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After being confirmed, Tang You You had a cold because he had caught a cold. Right now, his condition was more severe and he needed to be treated with an injection in order for him to recover faster.

Ji Xiao Han stood at the side and watched.

The nurse had a lot of experience, but under the gaze of a big BOSS like Ji Xiao Han, the pressure was too great. With the veins on the back of Tang You You's hand, she couldn't even find her right now, the nurse was so scared that she was sweating profusely.

After looking for the blood vessel with much difficulty, the nurse carefully pricked it with her needle, causing Tang You You to tremble in pain.

The nurse let out a sigh of relief as she watched the liquid drop to the ground. After giving a few more words of caution, she quickly left.

Tang You You put down his hands, turned and looked at Ji Xiao Han: "I'm fine now, go back to the company, I'll take a taxi back later!"

Ji Xiao Han knew that Tang You You was originally a very strong and independent woman, and wouldn't rely on anyone excessively, but he didn't want to leave her alone. After all, when a person is sick, their heart will always be sensitive and weak.

"I won't be going this morning. I'll accompany you!" Ji Xiao Han brought a chair over and sat down.

Tang You You did not expect that he, such a busy person, would actually go to the company because of her, so she was deeply moved in her heart.

"Will this affect your work?" Tang You You did not insist on letting him go. To be honest, she also wanted him to stay with her.

"No way!" Ji Xiao Han replied softly.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

The atmosphere immediately became warm.

"The children are worried about you. You are a very qualified mother!" Ji Xiao Han suddenly found a topic to discuss.

Tang You You's face immediately flushed red. "No, they were very disobedient when they were young, I would often beat them too, maybe because I beat them until they're scared of me!"

"In the future, just leave the beating of a child to me. You just have to act as a good mother to me." Ji Xiao Han could not help but answer humorlessly.

"Are you willing to fight?" Tang You You felt that those words were worth it.

Ji Xiao Han pondered as he replied, "Daughter, I am definitely not willing to beat him up, but it's hard to say what will happen to my son.

Tang You You burst out laughing, "Seems like, being your daughter is the true winner of life!"

"And you saw me?" Tang You You could not help but ask curiously.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her eyes that were filled with laughter, and his voice unconsciously grew hoarse: "Seeing you, sometimes I'll be soft, sometimes I'll be hard!"

Tang You You blinked her eyes, she didn't quite understand what he meant, but very quickly, she saw a sinister smile in his eyes.

She instantly stretched out her hand and fiercely punched him in the chest. "Can't you be more serious?"

The corner of Ji Xiao Han's mouth curled up, and his voice still carried a sense of evil: "Seeing you, if I could still be serious, then we wouldn't be married!"

Tang You You was stunned for a second, then felt that what he said made sense, and did not refute him anymore.

"What about you? Did you ever dream about what I did? " Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but be curious about her inner world.

Tang You You immediately blushed a little, she shook her head and said stubbornly: "I don't have it, I have always been thinking about work and my child, about men's things, I have never thought about it."

Ji Xiao Han looked at her serious face, and suddenly felt very disappointed: "Then from now on, can you spare some time to think about me?"

"Un, I'll think about it!" Tang You You's lips curled up into a smile, he suddenly felt that this kind of conversation without any nutrition was able to make him in a very good mood.

It was rare for the two of them to have time to chat like this, so time flowed by while they smiled at each other.

And on the other side!

Mu Shi Ye's mood had been low recently!

He originally thought that after he became Pei An Xin's superior, Pei An Xin would shift his gaze a little more towards him.

However, very quickly, he met his first love rival.

This man was Pei An Xin's colleague. His family background was ordinary, but he had a handsome, sunny appearance. Furthermore, he treated Pei An Xin very well.

Originally, Mu Shi Ye did not know about this matter, and only when he happened to pass by the teahouse, and heard some gossips, did he learn that a Male colleagues was always being attentive to Pei An Xin.

Mu Shi Ye was originally a man who liked to be jealous. Since he was the mother of his own daughter, how could he not be angry when he was about to be snatched away by another man?

Thus, he decided to attack with force.

Early in the morning, Pei An Xin saw a bunch of red roses on his table. Looking at the color of the roses, they were definitely not something that could be bought with a normal price.

Before Pei An Xin arrived, there were already many colleagues who were spectating, and each and every one of them were amazed.

Of course, there was also the Male colleagues Chen Hai who had been pursuing her for a long time!

"An Xin, this flower is so beautiful. It's so fragrant, I can smell it even from here."

"Yeah, it doesn't look cheap. Who gave it to you?" "Wow! Look! There's even a small box on top of it!"

"An Xin, quickly open it. What exactly is this thing?" It must be a ring! "

"I guess it's a necklace!"

Surrounded by his colleagues, Pei An Xin's face was red from embarrassment. Actually, when she saw the bouquet of roses, she had already guessed who had given it to her.

Because, she had told Mu Shi Ye before that she liked this kind of rose. She liked her enthusiasm and boldness, and this represented passion and love.

However, she had said these words to him back in high school. At that time, she had been fearless and straightforward.

She thought that Mu Shi Ye had never taken her heart seriously, but now, looking at this bunch of roses that she had once longed for a lot, her heart was in extreme pain.

"Do you like it? Then you guys can take it, I don't really like roses! " Pei An Xin obviously liked it, but because of the sadness in her heart, she decided to give this bouquet of flowers to his colleagues.

"Really? An Xin, are you really going to give us such a beautiful rose? " The group of women were all very excited.

Pei An Xin felt a little cold, nodded, and smiled: "Yes, no matter how beautiful, I don't like it. If you guys like it, take it!"

After Pei An Xin finished speaking, he reached out and took the small box, throwing it into his own drawer. When she went to pour a cup of hot water, sure enough, the roses on the table were all taken away.