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"Mummy, are you really unable to eat? I saw that you didn't even finish half a bowl of rice after a long time. This is not good, if you continue to lose weight, no uncle will like you anymore." Tang Xiao Rui naturally also noticed that something was amiss with the Mummy. He sensed that she was distracted and immediately opened his mouth to remind her.

Tang You You was shocked, only now did she realize that she had thought of something, something that could make him absent-minded.

Tang You You looked up and her small face flushed a little. She glared at her son in annoyance.

After a meal, they finally finished eating in peace. Ji Yue Ze sat for a while, then rubbed the two little fellows' heads and planned to leave.

"Uncle, wait a moment. I want to ask you something. Is it fun to be a celebrity?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly grabbed his finger and asked.

Ji Yue Ze was startled for a moment, then squatted down, looked at the little fellow evenly, and laughed: "What's wrong? You want to be a celebrity? "

"That's right, I want to be a minor star. I also want to be on TV every day. Uncle, you're hiring? Can I apply?" Tang Xiao Nai asked seriously. She really wanted to be a little star.

"There are a lot of things to be a minor star. Tell uncle, what do you know?" Ji Yue Ze watched as the little house came to him in a daze and truly thought that it was extremely fun. He wanted to pinch her little face and not let go.

"I can sing, I can dance too …" The little guy immediately wanted to show off her talents, but so far, she had only seen these two.

"Is that so? "Then sing a song for uncle. If you think that you sang well, uncle will let you be a little star." Ji Yue Ze teased her and laughed.

"Okay, then let me sing a song... What should he sing? I didn't even remember the lyrics … " Due to being too nervous, the little guy's mouth opened and closed a few times. He didn't know how to sing anymore and was so anxious that her face was about to turn completely red.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter who looked like she wanted to show off, but was also speechless. He felt it was a bit of a joke and his heart ached for her, hence he immediately walked over and hugged her in his embrace, "Xiao Nai, it's been tough being a celebrity, can you not be a little star?"

"But I want to be on TV. I want a lot of kids to listen to me singing and dancing." The little guy immediately hugged his father, feeling uncomfortable from his poor performance just now. His little mouth was already flattened, and he looked like he was about to cry.

When Ji Yue Ze saw the little guy who he was playing with, he quickly advised: "Xiao Nai, look at Uncle, Uncle hasn't slept for a few nights already, I'm so tired, becoming a celebrity is really not fun. If you want to go on TV, next time, Uncle will bring you to the recording studio so that you can have fun being a celebrity, okay?"

"Really? "Then uncle, quickly go home and rest. Remember to take me to play next time." Tang Xiao Nai immediately believed it to be true. As expected, children were so simple, easily trusting others, but also easily satisfied.

Ji Yue Ze waved his hands towards the little guy, then shouted at Tang Xiao Rui: "Xiao Rui, next time, if Uncle wants to compete with you, you just wait for me!" Tang Xiao Rui waved his hand at him like a general: "Uncle, quickly go back and rest. Don't think about the competition anymore, in any case, if you want more, you will lose to me."

"This little guy …" Ji Yue Ze had never met an opponent before, he was once the king until he met his nephew.

After Ji Xiao Han left, Tang You You brought the two little fellows to walk around the garden, and when he returned, he planned to help them bathe.

The little guys were also tired. After taking a bath, they climbed onto their beds and fell asleep as fast as they could.

When Tang You You came out from her shower, she saw a light in Ji Xiao Han's study room.

Although he did not want to disturb his work, Tang You You still wanted to talk about Tang Xue Rou.

Since she had promised Tang You Kang, she must do it, because she was repaying him for raising her daughter for more than twenty years.

She was not a heartless person, but after this incident, everything that happened to the Tang Clan had nothing to do with her. She also would not go back to the Tang Clan because she already knew that it was indeed not her home.

Tang You You walked over and gently knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A deep, magnetic voice came from the man. In the silence of the night, it sounded as if it had the power to strike at the heart.

Tang You You took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

The man was sitting on a large black leather chair behind the desk, looking at her with an unfathomable expression.

"Are the children asleep?" Ji Xiao Han asked, but he was asking about the children's matters. Because he had a few urgent matters to take care of, he could only leave the matter of the child sleeping and bathing to Tang You You.

Now that the children were sensible and the servants and aunties couldn't take them with them, the two little fellows would only be able to pester them in the future. Thus, they could only take turns.

Tang You You nodded, her beautiful eyes glanced at the man, and then lowered her head, as she pondered on how she could tell him about this.

After all, although Tang Xue Rou had hurt her, she had also lied to this man.

He is Ji Xiao Han, the word deceit definitely could not be used in his dictionary.

If she were to open her mouth and beg him to let Tang Xue Rou go, would he agree?

After all, he had been deceived and paid the price …

Wait, energy?

Why did she think of the word 'power'? Was there anything between him and Tang Xue Rou innocent?

The tip of Tang You You's heart trembled, and her beautiful eyes instantly dimmed a little.

As Tang You You lowered his head in thought, the man's eyes that were as dark as the night stared straight at her face.

She had just taken a bath, and her long hair had fallen behind her head. The bottom of her hair seemed to have been rolled up with some water melodies. Her entire appearance was plain and elegant, like a lotus flower emerging from the water, which made people want to reach out to pick it.