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Li Fang Fang was still afraid that Liu Xi would be angry, so she hurriedly lowered her head and apologized: "Director Liu, I didn't arrange everything properly this time, please calm down, I won't make this kind of low level mistake next time."

"Xia Xiao Jie, this is the Li Fang Fang that I told you about, he is the elder of our office. You can take a look at her work first, if you like it, we will sign a contract and have a happy cooperation with her." Liu Xi said while beaming.

"No, Xia Xiao Jie is as popular as the sun in the sky, we still have a lot of room for cooperation in the future, you guys can talk first, if you have anything, just come find me." Liu Xi comforted Xia Zi Yan well before leaving the reception room.

"What's so good about me? If your mother was here, you'd be happy." Thinking about Sunset's good friend, Liu Xi's eyes became a little sour.

"Mom liked to design too. You are her best friends, classmates." Tang You You sighed.

"That's right, you have also entered the design industry and fulfilled your mother's unfulfilled wish. Your mother will definitely be proud of you, even if she watches from the sky." Liu Xi patted her shoulder and said with a smile.

"Un, I will work hard!" "I won't let mom down." Tang You You said with determination.

In the guest room, Xia Zi Yan listened to Li Fang Fang's explanation of the various designs with unease. When she saw the drawing of Li Fang Fang, she had already rejected it.

"That's enough, Miss Li. You should call that woman in. I'm quite interested in her design." Xia Zi Yan looked at the time, it had already wasted her last ten minutes. She immediately rejected Li Fang Fang's idea and decided to use Tang You You's plan.

Li Fang Fang was completely dumbfounded. She did not think that she would actually lose to Tang You You, a newbie who had only been in the Enter Company for two days?

"Xia Xiao Jie, are you not satisfied with my design? If you ask me, I can change it." Li Fang Fang continued to persuade her, unwilling to admit that she was inferior to a newbie.

"You're dissatisfied everywhere, you're too old-fashioned. Isn't this design of yours a long time ago? Don't you think it's shameful for you to take it out now?" Xia Zi Yan was frank and straightforward, she was not afraid of hurting anyone when she spoke with her blade.

Li Fang Fang was completely dumbstruck this time, and only managed to react after a long while.

"Go quickly, I don't have much time. If you don't, find your Director Liu and I'll tell her." Xia Zi Yan was instantly angered, because Li Fang Fang's reaction was too slow, causing her to delay again for precious time.

Li Fang Fang could only push open the door and leave unwillingly.

She returned to the office desk, looked at Tang You You who was seated beside her, and said with a sour expression: "Tang You You, take your design and go to the guest room, Xia Zi Yan said he has taken a fancy to your design."

"What?" Mine? " Tang You You was a little shocked. The woman just now had rejected her outright.

Li Fang Fang scoffed, "That's right, don't you feel a sense of accomplishment? Hurry up and go, lest she lose her temper with you again. "

Tang You You frowned. Honestly speaking, she did not want to see Xia Zi Yan again. She simply could not get along with him.

However, thinking back to when his mother said that he was a big client that she had brought along with great difficulty, Tang You You could only take the design blueprints and go over.

She didn't want to disappoint her mother, and she didn't want her mother's hard work to be in vain.

Pushing open the door of the reception room, Tang You You saw Xia Zi Yan with a sullen face sitting there waiting for her to enter.

"What's your name?"

Tang You You immediately handed over her business card that she had just finished printing.

"Tang You You? Show me your draft design, and tell me about your design philosophy. " Xia Zi Yan ordered with a look like she was an old man.

Tang You You had no choice but to sit beside her and begin explaining to her.

Xia Zi Yan realized that Tang You You's design had a combination of purity and sexiness. Furthermore, she had an extremely good grasp of colors. When paired together with the same ceremonial dress with different colors, it gave off a very beautiful yet mischievous feeling.

"Are these your originals? "I don't want to run into people when I'm outside, do I?" Xia Zi Yan asked with a cold smile.

Tang You You immediately guaranteed: "Of course it's my original design, you don't have to worry about that."

"Alright, in the future, I will take ten sets of clothes from you every month. As for the price, we can discuss about it as well, but you have to guarantee that my clothes are unique and won't allow anyone to knock against my shirt." Xia Zi Yan raised her chin like a queen and asked Tang You You.

"Fine, I will definitely do as you ask. Also, I guarantee that it will be my first work." Tang You You never thought that Xia Zi Yan would actually choose her own design, this made her feel a little accomplished.

Xia Zi Yan paid the deposit and signed the contract.

Tang You You saw Liu Xi walking over.

"Wandering, I never thought that Xia Zi Yan would actually choose your trick in the end. Congratulations, you have finally gotten first place, you will definitely get better and better, and will go further and further away." Liu Xi generously walked over to congratulate Tang You You in front of everyone.

A few colleagues by the side also came over to congratulate Tang You You.

Only Li Fang Fang's face was stinky, she could not bring herself to be happy.

The office was originally a stormy ground, so any small incidents that occurred during the process would be immediately spread out.

All of them were stepping on Li Fang Fang, saying that she had reached the end of the design industry, that her talent had been completely taken away by someone who had only been in the office for less than two days.