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Ji Xiaohan is domineering, and Tang youyou just laughs at himself. Before he said such unreasonable words, she might angrily contradict him. But now, she feels that she listened to more of his love words. Occasionally, for a change of taste, it's also interesting.

"What are you laughing at? I'm not kidding you. " Season owl cold quiet Mou tiny one squint, she unexpectedly didn't answer oneself immediately, this is the rhythm that can't chat well again?

"I just laugh at your naivety. Who can control your own dream mirror? If it can, I dream of you every night. Let you serve me well!" Tang youyou's beautiful big eyes flashed a smile of belly black.

"Serve you?" The handsome face of a man is also tainted with some evil spirits: "is it because I don't satisfy you in reality, so you want to continue with me in your dream?"

"Where do you want to go? I mean, let you do something else for me, for example, cook for me, bring me tea and water, and then walk a long way with me... " "

well, I'll make you a meal in my spare time, so that you don't have to worry about it all the time." Ji Xiaohan is really afraid that she will continue counting. Although he wants to meet all her wishes, there are still limited things he can do for her. Don

you cover your mouth and smile: "I just want to drive you to do this and that in my dream. In reality, I dare not!"

"I don't dare to say it, but I've already asked for a T-shirt, haven't I?" With a smile, Ji Xiao's cold and quiet eyes hugged her fiercely in her arms. The thin lips kissed her lips when she didn't notice: "now, do you need me to pour you a glass of water? My queen? " "

I'm kidding you. Don't do that!" Tang youyou didn't expect this man to go on like this. All she said just now was to tease him. However, she was seriously acted by others. Of course, Xiao Han knew that she intended to make fun of herself. She gave her waist a little more punitive twist. Tang youyou was trembling all over, and then he fell into his arms and gave him a light angry. "

it's killing!" Ji Xiaohan attached to her ear and said in a low voice. Tang youyou found that his voice just spilled out accidentally. He was so shy that he punched him in the thigh angrily, and then stared at him: "I'll go out and see the situation. You can stay alone." "

long!" Ji Xiaohan is going to be abandoned by her, and Jun's face shows an expression of grievance. Don't be too lazy to talk to him. You can't pity him easily. Otherwise, the shameful thing just happened again. He's got an inch, but he's strong. Luo

after welcoming some guests, Jin Yu took out his mobile phone and pulled it out to Yang ChuChu in a small corner nearby. "

What are you doing? Have you eaten yet? " Luo Jinyu looks at other people in pairs, and his heart is lost inexplicably. At this time, he specially wants to make a phone call to Yang ChuChu, even if he just listens to her voice.

"Well, I'm eating. Is your dinner party open?" Yang ChuChu's sweet voice came and asked him about it.

"Almost. All the guests are here. There will be an entry ceremony soon!" Luo Jinyu takes a look at the platform behind him. "

then you can record a video for me to see. Although I can't witness it with my own eyes, at least I need to see how the scene is!" Yang ChuChu is still very shocked and envious. He hopes to be his girlfriend and stand beside him to bless Luo Henning and sister Mulin together. "

why don't you come in person? I said, you don't have to care... " "

I don't want to make your mother unhappy because of me on such a happy day. Luo Jinyu, I really want to go too, really!" Yang ChuChu interrupted him with a sigh in his voice. "

I know that you are becoming more and more sensible, which makes me more distressed!" Luo Jinyu thinks back to the time when she first met her. She is brave enough to say anything to him. But now, she is more and more familiar with each other and can stand on each other's position to think for each other. There is no such enthusiasm and more understanding. "

isn't it good to be sensible? A wise man proves that I have grown up. I used to be too headstrong. I always said the wrong things and hurt people inadvertently, but I didn't know it. Now, I have learned to look at my face, and there are fewer people who offend me. Isn't that a good thing? " Yang ChuChu chuckled. Luo

Jin Yu suddenly doesn't know how to answer. "

you must be very busy. You should be busy first and invite me to dinner in the evening!" Yang ChuChu whispered.

"Well, take care of yourself." Luo Jinyu waits for the other party to hang up the phone. He just holds the cell phone tightly and turns around. What he sees is that Mu shiye is holding his daughter's little orange and talking to Pei Anxin.

Little orange's two little hands move ceaselessly, at one time, he will pull the tie of moochi night, at another time, he will touch his nose, and two little short hands will hold his face to kiss, and the moochi night can't be relaxed, he will go to grab his daughter's uneasy little hand.

Pei Anxin hands ring in front of her chest, a pair of beautiful eyes look at Mu shiye with a smile, and look at Mu shiye with an incomparable emptiness of heart. "

OK, Anxin, I know I'm very handsome. Don't stare at me all the time. It's embarrassing that there are so many people on the scene." When the night of Mu cheeky smile.

"I think you are very proud in front of your friends. Who told you that you would have another child?" Pei Anxin's beautiful eyes narrowed.

"Do you really hear that? Ah, when men get together, they talk nonsense. Don't take it seriously. As long as you don't want to, of course, I won't force you to have another child. Don't worry! " Mu shiye hurriedly explains the nonsense he just said. "

yes? I didn't hear my two cousins and young master Ji talking. I heard your voice loudest. " Pei Anxin will not easily believe his explanation.

"That's because the way they get along with their wives is different from mine. When lohnin and my sister get along, they listen to my sister most of the time. Xiao Han and Tang youYou are together. Xiao Han is the master of everything. Unlike us, I have business with you. Are you not satisfied?" Mu shiye is fighting for the position of the head of the family. Unfortunately, his tone is not strong enough. "

Oh, I see. I didn't expect you to respect me so much now!" Pei Anxin nodded and smiled twice.

"Anxin, there are so many people at this time. Would you like to go home and make a mistake to you?" When the Mu night handsome face some cannot put, hurriedly lowered the voice to say.

"Well, let's go back!" Of course Pei Anxin won't quarrel with him. She can't quarrel with him now. Once quarreling, he will admit his mistake.