no one sits behind them. Otherwise, Chu lie's head is afraid to block other people's sight.

Although Cheng Yuan is heroic, she is just a girl. She takes popcorn and eats it slowly.

Suddenly, she felt that Chu lie's fingers seemed to reach out to her side casually, and she gently swept over the back of her hand. Cheng Yuan was stunned and looked at him with her side eyes. She saw the man's slightly uncomfortable expression, full of embarrassment.

Cheng Yuan immediately bowed her head and smiled, coyly attached to his ear and said, "don't you think we are carrying out the protection task? Don't mess about! "

Chu lie's face is redder, but he is calm and agrees.

Although Cheng Yuan didn't hold his hand, she was as sweet as popcorn.

The film is very lyrical, the love of the protagonists and heroines slowly high sweet up, sitting in the position of a pair of lovers also began to bow to the ear, doing some small actions.

The relationship between LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng has reached this point, so they don't feel the flesh and blood when they look at the sweet picture of hugging and kissing.

Chu lie and Cheng Yuan are suffering from this. They only reach the point of holding hands, but suddenly pour a large basin of dog food on their faces. Is it eating or eating?

The two were red faced, their hearts beat faster and they were at a loss.

With Gao Tian's plot going down, there are more pictures of blushing and heartbeat.

Blue Yan Xi has been stuffy smile, a pair of bright big eyes, secretly to see the reflection of the body side man.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips also smiled, and his deep eyes stared at the screen without blinking. It has to be said that what is happening to the protagonists and heroines on the screen has always been what he expected.

"Cough..." There was a slight cough from Chu Li behind. Blue Yan Xi's frowsty smile made a low smile.

Ling Mo Feng, however, pressed her gently in the palm of her hand to show her to be more restrained. Chu lie's and Cheng Yuan's love just sprouted. It's really hard for them to watch this kind of high sweet love film.

LAN Yanxi was reminded by the man, which made her want to laugh. However, she found that when she was with Ling Mo Feng, she didn't need to take her mind out of the house. The man could remind her of any details, and let her enjoy the ease and absurdity of this moment.

Cheng Yuan is very resentful. A pair of beautiful eyes stare at her from time to time. It's more restless than Chu lie's. what movie did he choose? How can it be that from the beginning to the end, it's all the pictures of the kindness and love of the man and the woman? Not even the plot, all the way sweet, sweet she was flustered.

Chu lie is also regretful to die, he has been a straight man, really should not do this choice.

It's embarrassing. Cheng Yuan won't doubt that he has any bad motive, right?

More than 90 minutes of the movie ended, and four of them left the cinema quickly and went directly to the underground parking lot.

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi have full-time drivers and bodyguards waiting. Chu lie drives his own car and leaves with Cheng Yuan.

"Is the film still good, sir?" Chu lie asked in embarrassment.

Ling Mo Feng immediately said with a smile, "it's not bad, it's just in time!"

LAN Yanxi giggled and chulie giggled twice. Yeah, a love movie. It's time to show it to lovers in love and increase their feelings.

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi left by car. Chu lie was still in place. Cheng Yuan, with her head lowered, kicked the pillar beside her with her feet and asked in a low voice, "Yan Xi and vice president have left. Should we leave?"

Chu lie looked down at her, and saw her pretty face was pink. He immediately scratched his head with embarrassment and turned into Han Han's expression: "Cheng Yuan, do you want to visit again? I saw it was quite big upstairs, or I'll buy you something. "

"Well!" Isn't that what Cheng Yuan said? When she heard him ask, she nodded happily.

"Don't get me wrong, Cheng Yuan. I'll show you this movie. It doesn't mean anything else." Seeing that she had been silent, Chu lie thought that she had been thinking about something, so she quickly explained.

"Don't you know that the darker the description is? If you don't explain it, I don't think so. I really need to doubt your explanation. " Cheng Yuan winked at him playfully.

"I......" Someone's expression is really cute and helpless.

Cheng Yuan immediately reached out and grasped the man's thick palm: "well, I don't blame you, if we can be as happy together as the leading men and women in the film, this result is quite worth looking forward to."

Chu lie then giggled twice: "as long as you like it, I can't stand this kind of entangled plot. I don't know whether Mr. and miss LAN will feel embarrassed."

"Yan Xi and her husband must have a very good relationship. It can be seen that he dotes on her very much." Cheng Yuan envied.

"Yes, it's the first time I've followed my husband for so many years to see that he is so interested in a girl, but miss LAN is also a person worthy of his liking." Chu lie sighed.

"Well, it's worth it." Cheng Yuan nods her head in affirmation.

When they arrived at the mall, they began to stroll. Their feelings were unconsciously deepened.

In the car, LAN Yanxi is languidly leaning on the man's side, his eyes are half squinting, so comfortable.

"It's getting dark!" LAN Yanxi opens her eyes and looks out of the window at the falling night, murmuring.

The man's body shook slightly. He immediately put out his hand and hugged her more tightly. His thin lips were close to her long hair: "Yan Xi, when the result is settled, I must take you out openly."

"Well, I'll wait!" LAN Yanxi closed his eyes again and nodded hard.

Ling is still guilty. However, the current situation does not allow him to act recklessly. Although he would like to introduce this woman to all people, he can't really do it now. Life is like chess. He can't afford to lose step by step. For his family and love, he can only walk every step steadily. Even if he needs to endure and restrain, he won't step back Step.

When he got home, it was time for dinner. Ling Mo Feng called, and a big dinner was delivered in a short time.

"Wait for me!" LAN Yanxi pedals up the stairs. After a while, she comes down with two cups of wax in her hand and lights the lighter. Then she runs to turn off the light and dim it again. Then she comes and sits down with a smile: "candlelight dinner!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at her happy smile and couldn't help laughing. He liked to see her naughty and funny.