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C1630 jealousy

Lanyanxi closed her eyes, felt the man's fingers running through her hair, with a gentle honey, which made her very satisfied.

If she lived like this for a lifetime, her life would be worth it. Unfortunately, her life is still very long and full of numerous variables. She always thought that her love with Ling Mo Feng was solid and stable. But today, there is a Chen Fuyu, who makes her feel a sense of uneasy crisis.

In fact, there have been some potential competitors before, such as LAN Xianxian and Yang He. LAN Yanxi didn't regard them as lovers at all, but Chen Fuyu felt uneasy.

"Yan Xi, asleep?" Ling Mo Feng dried her long hair, and when she lowered her eyes, she saw that she closed her eyes, as if she was asleep, and didn't know what she was doing.

Blue words Hope Volume Qiao's eyelashes tremble, slowly open, to the man's gloomy and unpredictable eyes.

She immediately refreshed herself: "a little tired."

Ling Mo Feng put down the hair dryer, reached out and pulled her up from the chair. LAN Yanxi immediately jumped into his arms, put her pretty face on his solid chest, and closed her eyes and gently rubbed: "Ling Mo Feng, I want you to promise me that you will not see Miss Chen alone in the future, OK?"

Ling Mo Feng was stunned. He didn't expect that she would mention it again. He could not help stroking her hair and smilingly replied, "are you so unsure of me? I admit that when I didn't meet you, she did convey that meaning to me, but at that time, I was busy at work, far away, and didn't seriously consider life events. Now that I meet you, it proves that I have no fate with her. You are the woman who let me seriously consider marriage. Yan Xi, have you always been confident? How come you are not like the girl I know who is not afraid of the earth? "

LAN Yanxi buried his face deeper in his arms and shouted, "I was not afraid before, because I didn't like you, now I am afraid, because I have fallen in love with you."

"Don't like me?" Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is slightly stunned. Then, looking at her with low eyes, "it turns out that you still don't like me."

"Well, I can remind you that if you dare to meet her alone, I will also meet his men's team members who I like alone. If you want to play better than others, I will definitely not lose Well. " Before LAN Yanxi's warning was finished, the chattering mouth was strongly kissed by the man. Then, she only felt the sky turning and fell into the soft bed.

Between the blank brain, she felt the pressure like a mountain front. She breathed a fork, her face was red, and her two little hands tried hard to push the man away. She had never seen him so gentle.

Ling Mo Feng felt her refusal, which supported his upper body, a pair of angry eyes tightly locked her disorderly breathing.

"Yan Xi, I will be very angry if you dare to see those people alone." The man's voice has been dyed, and he will warn her.

Blue words hope not angry counter smile, put out a hand to cover small mouth, smile of unbridled: "I thought you are not jealous?"

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was deliberately testing himself, once again attached to the body, thin lips more crazy to suck her lips.

"Pain..." LAN Yanxi finally paid the man's angry punishment. She blinked her eyes pitifully and begged him to let go.

Ling Mo Feng got up from her angrily. However, he did not forget to turn his eyes to remind her: "I will forbid those men's troupes to perform in China later."

"What?" LAN Yanxi can't believe that Ling Mo Feng, because of her relationship, wants to target a male idol star in the entertainment circle?

"I'm not kidding." The handsome man's face is tense, but the voice line is very firm.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help crying and laughing. He jumped up from the bed, reached for his arm and pleaded in a low voice: "well, I won't meet them alone, but can you not see her?"

"I won't see her alone, at least, I won't invite her alone." Ling Mo Feng saw her so indomitable, only sighed and agreed to her.

"What if she calls to invite you?" LAN Yanxi, after all, is young. He doesn't know how to turn around to persuade others, so he can only ask directly.

"I'll take you with me, and if it's not you, I'll take chulie with me." Ling Mo Feng gave her the answer.

Blue words beautiful eyes a consternation, looking at the man that seems to have some aggrieved expression, she suddenly woke up, feel like some of their own excessive.

"Do you think I'm bothered and petty?" LAN Yanxi sighed, took the aggressive momentum and covered his face with his hands. He hated his jealous look.

Ling Mo Feng took down her two small hands, looked at her gently and comforted: "no, there is no sand in the eyes of the beholder. My heart is smaller than yours, but it is because of this that I can know how much you like me."

LAN Yanxi listened to his words and immediately blushed: "you are less proud. I don't like you so much. I'm just a bully. My man doesn't like to be stared at."

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was not admitting, but the more she did not admit it, the more he knew his position in her mind.

"It's late. Go to bed." Ling Mo Feng felt her long hair and urged her gently.

"Good!" LAN Yan Xili lay down on the bed and saw that the man reached out to turn off the light and lay down on the other side.

Blue Yan Xi a pair of sparkling eyes in the dark, waiting for something.

However, after waiting for a long time, she didn't wait for what she wanted to happen. Instead, the breath of the man around her became steady.

Blue Yan Xili stretched out a leg and gave a light kick on the man's strong leg.

The man immediately reached out and held her restless leg in the palm of his hand.

LAN Yanxi had to take the initiative to lean towards him and asked in a low voice, "Ling Mo Feng, are you asleep?"

"It's late. Go to bed." Like coaxing children, the man patted her gently on the arm.

"But..." LAN Yanxi wants to say something, but she feels unable to say it. At least she is a girl. She can't remind a man. He seems to forget to do an important thing.

Ling Mo Feng is actually a little tired, but the girls around him move around like a kitten, which makes him understand her mind. It seems that if you don't comfort her, just don't want to sleep tonight, so he directly turns over to hold her down and asks in a low voice, "Yan Xi, can't you sleep?"

Blue Yan hilly closed his eyes and denied, "no, I'm going to sleep."

"And what is your hand doing?" Ling Mo Feng burst out laughing.

LAN Yanxi wants to withdraw her hand quickly, but finds that the man's lips also kiss her. She shivers all over, but she is not crisp.


Chen Fuyu stood in front of the window. From here, you can see the huge square not far away, as well as the white sacred buildings. At this time point, some politicians came to work again and again. Chen Fuyu watched. His heart was sour, a sense of inexplicable loss.

Her head began to ache again, which is what happens every morning when she wakes up. Her condition is not completely good. The cold weather in the morning will aggravate her headache. She really hopes that she is amnesic now. Don't remember anything about Ling Mo Feng, don't know his achievements now, let alone know him.

Unfortunately, the memories she wants to forget have become the most profound thing she has now.

Chen Fuyu closed her eyes. She didn't know how she could avoid some people. She saw Ling Mo Feng alone.

Suddenly, she thought of a person, maybe, through that person, she could talk to Ling Mo Feng alone, even if it was just about the past time.

Chen Fuyu takes out his mobile phone and makes a phone call.

"Ling wennuan is not in your school? Do you know which school she transferred to? "

"Yes, thank you. I'll invite you to dinner another day." Chen Fuyu said with a smile and hung up.

"Military management school, how can warmth go to that school?" Chen Fuyu frowned. No matter what, she can meet this girl now, because Ling wennuan has a sister's dependence on her since she was a child. I believe that wennuan will be very happy to see her.