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Looking at Ji Tingyan's distress, Cheng Yue can't help but laugh.

"Mr. tie is charming. Li Jingwen has been three years and can't forget him. Now you think he should too." Cheng Yue jokingly said.

"Then you say, will he have only me now?" Ji Tingyan has a rare narcissism.

Cheng Yue nodded, "I'm sure I didn't eat you when I saw him looking at you."

"Don't make such a joke. I'm not confident at all." Ji Tingyan shakes her head and laughs at herself.

"You're not confident? Are we ordinary women still alive? To tell you the truth, I really have an eye today. Xiao Nai, I don't dare to be friends with you. Your family is too rich. " Cheng Yue marvels at herself.

"Do you have any difficulties in your life? If so, I can help you. " Ji Tingyan asked her seriously.

Cheng Yue was moved and waved: "no, I'm full now. My family is not worried, but I'm still very happy. You will say that it's really a happy thing to be friends with tuhao, and I also have a sense of security."

"Don't laugh. I've decided to go to find Funing. Will you come with me?" Ji Tingyan suddenly looks serious and asks her seriously.

"Of course, I'll follow you if you want to go. I do things with money." Cheng Yue nods seriously.

"But it may be very dangerous there. I don't know what feting is doing there." Ji Tingyan laughs at herself.

"Don't you just go and have a look? Mr. Fu certainly wants you to pass, but he certainly doesn't want you to worry, which hides everything from you. " Cheng Yue believes in her eyes, and tie Ting really likes Ji Tingyan.

"Well, we'll start tomorrow, and my brother will send us a plane." Ji Tingyan finally decided. She felt insecure. There was a voice calling her to hurry to his side.

"Private jet?" Cheng Yue's eyes are bright and excited.

Ji Tingyan chuckled.

In the morning of the next day, Ji Tingyan told a lie to cheat her family to go abroad to pack their bags and plan to return home for a long time. Although Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou didn't let her go, the child grew up and had her own paradise. She loved flying so much. All they could give was gentle concern.

Ji Tingyan's current state seems to be totally different from that before. She is not in the mood to draw. She just wants to see tie ting. She feels that she is ill and has lovesickness. She has to find her medicine. Ji's private plane enjoys the right to park in airports all over the world. When the plane takes off, Ji Tingyan's heart calms down. I don't know if her decision will be too heavy. What she wants to do is her passion for life. She is willing to make use of her time to make herself happy.

Cheng Yue is like an excited little girl. After visiting the whole cabin, she obediently fasten her seat belt and watch the clouds outside the window with Ji Tingyan.

Nearly ten hours of flight consumed all the energy of the two people. In the second half of the flight, they were dizzy and sleepy. Until the plane arrived at the airport, the two people woke up from sleepiness.

"Is it here?" Ji Tingyan glances out. It's a very simple airport with only a few runways. Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue step down the elevator step by step. What they see makes them blind.

Cheng Yue quickly looked at the navigation in his hand and said to Ji Tingyan, "it's really the nearest airport. Your brother has arranged for us a car and a local guide."

"My brother is always careful. Let's go." Ji Tingyan looks at the front firmly. No matter where it is, tie Ting is here. She wants to come here.

Cheng Yue sees Ji Tingyan's determination and sighs in her heart, hoping that Mr. tie won't let her down.

Cheng Yue and Ji Tingyan walk out of the airport. The airport is really simple. Two girls suddenly appear here. They have different skin color and face from the East, which makes the local people very novel. Many people stop to look at them.

Ji Tingyan is still nervous. Cheng Yue is wary of her surroundings. She finds several men whistling at them, showing a hostile expression. Cheng Yue's hand is subconsciously stretched to her waist and abdomen. Just now on the plane, Ji Tingyan gave her a black box with two small pistols, which are specially prepared by her elder brother for self-defense. Ji Tingyan's bag One for Cheng Yue.

There was a driver outside, a local guide, and two local bodyguards. They were all specially prepared by jimucheng for her sister. Moreover, he arranged six bodyguards in plain clothes around her.

Ji Tingyan is fluent in English, no problem in conversation, and Cheng Yue's English is also very good.

Sitting in the car, Ji Tingyan takes out her mobile phone and stares at the number of tieting.

"Xiaonai, it's time for you to contact him. We are not familiar here. He has to come to pick you up." Cheng Yuejue's safest way is to get in touch with tieting.

Ji Tingyan takes a breath nervously and runs over with a hot head. When she gets here, she doesn't have the courage to call her.

Is this a self inflicted crime?

"Well, I'm texting him." Ji Tingyan did not dare to listen to the man's voice. Afraid that he would blame her, she had to send him a message first.

Unexpectedly, the next second, her cell phone rang, from bondeng.

Ji Tingyan's breathing is sluggish, and her pretty face is embarrassed for no reason. This man's movement is very fast.

"Hello!" She lowered her voice and said softly.

"Where are you?" The man asked in a hurry.

"I've come to you, Bonnie. Where are you? I just got to the airport. " Ji Tingyan is like a child who makes mistakes. She speaks carefully.

"Who asked you to come? Why didn't you talk to me and stay where you are? I came to see you. " The man is still angry.

Ji Tingyan and meimou were stunned. She asked the driver to stop the car. At this moment, their car just came out of the airport.

"What's the matter?" Cheng Yue asked worried.

Ji Tingyan's pretty face flashed a little annoyance. She held her cell phone and tapped her head gently: "he's angry. I'm sure I shouldn't come. Cheng Yue, or Let's go home. "

"Ah?" Cheng Yue's face is startled. How dare Mr. tie assassinate Miss Ji?

"He came to me now, but his voice sounded angry just now. I must have made a mistake. Would I bother him?" Ji Tingyan laughs more than she cries.

"He may only be angry if he is too worried. Otherwise, we will wait for him here to come over and see what his reaction is. Shall we leave again?" Cheng Yue looks at her as if she has been hit, inexplicably distressed, and can only comfort her in a low voice.

"Well, I can only wait for him to come. If he asks me to leave at once, I may I really want to go back. " Ji Tingyan looks out of the window sadly, from small to large, maybe it's just this matter, the decision is too impulsive, how did she become like this?