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Just as Tang You You wanted to introduce himself, Ji Yue Ze had already squatted down with his tall and big body. He looked at the little fellow, and on his face which was previously unsettled a moment ago, there was a smile: "Little guy, what's your name, I'm your uncle, your biological uncle!"

"My dear uncle? Mummy, what is a blood uncle? Is this uncle going to let me kiss him? " Tang Xiao Nai didn't really understand the meaning of "kinship", she just understood the meaning of those words.

"What is the name of my Niece?" Ji Yue Ze immediately turned and asked Tang You You.

"Sure, uncle promises you that he will bring you a lot of gifts the next time he comes." Ji Yue Ze immediately answered with a smile.

"And bring a present for my brother too." The little guy didn't forget to give his big brother one.

Ji Yue Ze nodded, and it could be considered that he agreed.

Tang You You stood up while carrying Tang Xiao Nai: "Mummy will take you upstairs to change your clothes."

Ji Yue Ze's feelings were extremely complicated at the moment. Even though he was still a little angry at Tang You You, when he saw such a cute Niece, he felt that he had really gone overboard. When he first wanted to sign these two little fellows, it was for the purpose of making money.

Now that he knew they were his own nieces, how could he bear to keep them in the spotlight? His big brother did not lift a knife to cut him down.

"Uncle, don't go yet. I'll bring you to see my friend Lil 'White later." Tang Xiao Nai was carried upstairs by the Mummy, but she still insisted on keeping him here.

"Who's Xiaobai?" Ji Yue Ze looked dazed.

"Lil 'White is Lil' White. It's very cute. Wait a moment, I'll take you to get to know it later." Tang Xiao Nai said happily.

A few minutes later, the little guy changed into a new princess dress with two ponytails and skipped down the stairs with a happy expression on his face.

Ji Yue Ze sat on the sofa, waiting for the little fellow.

Could it be that there are other children in Big Bro's villa?

Tang You You followed him down the stairs and said to Tang Xiao Nai: "Xiao Nai, Mummy will cook noodles for you, okay?"

"Alright, Mummy, cook the noodles first. I'll take Uncle to see Lil 'White." After Tang Xiao Nai finished speaking, she ran in front of Ji Yue Ze and dragged his finger, saying, "Uncle, quickly follow me."

Ji Yue Ze glanced at Tang You You, as if he was asking her, "Who's Little White?"

Tang You You, on the other hand, smiled and did not answer, allowing him to discover the result herself.

Ji Yue Ze really could not bear to push away that small hand, so he could only follow the little fellow towards the Walk Outside.

The sun shone brightly as the little guy led him through the garden path, heading towards the lush green grassland behind them.

Ji Yue Ze's gaze fell on the little thing's figure.

He couldn't help but laugh. Before, he had always felt that a child like her should be at an age where she didn't know anything.

"Uncle, look. Do you see that? It's Little White and Little Black. Hurry, we're running over!"

The little guy suddenly pointed excitedly at the pony that was leisurely eating grass under the sunlight, and shouted to Ji Yue Ze.

Ji Yue Ze was petrified.

So the friends the little guy mentioned were actually two pocket-sized pony s.

He had speculated for so long and finally found the answer. Yet, it was so embarrassing that he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Uncle, I want to ride Little White. Can you help me?" Tang Xiao Nai's small face was filled with a pleading expression.

With the look of anticipation in Ji Yue Ze Kan Zhuo Ta's eyes, he naturally couldn't bear to refuse her little request. He could only smile and nod his head: "Alright then, let's go, uncle will ride the pony with you!"

Hearing that her uncle had agreed to her request, Tang Xiao Nai immediately jumped up and ran even faster.

When he arrived in front of Little Black and Little White, Tang Xiao Nai was immediately eager to give it a try. "Uncle, hurry up and carry me up, I'll ride for a little while."

Ji Yue Ze picked up the little thing. She was really light, just a little bit heavy.

Tang Xiao Nai sat on Whitey's back with her two short legs spread apart and smiled like a little fool.

"Giddy up! Giddy up!" Ji Yue Ze did not dare to relax and continued to support her, afraid that the pony would be shocked and throw its head towards the sky. That big bro would definitely blame him.

Ji Yue Ze never thought that the little fellow would be so excited to play. It rode back and forth for more than half an hour, and when the two pony rotated, it made him sweat profusely.

"Xiao Nai, are you tired? Let's go back. "

"Uncle, can we play a little longer? Please." Tang Xiao Nai immediately took out her skills.

Ji Yue Ze really couldn't do anything about her, he could only play with her for another ten minutes. He felt that he couldn't even straighten his waist.

The little guy was too small, and he was almost 1.8 meters tall. After running dozens of times with her, he was completely exhausted.

When he carried Tang Xiao Nai back to the living room, he was so tired that he lost all his strength and directly laid on the sofa.

Tang Xiao Nai was also very tired. She wiped her sweat with a towel, then decided to give her some noodles.

Suddenly, he saw Ji Yue Ze who was lying on the sofa and not wanting to move, Tang You You kindly asked him: "Hey, do you want to eat some noodles?"

"Am I part of it?" Ji Yue Ze immediately sat up.

"I do. If you want to eat, then hurry over and eat."

Ji Yue Ze slowly walked over: "This guy is really full of energy. I'm already tired of running, and she still hasn't had enough fun. She's really starving me to death."

Tang You You knew that her daughter played with no limits. Forget about Ji Yue Ze being tired, even if she played with him for a day every now and then, her legs would become powerless due to the exhaustion.