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Ji Yueze and Yang Siyu went into the restaurant one by one. The old lady saw that the two people got along well and smiled happily. On the appearance of

Ji Yueze is young and handsome, with noble temperament. Yang Siyu is sweet and charming, petite and exquisite. Standing together, he has already given people a very suitable sense of picture. Season

Xiao Han and Tang youYou are also sitting at the table. They touch each other's eyes and see a sense of helplessness in each other's eyes.

The two little guys are very sensible. They don't talk at random. They just take a pair of bright big eyes to look at the strange sister in front of them. "

think of words as your own home. Don't mention it. This is my grandson, Xiao Han. Sitting beside him is my granddaughter-in-law youyou. This is Xiaoze's mother. Do you remember them all?" The old lady quickly introduced her. Yang nodded and smiled, "I have an impression, but I haven't seen each other for many years. It's still a bit strange."

"It's OK. I'll often come home and sit and walk around. I'm sure it's not strange." The old lady said with a smile.

Looking at the old lady's initiative and enthusiasm, Tang youyou knows that she is very satisfied with Miss Yang. Alas, what about Bai Yiyan? When I didn't know the truth, the old lady was nice to her. Ji asked angrily: "grandma, can you have a meal? I'm a little hungry. "

The old lady glared at him and said, "I know how to eat and eat. For the first time, I want to introduce her to her family."

Ji Yueze's hands ring in front of his chest, turning a white eye rarely, and Yang Siyu gives him a full mark in his heart for his arrogant expression.

"Grandma, if you don't, just eat. You don't have to take the time to eat for me." Yang Siyu said with a shy bow.

In her mind, the tutor of Ji's family is very good. The old lady didn't speak, even Ji Xiaohan didn't dare to move chopsticks. You know, in the eyes of outsiders, Ji Xiaohan is a god like man. Unexpectedly, when he comes home, he looks like a filial son, a sage and a grandson. This needs to be seen by the women outside. They just want to break up his marriage and marry him again Come on.

"Have a good meal!" The old lady is in a good mood at the moment. She feels that Yang Siyu has rules. One

people at the table eat in silence, because it's Ji Yueze, and their faces are always cold and light. "

Where do you live now?" During the dinner, the old lady couldn't help asking. "

I have a house downtown." Yang Siyu answers truthfully.

"When will your family come back to China, please bring them here!" The old lady said with a smile.

"They are busy with their work. Maybe they don't have time to go back to China recently. Grandma Ji is assured that she will have a chance in the future." Side

side season Yueze has been frowning, showing unhappy appearance. The old lady suddenly turned to Ji Yueze and said, "Ozawa, please send Siyu home later." "

didn't she just come by car?" Ji Yueze murmured. "

that's the driver I sent to pick her up. Anyway, you have to go back to the city and give her a ride!" The old lady said later, it was imperative. "

got it!" Ji Yueze has a reluctant look.

Yang Siyu also showed an embarrassed look and immediately said, "grandma Ji, don't bother Ji Yueze, I can call my friend over..."

"No trouble, just take his car." The old lady quickly interrupted her so that she could not refuse. Yang nodded, "OK." After having a meal, Ji Yueze went upstairs to talk with the old man for a while, and then decided to leave.

The old lady sat in the living room and chatted with Yang Siyu. LAN Yue also sat by and listened. The two little guys went upstairs to play with their parents. Ji wants to leave. The old lady hurriedly sees Yang Siyu in his car.

"There's a girl in the car. Slow down." The old lady admonished her grandson. Season

Yue Ze raised his hand to grandma and mother: "go!"

When the sports car drove out of the hall of Jijia, the two people were relieved. "

I can't take it anymore. Your grandmother is too warm." Yang Siyu has been pretending to be a clever character, and now he is finally relaxed. "

my grandma seems to be very satisfied with you. Of course she is enthusiastic." Ji Yueze laughed at himself. "

but I'm doomed to let her down. Ji Yueze, do you think it would be too much for us to cheat her like this?" Yang Siyu feels guilty.

"We pretended to be dating for a few months, but we didn't say we would get married. When we broke up, we would find an excuse to say that our character was not suitable, and my grandma would certainly not say anything." Ji Yueze has figured out the reason for breaking up. "

it's also said that the reason for breaking up is the past because of the incompatibility of personality." Yang Siyu nodded in agreement.

"In the future, I will go out with my family. You can help me to hold on." Yang Siyu suddenly asked. "

Where are you going to play?" Ji Yueze asked curiously.

"We planned to go abroad to play in 20 countries before. Now, this plan is only half in progress. We decided to complete it all, so we may go abroad. If my parents ask you, how can you help me?" Yang Siyu asked, looking at him nervously. "

what else to say? Go together! " Ji Yueze replied immediately.

"Together? What do you mean? I don't want to play with you! " Yang Siyu's expression was startled. "

I don't want to play with you. Just in time, Bai Yiyan is also abroad. Then we will go abroad together and play each other's games. Let's go to the head office." Ji Yueze's explanation with a smile.

"That's not bad, OK, that's the deal. We'll cover for each other later!" Yang Siyu finally settled down, closed his eyes and murmured, "it's good to finally find someone to trust!" Season

more Ze Leng Leng Leng, side eyes look at her: "have you trusted others before?"

"I've found a few men, but they won't help me." Yang Siyu sighs bitterly. He feels that his love road is too difficult.

"Then you must love her very much." Ji Yueze did not expect that love beyond gender can be so touching.

"Well, I love it!" Yang Siyu opened his eyes and looked out of the window in confusion: "do you believe it? I like her first, and I pursue her first. " "

so it is!" Ji Yueze is still surprised by this. I can't see that Yang Siyu's sweet appearance is still the one he actively pursues.

"I really hope I can stay with her all my life. As long as she doesn't leave me, I will never give up her!" Whispered Yang Si.

"It seems that we are all in the same boat." Ji Yueze has some regrets. "

Yes, what we have in common is that we don't want to give up each other. Let's bless ourselves and have a good result!" Yang Siyu smiled bitterly.