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She has good eyes

Luo Jin Yu looked at her delicate figure that had disappeared, and the expression in his eyes slightly narrowed.

Tang You You was feeding her daughter porridge while Ji Xiao Han was talking about work.

Hearing this honorable assignment, Luo He Ning's face was full of joy: "Of course you can, do you want to leave now?"

"Yes, I have also played enough. It's time to return to the company to do some work. Quarterly, Miss Tang, thank you for your invitation." Mu Lin smiled and stood up.

Luo He Ning quickly winked at Ji Xiao Han as well. "I'm leaving first, enjoy yourselves!"

"Drive slower!" Ji Xiao Han warned him repeatedly.

Luo He Ning nodded and followed Mu Lin out of the venue. It was sunny outside and the weather was extremely sunny.

Mu Lin was currently descending from the stairs, and she was walking carefully while carrying her skirt in one hand and her bag in the other.

Luo He Ning looked at the high heels on her feet, then thought about her crooked legs from last time. He quickly walked to her side and carefully guarded her as he went down the stairs.

Mu Lin looked at him and laughed: "What? It's not like you're afraid I'll fall. "

"Yeah, your legs are perfect, don't fall again." Luo He Ning nodded and smiled.

"I didn't expect you to be such a nice person. You're really good at caring about others!" Mu Lin praised with a sigh.

Luo He Ning's beautiful face instantly flushed red, feeling a little embarrassed.

Mu Lin blushed when she saw him, and couldn't help but ask: "Young Master Luo, when can I bring your girlfriend here for me to see? Let me see what kind of woman has such good fortune, to be able to find such a good boyfriend."

Luo He Ning's handsome face stiffened, and said after a long while: "I don't have a girlfriend, Mubai, don't joke with me."

"That's impossible. I remember that when you were distracted at the meeting last time, you were thinking about a beautiful lady, right?" The closer Mu Lin got to him, the more the woman's sour tone became.

Luo He Ning laughed bitterly: "Really not!"

Seeing that he was serious and not lying, Mu Lin's mood suddenly became better.

"This time, our two companies are both developing real estate projects. The foundation laying ceremony will be held on Blue Bay Island. Who did your company send there?" Mu Lin suddenly asked.

Luo He Ning was startled, after quickly thinking for a while, he said: "I might ask for orders to go over."

"Alright, then we'll meet at Blue Bay Island in three days!" When Mu Lin heard that he wanted to go, she instantly made a decision.

Luo He Ning's handsome face lit up, and looked at her in disbelief: "Mubai, will you be attending this time? I thought you'd send in the night and the day? "

"He's been busy chasing after your cousin lately, so I don't feel comfortable letting him pass. Therefore, I'm going there myself." Mu Lin explained blandly.

This reason sounded very convincing.

Luo He Ning's thin lips curled up, and joy filled the bottom of his heart.

From the looks of it, he would be able to meet He Mu Lin again three days later?

Ji Xiao Han lazily leaned on the sofa as he carried the alcohol over to him.

First of all, she was Tang You You's godmother. In the future, she would play an important role in Tang You You's decisions, and Tang You You would definitely ask her about it. Also, she had previously supported the living expenses of two children, so to Ji Xiao Han, this was a huge kindness.

"Liu Xi, you are too polite, it has been proven that my eyes are not bad, and I did not pick the wrong person, of course, all of this was because of your leisurely work, and it was she who recommended you to me, which is why he did not bury such an outstanding talent." Ji Xiao Han smiled as he praised his.

Liu Xi was terrified in his heart, the smile on his face became even wider: "Yeah, I am also very grateful for the great recommendation, and hope that in the future, under the leadership of Quarterly, our Only Idealism Company can grow bigger, and have a better future."

"I will!" Ji Xiao Han clinked his cup with hers, and drank the wine with his head raised.

Tang Xiao Nai giggled as she held onto Liu Xi's hand. "Grandmother, we meet again."

Hearing Tang Xiao Nai call her grandmother, Liu Xi immediately beamed. He squatted down and caressed her small hands: "Xiao Nai, next time, should grandmother bring you out to play or not?"

"Yes, Grandma. This taciturn person is my brother. His name is Tang Xiao Rui!" Tang Xiao Nai quickly pulled on Tang Xiao Rui's clothes and introduced him with a smile.

Tang Xiao Rui was dissatisfied with his sister's introduction. "Who's silent, I'm not? I already know who she is, she's the godmother of Mummy, but if we call her Grandmother, won't we be calling her old?"

Tang You You burst out in laughter.

Liu Xi also laughed: "Xiao Rui, no, it's my honor to have you all call me Grandmother."

"Alright then. As long as you don't mind us calling you old, you'll be my grandma from now on. What a young and beautiful grandma!"

Being praised by the little fellow's sweet mouth, Liu Xi immediately became a little embarrassed. "You unhurried, take care of the good kids and Quarterly.

"Godmother, you go ahead and busy yourself. The children are also a bit tired, we might have to take them away first, so we'll leave the rest to you!" Looking at his daughter's tired little face, Tang You You knew that the little fellows all had the habit of taking a nap.

"It's fine. You guys can go back first. I'll watch over here!"

Ji Xiao Han had actually wanted to leave a long time ago, but due to Tang You You's face, he didn't say that he was leaving.

At this moment, since Tang You You had said that she would leave, Ji Xiao Han was naturally prepared to leave as well.

When the family of four left the venue, they attracted everyone's attention.

It was likely that the new product gathering would be extremely lively.

The two little fellows were sent back by Ji Xiao Han for an afternoon nap, but Tang You You actually wanted to return back to the company to do some finishing work.

In the carriage, however, it was stopped by Ji Xiao Han.