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Ji Xiao Han immediately straightened his face, and criticized his son in a serious tone: "Can't you just talk a little less? Your little sister is about to cry from your anger. "

Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips in disapproval: "Other than being coy with you guys, what else would she do?"

However, Ji Xiao Han felt that he was being overly excessive, and immediately corrected him: "Girls can be too spoiled, don't you understand?"

I'm done eating, you guys eat slowly, you guys have to listen to Uncle Yuan's words later, don't be late for class! Tang You You stood up and wiped his mouth with a tissue. After instructing the two little fellows, he picked up his bag and left for Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han was startled again.

This woman didn't really think that he said those words to her just now, did she? This was really a big misunderstanding, he was clearly explaining it for his daughter.

Tang You You got into the car, and somehow got annoyed.

That's right, she would never withdraw from being spoiled since she was young, but this couldn't be blamed on her. Since she was young, no one doted on her, and if she was dependent on her, she wouldn't have a chance even if she wanted to withdraw from Jiao.

Right now, Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran was using his daughter to insult her a little. Hehe, he wouldn't anyway.

When Tang You You came to the company, she received a call from Xia Zi Yan's assistant: "Miss Tang, Zi Yan is trying out the clothes you sent over, they are really pretty, she seems to be very satisfied."

"As long as she likes it!" Tang You You also comforted her a little.

"She's going to perform on stage soon. Miss Tang, you can check the live broadcast online."

"I will!" After Tang You You hung up, he opened a web page, and sure enough, Xia Zi Yan's video was uploaded.

What she was currently participating in was a song PK program, which was extremely popular recently. The moment Xia Zi Yan stepped onto the stage, one of the evaluators gave her a good evaluation of her outer appearance.

Xia Zi Yan immediately pretended to be her cute and gentle side to deal with it. Her smile also gave people a kind feeling.

As Tang You You watched, he couldn't help but let out a laugh. As expected, the difference between standing at the front and back of the stage was too great.

Those who truly admired them for being celebrities could change their appearances in seconds.

Following that, Xia Zi Yan stood on the stage and started to sing the song she prepared. Her voice sounded alright, but because it was a rematch, it did not have the amorous feeling or flavor that a singer should have, but the judges gave her very high marks, causing her to smile very sweetly.

Tang You You watched her get off the stage and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

But just as Xia Zi Yan finished singing her song, suddenly, there were some unusual comments on the internet.

"Isn't Xia Zi Yan's clothes for sale on the internet? It looks like it's just over a thousand, why is she wearing over a thousand of her clothes and appearing on stage? "

"It looks like she's really not doing well. Which celebrity would be wearing online clothes on stage right now?"

"Hai, the judges were praising her. I think she must have lost her relationship with the program."

Tang You You did not notice these words. After watching the video live broadcast, she was busy with other matters.

However, Xia Zi Yan's assistant was constantly paying attention to the messages on the internet. Suddenly, she heard someone say that the clothes Xia Zi Yan was wearing on the stage had long been sold online, she was extremely panicking, and quickly opened up a link to the internet. Sure enough, that piece of clothes was hung on the internet, and the price was only slightly over 10 million, and there were even several styles of different colors.

The assistant felt her heart stop, and she quickly told this matter to Xia Zi Yan.

Xia Zi Yan was still reminiscing about the exciting feeling she got when she was onstage. As she fixed her makeup with powder, she looked in the mirror at her beautiful and enchanting self, whom she was infatuated with in various ways.

"Zi Yan, not good, this Tang You You lied to you, she is too excessive, really too excessive, look, the clothes you're wearing, is already sold online, it's only more than 1000 yuan, but Tang You You charged you 10 times the price, you see she produced different colors." Zi Yan, not bad, this Tang You You lied to you, she is too excessive, she is really not good! The assistant placed the IPAD in front of Xia Zi Yan, and angrily accused him of lying.

Xia Zi Yan was still feeling proud, but she did not expect that thunder would strike in such a clear sky, causing her entire being to turn bad. Her complexion immediately changed from green to white, then from white to black.

"F * ck!" She angrily smashed the IPAD into the ground. The feeling of excitement from before had completely disappeared.

Damned Tang You You, she actually took out a piece of clothing that was worth more than 1000 yuan to lie to me, and even dared to charge me such a high price, I want to make her regret it, I want to sue her, I want to destroy her reputation. " Xia Zi Yan growled angrily, as if he had suffered a huge blow.

This time, she lost all her face, wearing the online show that cost more than one thousand yuan, there wasn't a single piece of clothing in her wardrobe that cost less than one thousand yuan, this Tang You You was simply slapping her face fiercely, she would definitely not let him go.

Just as Tang You You was about to print her room, a person suddenly pushed open the door forcefully. She turned her head, but before she could say anything, the other party slapped her across the face.

Tang You You was dumbstruck. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the furious Xia Zi Yan who had a murderous look on her face.

"Why did you hit me?" Tang You You didn't think that the moment Xia Zi Yan came in, he would give her a slap on the face without saying a word. She was also slightly angry.

"What do you think this is? Tang You You, you are truly capable, I asked you before, you said that this set of clothes was your own creation, and no one would dare knock against my shirt, what about now? There are already people selling it on the internet. We can buy one for over 1300 yuan and we can even choose a variety of colors. Who do you think I am? , just you wait, I definitely will sue you, I will sue you for the loss of my sky-high price. " After Xia Zi Yan threw these harsh words to the ground, she angrily turned around and led her people away.