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"Are you sure?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately pouted. He felt that Mummy knew how to hide too much.

Tang Xiao Nai's big eyes also turned in a circle as she laughed and shouted, "I know what big brother wants to ask! great-grandmother said, you and father are getting married now, right?"

Tang You You's expression exploded!

Tang Xiao Rui beamed happily: "Mummy, you aren't even going to tell us about such a huge matter immediately, hmph, I'm not going to talk to you anymore!"

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The old lady was truly anxious, both she and Ji Xiao Han had been thinking of finding a suitable time to tell the children. They didn't expect the old lady to tell the news to the two little things.

"Xiao Rui, don't be angry. It's not that I don't want to tell you, it's just that I feel it. I need to find a good time to make such a prudent decision!" Tang You You hurried over and hugged his son together with him, comforting him in a gentle voice.

Tang Xiao Rui was only pretending to be angry, but inside, his heart was blooming with joy.

"Mummy, you and Dad are really getting married this time, right? You aren't lying to us right!" Tang Xiao Rui asked with a serious face. He was afraid that two adults would trick these two little kids, and that would be too boring.

"How can marriage be a lie or a lie? Of course it's true. Your dad and I have seriously decided on this!" Tang You You patted his son's little face. This little guy was so smart that it would make others speechless.

"That's good. When are you going to get married? Can't you hurry up! Is tomorrow okay? " Tang Xiao Nai was a bit more anxious, she felt that her father's Mummy was already planning to get married, so she might as well go for tomorrow, the sooner the better.

Tang You You immediately burst out in laughter. Her daughter was so naive and cute that she wanted to fiercely kiss him.

"I can't do it tomorrow, marriage is a big matter, I must choose the most auspicious time before I can get married!" Tang You You didn't know how to explain it to the little guy.

"How much time will that take? I can't wait any longer!" Tang Xiao Nai grumbled, she was unhappy, because she had to wait!

Tang Xiao Rui immediately looked at her pouting little mouth in disdain: "Can't you have a little patience? Marriage is not something you have done before, let Father's Mummy decide it for you instead. Don't worry about it!"

Tang Xiao Nai stared at him angrily: "Big brother hates it so much! Forget about you, hmph! "

After Tang Xiao Nai finished snorting, she strode towards the Walk Outside.

"Ignore her!" Tang Xiao Rui turned around and comforted the dumbstruck Tang You You. "I really don't know who her personality is, she isn't mature at all!"

"Just like me!" Tang You You looked at his daughter's furious back as she left, and could only take the blame himself.

He definitely didn't look like Ji Xiao Han at all. He must have looked like a very similar son to his in his childhood, young and mature, with a calm demeanor and a polite speech.

Tang You You couldn't help but stare blankly at her son's little face. The more she looked, the more they looked, the more they looked, and the more they looked.

"Mummy, why are you staring at me like that? I'm so scared!" Tang Xiao Rui felt that the eyes the Mummy was looking at him with were filled with warmth, making him a little nervous.

Without saying a word, Tang You You cupped her son's small face and forcefully kissed him twice: "Son, Mummy loves you so much!"

"Are you sure?" Tang Xiao Rui blinked his eyes, not daring to disagree. "Didn't you say that I'm not as naive and cute as your little sister?"

"Where?" When did this happen? How come I can't remember? " Tang You You said as she continued to kiss the little guy's forehead. If Ji Xiao Han had been like this since he was young, how beautiful and charming he would be.

"A lot of times, Mummy, do you take me as your father? "You better not, Daddy is not as handsome as me!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately became narcissistic.

Tang You You's originally elated mood was instantly wiped away by his son. She immediately let go of him and said, "Your father is much more handsome than you!"

"How is this possible? Mummy, you don't love me anymore! " Tang Xiao Rui immediately felt that his self-esteem was hurt. He remembered that Mummy had always said that he was more handsome than his father, and that it made him extremely confident.

Seeing that his son was serious, Tang You You quickly messed up his hair. "Mummy is joking with you, you're much more handsome than your father!"

"That's more like it!" Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips and was happy.

Tang You You held his son's small hand and walked him downstairs!

Downstairs, Tang Xiao Nai had brought out her full set of little princess dolls and was now playing house and changing her clothes.

The old lady sat beside her and played with her, one old and one young. They played very happily, and the scene was very harmonious.

"Wandering, you're down!" When the old lady saw that she was holding her son's hand, she immediately greeted him.

Tang You You hurriedly called her grandma and was a little embarrassed. After all, she didn't have the ability like the old lady to change her state of mind quickly.

A few days ago, she and the old lady had a huge argument, but now … Her mood was complicated.

However, he was very happy!

Around 7 PM!

Ji Xiao Han and Ji Yue Ze appeared at the door at the same time. The two brothers standing together was especially pleasing to the eyes.

Although they had different styles, one was stern, one was handsome, but as long as it was something beautiful, no one could resist it.

"Uncle, why are you here?" When Tang Xiao Nai saw Ji Yue Ze, he immediately shouted.

Ji Yue Ze could only shrug his shoulders and pretend to be pitiful. "I don't have anything to eat tonight, so I decided to come to your house to eat. You don't have any objections, do you?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately sighed: "Sigh, uncle, you are so pitiful. You can't even eat food anymore, I told my dad to give you a lot of money. From now on, you will have money to eat!"

The words spoken by the little guy attracted the laughter of the crowd.

Tang Xiao Nai was helping the child put on her little skirt seriously, and hearing everyone's laughter, her little face became blank.

Had she said the wrong thing?

Ji Yue Ze immediately went along with her words and looked at Ji Xiao Han: "Brother, did you hear what she said? Your daughter asked you to give me money!"

"Give him a hundred dollars!" Tang Xiao Nai answered very seriously.

Ji Yue Ze was completely speechless, a hundred? He's sending beggars away.

Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows and looked at Ji Yue Ze: "Do you hear me? One hundred yuan, do you want it?"

The old granny sat beside them, smiling as she watched the two brothers tease each other, as if they had returned to their childhood days. It was also in this atmosphere that the two of them occasionally made a ruckus.

However, now that there were two more cute babies, this family had more and more members. This also proved that happiness was drawing closer and closer.

The old lady was really happy to see such a loving adoration. If only her son was still alive.