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C1043. She's at ease when she's around

Luo Jinyu said firmly, "yes, I will wait for you, until you reach the legal age of marriage!" "

What if your mother forces you to marry another woman? If you go against your mother's wishes, she will be very sad Yang ChuChu asked him anxiously that this would happen, and Luo Mu would definitely find another way to let him interact with other women.

"Don't forget, I'm a man. Men can't force me!" Luo Jinyu gave a low smile, saying that her worry was unnecessary.

"Luo Jinyu, I will be very sorry if you wait for me like this." The sadness in Yang ChuChu's heart has been dispelled by his words. She is full of shame at the moment.

"I'm willing to wait for you, you don't have psychological pressure, you just think I love you to the bone, not you." Luo Jinyu really doesn't want to give her pressure, no matter in spirit or in heart, he only hopes that she can continue to lead her happy life heartlessly. "

are you expressing your deep feelings to me?" Yang ChuChu was amused by him. "

even if it is, you can come to me now? I'm not used to sleeping alone. " Luo Jinyu has no bottom in his heart. Only when he wants to see her and hold her in his arms and feel the real temperature, can he sleep at ease. "

can you pick me up? I sent my assistant home to bed. " Yang ChuChu asked in a low voice.

"In fact, my car is not far from your home. Come to the window!" The man said softly.

Yang ChuChu looks surprised. He immediately pulls out the curtain and sees two lights on the road not far away. Yang ChuChu's heart is moved instantly. When he came here, he parked his car outside her house. The man always did things that she didn't expect, but they were all things she liked. "

wait for me!" Yang ChuChu immediately opened the cloakroom, picked out a good-looking suit, and then hurriedly took the bag and went out. "

MA, Luo Jinyu has come to pick me up. I'll go out with him for a night!" Yang ChuChu went down two steps, only to find that he didn't say hello to his mother, and immediately ran outside her mother's door to say a word to her.

"Be safe!" Cheng Ying's voice came out. Yang

Chu Chu can't wait to run upstairs, and the black car with the lights on slowly drives to the door of Chu's house. Yang

opened the door and sat in. He saw that the man was still wearing a suit. He seemed to have just come out of the company. His mature male charm would fascinate him if he only looked at it.

Yang ChuChu likes to see Luo Jinyu wearing a suit. At that time, he was fascinated by his ascetic temperament. He was deeply in love, like falling into the abyss. Luo

seeing that she was staring at herself, Jin Yu thought that she was still doubting her decision. He quickly explained: "I'm clear, I'm serious, and I didn't cheat you!"

Yang ChuChu's mouth went up, and then he took back his eyes, and his mind became turbulent. "

I know, I believe you!" Yang ChuChu is inexplicably coquettish. Luo

Jin Yu just drove away. All the way, he still looked at her.

Yang ChuChu sits lazily in the passenger seat and looks at the vehicle ahead. She is in a trance.

She seems to like sitting in his car very much. Even if she doesn't say anything, she quietly looks at him driving and looks at his beautiful side face, and she feels very satisfied.

At the intersection of traffic lights, Luo Jinyu stops the car and turns to look at her. Yang ChuChu looks like he has been caught and quickly lowers his head. The warm fingers of a man reach over and hold her small hand on her knee. No, it's only a matter of seconds. When the green light comes, he has to drive seriously.

Yang ChuChu chuckles and looks at his embarrassment. He really likes it.

Luo Jin Yujun's face also flashed a little helpless, but he didn't expect that he thought that he was mature, stable and bold, and would show his timidity in front of the little girl, which was really planted in her hands. Two

return to Luo Jinyu's private house, Yang ChuChu's mood is relaxed.

She has been used to this family. She feels that everything here is familiar.

Luo Jinyu took off his coat and put it on the back of the sofa. When he came to her, his eyes locked her pretty face and sighed. He still reached out to hug her whole body into his arms.

Yang ChuChu snuggled up in his solid arms and closed her eyes as if intoxicated. She felt full of security and wanted to rest in his arms. These days, she always has insomnia and nightmares. She is really tired and tired.

"Luo Jinyu, I want to sleep!" Yang ChuChu is so sleepy that he fights with his eyes. "

OK, go to bed, I'll come in a bath!" The man also saw that the gray black of her eyes was due to her bad rest.

Yang ChuChu has taken a bath. Now, after changing a set of pajamas, she climbs to the bed. There is also a man's breath in the quilt. It's the cold smell of mint. Yang ChuChu can't help sticking you on the quilt, and soon she'll fall asleep. Look at

here, she begins to recognize bed and people.

Luo Jinyu hurriedly took a bath and came out, worried that she would not be able to sleep, but when he saw her sweet sleeping face, the man couldn't help chuckling. It seemed that his worry was superfluous.

He opened the quilt and laid it down, gently pasted it behind her, and put the big palm through her waist and pasted it on her abdomen, only to find that although she was asleep, her abdomen was still warm and cool. Luo Jinyu's eyebrow turned, and before that, she found that she had the symptoms of cold abdomen hair, and even if she took a bath to sleep in winter, her hands and feet would be very cold. I don't know if all women are like this, but every time Luo Jinyu pastes it on her abdomen, she is inexplicably distressed.

Yang ChuChu sighed contentedly, and even more shrunk his petite body into his arms. Just like Buddha found a stove, she found a comfortable place and slept more deeply.

At a financial conference, Ji Xiaohan, as a special guest, saw that in the center of the meeting, Ji Lin was on his way to communicate with some people. He seemed to have a good way of communication. Although he is not the leader of Ji family now, he still managed to get into the financial circle successfully, and it seems that many people are buying his account.

When Ji Xiaohan saw him, his eyes were sharp as knives and cold as water. He walked quickly.

"Uncle, can I have a chat alone?" In front of the crowd, Ji Xiaohan didn't want to tear his face, but his voice was cold and lukewarm, and others heard it, with some surprised expressions. Ji's face is not good-looking, but Ji Xiaohan is his nephew identity. As we all know, if he doesn't leave with Ji Xiaohan, he is afraid that everyone will treat him as a liar, because he just told everyone that his future investment will be supported by Ji's family.