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C1246 the vice president is very considerate

LAN Yanxi drives a small sports car to the office at full speed. As soon as she steps in, she feels that other people look at her strangely. When she thinks about it, is there anything wrong with her?

"Yan Xi, I heard that your boyfriend also works in the general office. Which one is it?"

"Yes, let's not keep it from our colleagues. In case we fall in love with your boyfriend in the future, the boat of friendship may turn over and over." "

Yes, I'm also curious. I don't know which young talent it is. I'm sure it's very good for you. Otherwise, your family conditions are so good. Do you need to come to work here?"

LAN Yanxi listens to his colleagues' questions one by one and looks at Yang he involuntarily. Yang

he also seemed to feel that he didn't do enough. He lowered his head in shame and didn't dare to look at her. "

ladies and sisters, first look at the time. Director Zhou is coming soon. If you are not afraid of being implicated by me..." Four girls of Zhou suddenly burst away, thinking of Zhou he's face of selflessness, where is the mood to gossip. Blue

Yan Xi goes directly to Yang He. She hasn't asked anything. Yang He has stood up and started to scold herself: "Blue Yan Xi, I'm sorry. I also said it when I was talking with them carelessly. You won't be angry with me, will you Blue

Yan Xigang was really a little angry, but when she confessed her mistake and thought that she had involved her before, he raised his mouth and said with a smile: "no, I'm not angry, but I have a boyfriend. It's really not easy for others to know!" "

don't worry, if you have any secrets in the future, I'm sure I won't say anything more, I promise!" Yang he immediately raised one of her hands to swear. "

OK, I believe you." Lanyanxi had to stop worrying about it. No,

Yes, although LAN Yanxi has not been investigated, the news that she came here to work for her boyfriend still blows out like the wind.

Women are always chatting, so girls in the whole office are guessing which boyfriend LAN Yanxi will be.

LAN Yanxi is going crazy. God, this matter must not be passed to Ling Mo Feng's ear. Otherwise, the man must blame her for speechless.

But often do not want to happen, it will happen, the world is such a bad wish.

At noon, Ling Mo Feng was still outside participating in an important activity. Suddenly, he heard the adjutant whispering beside him, "Sir, I just received a message about Miss LAN." "

what happened to her?" Ling Mo Feng looks a little tight. That woman always makes him uneasy, so when he hears about her, he naturally worries. "

there is a rumor that Miss LAN went to work for her boyfriend. Now, many people are guessing who her boyfriend is, and several men have been regarded as suspects!" The adjutant's expression is also nervous. He is a person who knows the truth. Now he has heard so many false rumors, and really feels wronged for the vice president.

"Is there such a thing?" Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows are twisted. It's really a disaster.

"Does it need to be dealt with?" The adjutant asked carefully. "

let her go." Ling Mo Feng reached out his hand and stroked his forehead. Was it really her own revelation?

In the first canteen of the general office, lanyanxi has successfully fought with a group of beauties in the office because of her self accusation. These beauties used to fight openly and secretly. But now, lanyanxi has a boyfriend, who is no longer their public enemy in an instant, and can naturally be treated as a friend.

"Yan Xi, who is it? Can't you tell me a little bit? It's so secret! " "

well, we've been guessing all morning, and our brains are swollen!" Blue

Yan Xi is also extremely distressed. At this moment, she can only show the expression of asking for help: "sisters and sisters, please let me go, I'm disgraced enough. Can you stop talking about this? To tell you the truth, I don't know if you can make it. If you start to coax again, it will be really yellow. " "

Yan Xi, don't you think of unrequited love?"

"Secret love?"

LAN Yanxi didn't expect everyone's eyes to look at her sympathetically. She nodded quickly with a smart brain: "yes, I'm secretly in love with him, but I haven't spoken to him yet, so, you Stop talking about me, will you? "

"Ah, Yan Xi, what kind of man is worth your secret love when you have such good conditions? Except for the vice president! " "

Yes, yes, I hope, to be honest, isn't he?" Yang

he suddenly clenched his hand with chopsticks, and his eyes fixed on LAN Yanxi with a trace of resentment.

LAN Yanxi was also shocked. Fortunately, her face was still, and she immediately laughed at herself and said, "how can I think of vice president? You really think too much! " "

also, if we want to say secret love, we have so many beautiful women here, which one is not secret love with Mr. vice president!"

"I'm one of them. Alas, Mr. vice president is so handsome and gentle. He's really charming." "

me too. If the vice president can talk to me one day and look at me more, my heart will fly to the sky!"

Yang he held the chopsticks with his hands tighter and tighter. He almost broke them. He sneered, "do you wake up in a dream? Mr. vice president is so noble, is it worthy of us? "

"Yang He, don't be so serious. Everyone is joking!" LAN Yanxi rushes to finish the match.

"It's a good time to be joking. If director Zhou knows you're joking about the reputation of vice president, you'll have good fruit!" Yang He is still ice face reminder. There's nothing more to say at home. Indeed, how dare the junior staff bite the vice president's tongue? Don't you think the job is too heavy? LAN

Yan Xi breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, everyone was only joking. If someone really wants to investigate, I'm afraid that everything will be revealed.

In the afternoon, when she was busy and full, LAN Yanxi thought that she would meet Ling Mo Feng's mother in the evening, and her scalp was numb. After that, she really had no energy.

"Lan Yanxi, a guest will come to the meeting at 8 o'clock in the evening. Please stay!" Zhou he said suddenly, startling LAN Yanxi's tension away.

"Ah, director Zhou, I have something urgent in the evening. Can I change someone else..."

"If there is no urgent matter in any family, it depends on the importance of the matter. Since you are working here, you should focus on your work and decide on you!" Zhou he said unkindly. "

no!" LAN Yanxi is sitting on his seat. Is there such a coincidence at the end of the day?

She even had to work overtime on the night of meeting her future mother-in-law.

What to do? I have to tell Ling Mo Feng. Otherwise, he will have another day.

LAN Yanxi lowers his head, takes out his mobile phone and sends a message.

After a while, I received a reply.

"Do you have to work overtime at night? Just in time, my mother doesn't have time to come today. Let me work overtime with you! " Yan Xi's face was relieved in a moment. Mrs. Ling is not available today. That's very good. "

Yang He, please accompany LAN Yanxi. I'll apply for your bonus this month!" Zhou hejue's LAN Yanxi is not reliable. He has to arrange an old staff to watch her. "

OK, thank you director Zhou!" Yang He is very happy when he looks happy. You know, there are many bonuses in one month.

LAN Yanxi was very pleased to hear that someone was accompanying him. "Yang He, fortunately you worked overtime, otherwise, I'm afraid I can't cope with it!" "

well, we are colleagues and should have cared for each other!" Yang He is in a good mood, and his words are more pleasant. At 8:30 p.m., after dinner, the foreign guests still need to come to the meeting. LAN Yanxi and Yang He are up to work. When it was empty, two people were waiting outside the corridor of the meeting room. Yang he suddenly whispered, "have you heard? The Vice President issued a directive today, and the design of our women's high heels has been shortened by two centimeters! " "

really? When did I hear about it? " LAN Yanxi's mouth rose inexplicably. "

just released this afternoon, Mr. vice president is very kind and considerate to women!" Yang he couldn't help but praise, and a shy smile flashed in his eyes.