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I want a brother, too

Hearing her speak, the man slowly turned around. With his tall and upright body and his back facing the light outside the window, he looked even more gloomy and angry.

Tang You You looked at his expression, his handsome face tightened and his thin lips tightened. What made her most uneasy was that pair of terrifying eyes.

Tang You You was slightly stunned, she raised her head, and looked straight into Yun Che's eyes that were filled with anger: "I don't want to trouble you."

"I allow you to trouble me!"

"Ji Xiao Han, can you speak a little reason …"

"No way!" Seeing that she had taken the initiative to raise her little face, Ji Xiao Han no longer hesitated and directly kissed her pink lips.

One kiss, profound!

When Tang You You saw his lips pressed against hers, she was already so scared that she hid herself. Ji Xiao Han had only touched her lips a single time and she had already dodged it.

"What are you doing?" Tang You You's breathing had become disorderly. This man had kissed her again without any warning just now.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her frantically lowering her head. This time, he wouldn't give her any chance to refuse.

Long and domineering fingers reached over, pinched her small white chin and forcefully lifted her small face.

Tang You You didn't expect him to be so bold as to actually dare to force her. Unfortunately, just as she was about to resist, a man's lips once again violently struck her. This time, she was unable to dodge in time.

Tang You You's breathing stopped.

Her beautiful face was flushed red. Two small hands angrily pushed him in front of his chest, resisting.

This bastard, he was going crazy!

When Ji Xiao Han saw that her two small hands were still beating him up, his eyes slightly narrowed. The other empty palm grabbed onto her small hand, giving her no chance to move around any further.

With Tang You You's small hand being controlled, she started to use her own legs. Unfortunately, once the man's long and strong legs leaned towards her, she completely deprived him of the chance to move her legs.

At this moment, she had a wall behind her and his strong body was right in front of her. Tang You You did not have any strength to resist.

He kissed her again and again until he was satisfied, then released her.

"Bastard!" The first thing Tang You You did after obtaining his freedom was to raise his hand and fiercely slap his handsome face, "I said before, you're not allowed to kiss me carelessly."

Ji Xiao Han seemed to know that she would definitely become angry from embarrassment, but he didn't expect that she would directly slap him.

His handsome face turned slightly aside. On his face that was as white as crown jade, there were five small finger prints imprinted on it.

From this, it could be seen how much strength she had used just now.

"This time, I'll just take it as an unintentional act. There can't be a next time!" After being beaten up, Ji Xiao Han did not seem to be very angry.

"Why do you always bully me? You are simply too despicable. " Tang You You did not want to talk to her at this time about not wanting the next time. She was really ashamed and angry, and felt that her pride had been trampled on by him.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her red, swollen face and then below, at the slightly swollen lips that he had tasted before. His thin lips hooked up: "Men can never control their own actions when dealing with women they like, you have to understand me."

"Who the hell would understand you. Stop finding excuses for yourself. Let me warn you, you're not allowed to do such excessive things next time, or else …"

"How is it?"

Tang You You wanted to say a few more ruthless words to provoke him, but his mind was blank, he couldn't think of any vicious words to say.

Damn it, being kissed by this man had caused a short circuit in her brain.

"In short, if you want to bully me, I'll tell the children not to think that they are young and insensible. In their hearts, I am still very important." After Tang You You thought about it for a while, without saying anything fierce, he felt that he had let himself down and thus, brought up the children.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, but soon after, he said with a calm and collected expression: "Yesterday, your son told me that he wanted a younger brother, and was curious about what his younger brother would look like, how about we satisfy his wish?"

"What?" Tang You You was simply angered speechless by his thick skin.

Who wants to give birth to a child with him again? Did this man's brain get water?

Ji Xiao Han's eyes revealed a pleased smile, he looked at the woman's red face, and laughed out loud: "Alright, go back to work, I will clean up all the rumors on the internet."

"Bastard!" Tang You You still wanted to scold him a little. After swearing, she opened the door and left.

Ji Xiao Han reached out to touch his lips, and faintly smiled.

When he saw her being kissed until she was weak, he almost pushed her down onto the desk.

However, there was no hurry. Take your time!

In any case, he was determined to give his son a younger brother or sister.

Tang You You anxiously walked towards the elevator. As he walked, he still wanted to curse at others.

This Ji Xiao Han was simply relying on his strength to bully others. Did she think that just because it was his children's father's land, it would be that awesome? He actually called her over and bullied her again, even saying that he wanted to have children with her. Just how narcissistic was he?

"Miss Tang …" Lu Qing stood by the side of the elevator. Seeing her so angry that he was about to cry, he greeted her with a look of astonishment.

However, she was still ignored by Tang You You. She decided that if Ji Xiao Han called for her again in the future, she wouldn't come back even if he killed her.