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C1623. It's the man she's attached to

In the face of Muyun, Ling wennuan still counsels. She dare not admit anything and say nothing.

The two brothers and sisters of the Mu family are outstanding representatives. They are young and promising. Poverty has roots and wealth has seeds. What kind of gene determines a person's success or failure? It has to be said that what comes from the gene is really innate, such as a person's vision of things and self-discipline of life.

Ling has been sitting firmly in the president's office. His office is on the other side of the corridor. In a short distance, it took him several years to get here step by step.

Anyway, Ling is successful.

Ling decided to hold a private banquet to appreciate the friends, relatives, hearts and colleagues who accompanied him along the way.

He sent out more than 60 invitation cards to host the banquet. He chose a hotel. This hotel is a high-end place specially used to entertain foreign guests, which is also a special location for the general office. Some important meetings will be held here.

Lingmo Feng called lanyanxi at noon. He would send someone home to pick her up for the banquet. He specially asked someone to prepare a very beautiful evening dress for her. Today, he has a gift for her. When he wants to wait until the end of the dinner, they can send it when they are alone.

LAN Yanxi came back from the hospital. She talked with the old man about leaving the hospital, but the old man didn't want to leave. He thought it was good to live in the hospital now. He also met some friends, and he could chat and play chess in the garden at noon in the morning. He said that this way of life made him relaxed. He wanted to stay here for a while.

Lanyanxi knows that grandpa is really relaxed. He is not tired of family affairs or involved in public affairs. He can feel free to do something he has never done before.

LAN Yanxi told him that he felt that someone with a bad intention would hurt him, but the old man patted uncle Yu's arm: "don't be your uncle Yu's accessory. I'm relieved to have him with me. Besides, if I want money and have no money, I'll die. Who will come to find my bad luck?"

LAN Yanxi listened, speechless, grandpa is what all looked open, even life and death are not afraid of it?

However, she was afraid. She couldn't let Grandpa have an accident. So when she went home, she left the two bodyguards to Grandpa by force.

Back home, lanyanxi saw the beautiful bag on the sofa. She opened it and looked at it. It was a white evening dress.

"Yan Xi, Mr. President has a good eye. This dress is so beautiful." Cheng Yuan is lanyanxi's bodyguard now. She comes to take a look and immediately praises her.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "this style is too conservative. I didn't wear such conservative clothes before."

Cheng Yuan went to see it carefully. It's really conservative. She doesn't show off her shoulders and back, but her arms. The only thing that can show her femininity is a small V-shaped design at the neckline, which can show the delicate and beautiful neck of a girl.

"Poof!" Cheng Yuan can't help it. President Jue's intention is not to let his wife expose too much in the eyes of others.

LAN Yanxi said speechlessly, "I knew that his vision was not good. I knew that I had to choose one myself."

"Yan Xi, I think you'd better accept my husband's kindness. If you wear a sexy tuxedo with bare back, I'm afraid that my husband's eyes will stare straight. He will be angry." Cheng Yuan now treats LAN Yanxi as a friend, so she doesn't speak in a proper way.

LAN yanxijue's Cheng Yuan's words were unintelligible, and she also burst into laughter: "this situation you said is really possible. Forget it, he doesn't like my sexuality, so I can only be conservative."

"Yan Xi, you have to hurry up to change your clothes. We have to catch up for at least an hour. Now we are in rush hour. In case of traffic jam, you must be late. You are the most important heroine today. I must deliver you on time." Cheng Yuan takes a look at the time and urges LAN Yanxi anxiously.

"OK, wait for me, come down now." Lanyanxi immediately picked up the bag and ran upstairs.

"Slow down, don't wrestle." Cheng Yuan looks at her heart and hair tight. She's about to be the first lady. She can't hold her breath. She's really compatible with the president's calm temperament.

Lanyanxi quickly changed her dress, turned around in front of the full-length mirror and fell in love for a while. To be honest, she was pretty. She was not as old-fashioned as she thought, but rather plain and elegant.

LAN Yanxi straightened her long hair, took the curling stick and treated the end of her hair a little bit, which made her long hair more fluffy and natural, and looked more temperament.

When she opened the dressing table, all the cosmetics she had carefully selected were the eldest lady of the rich family. Lanyanxi was willing to spend money in this area, but the effect was amazing. From her childhood to now, her skin was as delicate as jade. Her skin color was crystal and bright. There was no dark feeling at all. Standing in the sun, she had her own light, which was absolutely enviable.

The action skillfully drew a light make-up for oneself, blue Yan Xi walked downstairs quickly.

Cheng Yuan is secretly sending a sweet message to her sweetheart. When she sees LAN Yanxi coming downstairs, she hides her mobile phone behind her, but she falls on the ground because she doesn't hold it firmly for a while. Cheng Yuan bends down to pick it up quickly, and her face is hurt.

"What are you hiding? It's not for people to see. " LAN Yanxi teases her with a smile. You don't have to guess who Cheng Yuan is in such a hurry to contact.

"I didn't hide it. It's just work time. I can't use my cell phone indiscriminately." Cheng Yuan immediately smiled with shame.

But LAN Yanxi kept smiling: "who says you are working now? I don't care what you want to do, or you can call him and listen to his voice."

"Yanxi, do you make fun of me?" Cheng Yuan's face was shy, and she stamped her feet in place. Finally, she felt the coyness of a little woman.

LAN Yanxi's bad appearance really makes people hate her. Who made her have a harmless pretty face.

"Well, I'm in a hurry? Let's go quickly so that you can see the adjutant Chu earlier. " LAN Yanxi is still joking.

Cheng Yuan couldn't help it. She hurriedly put her handbag behind her.

When the car drove out of the vice presidential palace, Cheng Yuan immediately asked curiously, "at the beginning of next month, you have to go to the presidential palace, which is really beautiful. Then, I can follow your light and watch it."

LAN Yanxi looks back at the old house. When she first came here, she was still disgusted. It's so boring to think that Ling Mo Feng was the vice president. She lives in such an old place. Now, she doesn't know when she has a trace of feelings. Everything here is very good. It's because she has feelings for the owner of the house that she will become one of them Must have been attached to it.

People are always strange creatures, and their mood changes every day.

"In fact, if you don't move, it's good to live here." LAN Yanxi said with a low head and a smile.

"No way, sir. He's the president now. Of course he has to live in the presidential palace." Cheng Yuan replied with a smile.

"Wherever he goes, I will go. In fact, what I am infatuated with is not necessarily the environment, but the person he is." LAN Yanxi said shyly.

"It must be." Cheng Yuan nodded at once.

When the car came into the traffic, Cheng Yuan saw LAN Yanxi as if she was sleepy, and she said gently, "Yanxi, you have to squint for a while. When you go there, you must be entertained. You need to have enough spirit to deal with it."

"OK, I'll squint." Said LAN Yanxi, who had leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Cheng Yuan did not dare to sleep, on the contrary, she raised her vigilance and looked around at the abnormal situation.

"There's a traffic jam ahead." The driver's eldest brother whispered.

"Is it possible to find another way?" Cheng Yuan asked in a low voice.

"There's a road to go by, but there's an old town there. The road condition is a little complicated. I'm afraid there are hidden dangers." The driver's big brother is also full of defense.

Cheng Yuan looks down at the time. It's time. It's not the time. There are more than 40 minutes to go. If the traffic jam starts now, I'm afraid that Yanxi will miss such a good chance.