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Bai Yiyan hears that the other side uses such sincere tone to keep her. She stops and looks at the other side suspiciously: "why do you want to help me?" "

I think you need my help!" The young man came over, pushed his glasses, and smiled: "everyone will encounter difficulties and need help. When I first came here to study, I met obstacles everywhere. If no one helped me, I would not teach here." "

I have reasons to hide my identity. If you help me, I will work hard." Bai Yiyan listened to what he said so sincerely. She really believed him.

"Come with me. How about your English?" The young man frowned and asked her.

"Communication is OK. By the way, I haven't asked your name yet!" Bai Yiyan asked politely.

"My name is Wang Xin!" Bai

Yiyan follows him to the principal's office of the school. Because she is looking for an internship assistant to teach children zwen, Bai Yiyan has a place to use her. Because she conceals something, Wang Si even guarantees her. The principal trusts her and lets her try for a month!

There are dormitories for teachers and staff in the school, and Bai Yiyan has also been assigned one. "

Wang Xin, thank you so much. Without your help, I might not be able to stay!" Bai Yiyan thanked him. "

we are from the same country, so it's right to help each other, but I'm curious. Aren't you a popular female star? How can I wish to teach in such a small town? " Wang Xin is also familiar with domestic entertainment news.

"Forgive me for not wanting to say it!" Bai Yiyan is reluctant to disclose her affairs. Wang

Xin is also a smart man. If people don't say that there must be difficulties, they have to ask no questions.

"You can come to me if you want. I live in the opposite building!" Wang Xin finished and left. White

Yiyan looks at the flowers blooming downstairs. Spring is really a good season. Everything seems to be endowed with vitality, and everything has changed into vitality. Bai

Yiyan turns around and goes back to the dormitory, burns a pot of water and makes a cup of milk tea.

She felt that she was like a man of asceticism. After suffering a lot, she was ready to endure the cold loneliness.

However, all of these, she is willing to, she is more afraid to face the past people and things. Holding

a cup and sipping a warm milk tea with bowed head, why is it clear that it is sweet and turns into bitter taste in the heart? "

Ji Yueze, would you hate me to leave without saying goodbye? I'm sorry, I'm sorry! " Bai Yiyan is muttering. Unfortunately, the man can't hear her sincere apology. Lu

xuanchen has just made time to rest in the last few days. Yang ChuChu's mood hasn't settled down yet. As the leading actor in her opponent's play, Lu xuanchen also plans to end his wish in these days.

However, it seems that he has some difficulties in this matter. "

xuanchen, do you really want to go to the law firm to find Mao Rongrong? I don't think she has time to see you! " As soon as the agent heard of his decision, he immediately worried about him.

"If I were an easy loser, I would not be who I am today!" Lu xuanchen directly put on a white sweater with a high collar, took a baseball cap and buttoned it up. He felt that there was one thing missing. Yes, it was a mask. He is dressed casually, like a big boy next door, with a smell of sunshine. He felt that if he dressed like this, he would be more likeable and younger. After

Ji Ren sat on the sofa next to him, he still urged him: "you are a public figure, and your popularity is not low. If you go out like this, in case someone recognizes you, it's a big deal. Otherwise, you'd better call her."

"If you don't see her in person, you are insincere, and people won't pay attention to me!" Lu xuanchen looked at his dress in the mirror and was satisfied. "

If I can't get through this barrier, I can't get through my life!" Lu xuanchen thought that he told Tang youyou about this last time. If he didn't take any action, Tang youyou thought he was telling jokes. No way. He must do what he said and fulfill his promise.

"Xuanchen, you really don't need to fight so hard. Your current opponents are not those fans. You can do things with a smile. I think this Mao Rongrong has some problems in seeing men. Maybe you're not her type. She won't promise everything because you look good." The agent is really worried about his accident. It's not fun.

"If she likes me, what else can I do with all this effort? But it's hard to find someone who doesn't like me. It's a challenge. " Lu xuanchen felt that he was doing a big thing, and he could not deal with it carelessly.

"All right, let's go. I'll go with you!" The agent saw that he couldn't, so he decided to go out with him. Lu

xuanchen asked his agent to drive his car to the downstairs of the hall of maorongrong law firm. Her firm is on the 15th floor. Dozens of companies are stationed in this building. It's really worrying that there are so many people in it.

Lu xuanchen took a look at the hall and said to the agent and assistant, "I'll go up alone. Don't follow me."

"You must be careful!" The agent admonished him uneasily.

Lu xuanchen answered, pushed the door to get off, and then walked quickly toward the elevator. At present,

at work, there are many people. Lu xuanchen keeps his low-key style and is safe all the way to the 50th floor. "

hey, beauty, where is lawyer Mao Rongrong's office?" Lu xuanchen got lost as soon as he came up. He hurriedly called a little sister to ask.

"The last office is hers!" The girl suddenly heard a nice and deep male voice, and naturally paid special attention to him. Look at the figure, it must be a handsome man.

"Thank you!" Lu xuanchen nodded her head politely and walked directly to the office. When the office door was closed, Lu xuanchen knocked and heard Mao Rongrong's voice.

He pushed the door in, Mao Rongrong looked up at him, frowned, and said with dissatisfaction, "how do you find here?" Lu

xuanchen stares at her and looks at her. She even wears a pair of glasses today. Instead of the aggressive aura of that day, she has a lot of knowledge. "

I still want to talk about the land with you. We always have room for negotiation, don't we?" Lu xuanchen casually pulled a chair and sat down beside her desk, with a sincere expression. "

I told you that there is no need to talk about it!" Mao Rongrong is annoyed at his persistence. Can't he understand people? "

Mao Rongrong, if you don't agree with me, do you know the consequences?" Lu xuanchen suddenly threatened her.