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Bai Zhenzhen looks at the two brothers in terror and says that Ji Xiaohan is a very smart man with a very good mind. He hasn't touched them before. Bai Zhenzhen really doesn't agree with him. This time, she was really afraid of their suspicion. "

Xiaoyan is my daughter. I care more about her than you do. Ji Yueze. I hope you and her don't come back. You're not suitable. Let her go." Bai Zhenzhen immediately turned to a topic and tried to force Ji Yueze to break up with her daughter. "

want us to break up? Well, you call her here. I'll break up with her now. I promise you both will die. " Ji Yueze's eyes are still fixed on Bai Zhenzhen, his voice is cold, but he also has several anxieties. Season

the owl's cold eyes are squinting, and we can be sure that Bai Zhen is hiding something important from them.

Bai Zhen was in great pain. At last, she covered her face with her hands and cried: "why? Why don't you take me to the police station? Why don't you believe me? Are you really going to kill my daughter? "

"Bai Zhenzhen, where is Bai Yiyan? You tell me? " Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan takes a step forward, grabs her hand angrily, almost growls.

Bai Zhenzhen is really desperate at the moment. She shakes her head and looks impassive: "no, I can die. My daughter can't. please don't ask anything. Just send me to the police station."

Ji Xiao said coldly: "Ji Lin kidnapped Bai Yiyan to threaten you to confess, isn't it? Besides, he also threatened you not to let the third party know, otherwise, he would kill your daughter. I'm curious, how could he know that Bai Yiyan is your daughter's? Did he know that before? "

Bai Zhenzhen listens to Ji Xiaohan's conjecture and determination, and the whole person is frozen. Her voice trembles: "yes, he is forcing me to confess myself. If I don't tell anyone, my daughter will have a chance to live as long as I confess. I beg you to find a way to save my daughter. She is innocent. She has no crime!" Season

Yueze now looks like he is going to kill someone with a cold face. His eyes are scarlet with rage. "

why don't you tell me earlier? Do you know that Ji Lin has a great chance to tear up the ticket when you do this? Why do you believe him? And don't believe us? " Ji Yueze is so angry that Bai Zhen is a stupid woman.

Bai Zhenzhen's head was shaking instinctively: "I can't do anything but trust him now. Now, you know that Xiaoyan is my daughter. You won't treat her well. You hate me. Where can I trust you? I found this tragedy by myself. It has nothing to do with my daughter. She doesn't even know her life experience. She's really pathetic. " Xiao Han doesn't have the same feelings. He won't forgive her even if she kneels down and regrets at the moment.

"You can trust us now. I'll give you a chance to save your daughter, but you have to promise that you won't lie to us again." Ji Xiaohan turns around and sits on the sofa. His face is gloomy and his eyes are cold. "

really? Can I trust you? " Bai Zhen's real face was startled. "

Bai Yiyan can't die. I have no account with her!" Ji Yueze gnaws his teeth coldly.

Bai Zhenzhen's heart trembled and his face was full of fear: "Ji Er, I know you won't treat my daughter kindly any more. I hope you don't count the account on her, just come to me!"

"It's my business with her. It's not up to you!" Ji Yueze said angrily.

"How does Ji Lin ask you?" said Ji Xiao coldly. "You can tell us now. If he asks you to turn yourself in, we will send you to the police station, but you must let Bai Yiyan out first!" "

I know, of course, I will turn myself in when I see my daughter is OK." Bai Zhenzhen nodded his head.

"Did Ji Lin say when to release people?"

"He didn't, he didn't say anything. He just saw that I didn't have the ability to resist, so he threatened me like this. I was really scared and worried about my daughter." Bai Zhenzhen can't cry at the moment, completely frightening the soul away. "

call him again to discuss the conditions. Ask him to let your daughter go first. You should turn yourself in at once. Besides, you must make sure that your daughter is safe, and then ask him to send someone to watch you turn yourself in!" Ji Xiaohan helps her find a way. "

will he agree?" This method of Bai Zhen's true sense may not work.

"He will. He wants to get rid of the crime. Your daughter is not good for him. No matter she is tied or killed, Ji Lin will bear the death penalty. Now he is getting rid of the crime for himself, how can he commit the crime again? So, if you insist on talking to him, he will definitely promise you. " Season owl said coldly. "

OK, I'll call him now!" Bai Zhenzhen said that she wanted to find her mobile phone, but found that it was thrown away by herself, and she was anxious again.

"Don't worry. Talk to him in the morning and ask him to send someone to come to you. You should see your daughter released and leave safely. You should go to the police station. Remember, we must insist on this matter." Season owl reminds her coldly. "

brother, will Bai Yiyan be ok?" Ji Yueze is more worried about the woman's life at the moment. "

don't worry, Ji Lin will not act rashly. If he wants Bai Zhenzhen to exonerate him, he will not kill Bai Yiyan." Ji Xiaohan said definitely. "

No, I'm afraid..." Ji Yueze looks alarmed and wants to talk. Season

the owl's cold brows are tightened, his big hands are tightly holding the chair, and he clenches his teeth coldly: "now I can only believe that he is not such a shameless person."

"I'll go to him and ask him for help!" Ji Yueze can't stand the pain in his heart. He can't stand a minute or a second. Bai

Zhenzhen rushes to block his way: "you can't go, you are going, Xiaoyan will die. He said, I can't tell anyone. Although you know the truth now, please keep it secret for me. Please."

Ji Xiaohan also stood up and gently patted next season Yueze on the shoulder: "don't worry, I will find someone to stare at Ji Lin's every move now. If I have a chance to find Bai Yiyan, I will try my best to save her."

"Brother..." Ji Yueze's eyes are full of anxiety and anxiety.

"Calm down!" Ji Xiaohan can understand his brother's pain and suffering at the moment. If he knew that Tang youyou was in danger, he would not be able to calm down. Season

Yue Ze had to stare at Bai Zhenzhen with resentment: "she wants to have a little slip, I won't let you go!"

Bai Zhen looks at him stupidly. Suddenly, a little hope rises in her heart. She felt that Ji Yueze was really worried about her daughter.