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Ji Yue Ze's promise to help her made Tang You You both grateful and happy. Perhaps it was because she was proud of his work, but her heart was also surging with emotions, and so, unknowingly, she had actually finished all five glasses of red wine.

Ji Yue Ze thought that since she said he could drink five cups, it must have been with water.

Tang You You's face flushed red, she was surprised, then said: "Ji Yue Ze, what are you doing, give me the cup, the red wine in his house is so delicious, it's old, but the price is too expensive, let me drink another cup, I feel that I'm a bit addicted to it."

"No way, you're really drunk!" Ji Yue Ze saw that her movements had obviously become somewhat clumsy, a hint of unease flashed across his handsome face.

"Will my brother kill me?" Ji Yue Ze stood up quickly and threw his phone to the side. Then, he went over to help Tang You You back to his chair.

"Don't... Ji Yue Ze, don't call him. I'm really fine, just that … I feel a little dizzy! " Tang You You pressed a hand against his head, completely unaware that when he had leaned forward earlier, he had shattered glass all over the floor.

"Tang You You, sit on the sofa at the side for a while. Be careful, don't scratch your hands or feet!" Ji Yue Ze looked at the shattered cups and bowls on the ground, and then his handsome face fell.

"No …" I'm not drunk, Ji Yue Ze. Thank you for helping me … "Thank you so much!" Tang You You stood up and walked to the sofa at the side. It was so shaky that Ji Yue Ze was worried she would fall asleep in the next second.

"Your alcohol tolerance is so low, and you still dare to drink with me? I'll take you in!" Ji Yue Ze quickly got the waiter to come in and clean the floor. Then, he stood in front of the window and made a call to Ji Xiao Han.

"Brother, Tang You You is drunk, come over and take her away." Ji Yue Ze said very straightforwardly.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his words, his eyes darkened and his voice contained a trace of annoyance, "Why is she with you?"

Ji Yue Ze shrugged his shoulders: "She is begging me for help and is treating me to a meal, but now it seems that I have to pay for it myself!"

"Why did she treat you to dinner!" Ji Xiao Han was obviously unhappy, this woman had not even invited him out for dinner.

"She has a request for me!"

"You are my younger brother and she is your sister-in-law. Isn't it perfectly justified for you to help her? Why do I have to treat you to a meal? " While Ji Xiao Han was speaking, he stood up from his office chair, took his jacket and walked out.

Ji Yue Ze was helpless, he could not answer and was stunned for two seconds. "Anyway, you should come over and take her away, I never thought of getting drunk on her, she was the one who got himself drunk."

"I will settle the score with you later. The address!" When Ji Xiao Han heard that this woman was socializing with his own brother, no matter how he thought about it, he felt extremely angry.

When Ji Xiao Han rushed to this private restaurant, in an exquisite private room, he saw Tang You You moaning on the sofa. She was drunk and it was hard for her to bear.

Ji Yue Ze sat on a chair that was very far away from her. Looking at this woman's drunk appearance, his expression was very innocent.

The door was pushed open by someone. Ji Yue Ze was so scared that he quickly stood up straight.

"Bro, you're here! She's drunk!" Ji Yue Ze hurriedly said.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head to look at the woman's miserable state after getting drunk, the veins on his forehead were bulging as he glared at his younger brother.

"How can you get her drunk?" Ji Xiao Han was really angry.

Ji Yue Ze spread his hands, looking like he knew his mistake: "Brother, don't be angry, I really didn't expect her alcohol tolerance to be so low. At the start, she told me that as long as I agreed to help her, she could drink ten cups.

"You shouldn't have met her alone behind my back!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he turned around and carried Tang You You who was leaning on the sofa horizontally.

"Bro, I don't dare to do that next time, hurry up and bring her away. I think she's feeling really bad." Ji Yue Ze never expected such a situation to occur. He thought that this would be a very enjoyable lunch, and now, it was just like a disaster scene.

His brother's fierce gaze made Ji Yue Ze feel that he could no longer meet Tang You You alone. This woman was like a ticking time bomb, if he was not careful, it would be difficult for him to go crazy.

Ji Xiao Han also couldn't be bothered to scold his brother anymore, because this woman had to bear the main responsibility.

"Young Master, where are we going?" The driver looked at Ji Xiao Han's gloomy face and asked carefully.

"The Blue Bay Hotel!"

The black car stopped below the Seven Star Hotel. Ji Xiao Han still carried Tang You You with a gloomy face as he entered the elevator to the top floor while being escorted by a bunch of bodyguards.

This hotel was part of his business, Ji Xiao Han owned a private suite here.

The woman in his embrace was quiet, but she kept pressing her head with her hands, looking like she was having a headache.

After Ji Xiao Han carried her into the bedroom, he immediately threw her on the bed, not wanting to bother about her.

Tang You You obviously did not expect that when drinking the red wine, it would be so sweet, and the aftereffects were actually so good.

She rolled over on the bed and then sat up on her hands and knees. She saw a tall figure standing in front of the French window with his back facing her.

For a moment, her eyes were blurry as she recognized him, "Ji Yue Ze... "Where is this place?"

Ji Xiao Han's back suddenly froze, he turned his head, and his eyes stared straight at the woman who had grown eyes and a head.

"What did you call me?" The man's voice was low and dangerous, like a lion about to fly into a rage.