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Ji Xiaohan's method seems magnanimous, but in fact, it has also sold people's hearts and obtained many powerful evidences. Ji Xiaohan believes that these people are greedy and a little profit can cause their betrayal. If he lures big profit, their mouth will change greatly. Lu Qing knocks at the door and enters Ji Xiaohan's office. He records all the people's Confessions and puts them on Ji Xiaohan's desk: "young master, these people are very clear. The chairman of this blue sea group is the one who collects and sells their information behind them. They will share every message and every message with the difference of the price. The price is high If it's not involved in this incident, I'm afraid we didn't expect someone to do this kind of action behind our back, it's really a great hidden danger. "

"Blue Ocean Group?" The cold look of Ji Xiao seems to be shaken, and slowly spits out these four words.

"Young master, we need to make a thorough investigation of the chairman of the group to see if he has had any relationship with Ji Lin before. In this way, it is also convenient for us to grasp the handle of Ji Lin." Lu Qing immediately suggested that he should be angry.

Season owl cold nodded: "really want to check, and already go to check, no matter who is involved with his bottom, this person does not let go, he stared at us for a long time."

"OK, I'll send someone to check it and report it to you as soon as there is any news!" Lu Qing also knew the seriousness of the incident. He didn't dare to neglect it. He turned around and went out.

Ji Xiaohan tightens his brow and thinks about the four words of the blue sea group. In his memory, he seems to have heard the two words of the blue sea, but it seems too long. He can't remember clearly where he heard them.

At this moment, in a prosperous metropolis abroad, a black car with more than 5 million yuan is slowly parked at the front door of a hotel under the night.

The guard immediately came forward and respectfully helped the VIP to open the door. A tall figure came out of the car.

A dark blue suit, a straight body, temperament is born with a strong, just like the king.

When he got out of the car, a small figure followed him.

"Awake?" Luo Jinyu looked at the girl's sleepy face and asked in a low voice.

"Dizziness!" Yang ChuChu is sleepy when taking a car. Moreover, when taking a long journey, she is dizzy. On the way, she almost fell into Luo Jinyu's arms and became dizzy. Although it was only more than three hours' drive, she experienced the feeling of syncope.

"Be careful!" The man stretched out his big palm and stopped over the door, afraid of hurting her little head.

Yang ChuChu got out of the car and immediately took the initiative to hold the man's palm. He swung his long hair lazily and took a deep breath: "well, it's best not to ride."

"Car, go upstairs and rest!" Luo Jinyu touched the long hair beside her cheek gently and dotingly, and said with concern.

"How are your feet? Can you walk? Do you want me to ask the driver to take the wheelchair down? " Yang ChuChu immediately looked at him with concern and asked.

"No, I can walk by myself!" Luo Jinyu has been in a wheelchair these days, and he is really aggrieved. Even though he still has some pain in the sole of his foot, he still prefers the feeling of landing on both legs. He is extremely free.

"Then I'll hold you! Slow down! " Yang ChuChu was holding his hand just now. Now, he has to help him instead.

Luo Jinyu didn't refuse, but he didn't put his whole body pressure on her delicate body and walked steadily forward.

Yang ChuChu looks over his head and steals a look at him. Seeing that there is no color of pain on his handsome face, he is relieved.

"Would you like to go up again?" Luo Jinyu took a look at the time. It was more than seven o'clock. They spent all the way in the car. It was time to have dinner.

"Let the waiter send it to the room. I still don't like eating in a crowded place. In my own room, I can eat whatever I want." Since he started acting, Yang ChuChu has become more and more fond of avoiding crowds and doing anything.

"Good!" Luo Jinyu naturally depends on her.

Two people entered the presidential suite on the top floor, called the waiter and ordered a table of delicious food.

Luo Jinyu takes off his coat and only wears a black shirt. The air conditioner in the room is comfortable. He half wears his sleeves. The whole person has a deep male charm, mysterious and sexy.

Yang ChuChu likes to look at his lazy appearance. Of course, she prefers Luo Jinyu's serious appearance of strict dress and abstinence. She believes that when Luo Jinyu deals with work in the office, he should be handsome enough to have no friends.

If there is a chance, she will definitely go to see for herself whether she wants to knock him down or not.

Luo Jinyu is pouring red wine, one side of his eyes, he sees Yang ChuChu holding one side of his cheek with his little hands, and a pair of beautiful eyes are looking forward to him without blinking. He can't help but wonder and ask: "what's the matter? Why do you look at me like this? "

"Why do you want to open a suite?" Yang ChuChu immediately found a topic, the beautiful corner of the mouth tooted up, pointed to the two bedrooms, some unhappy asked.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face was slightly stunned, and he also took a look: "we two!"

When Yang ChuChu heard his answer, he seemed to be very serious, no problem.

"It's so boring. I don't understand the style at all!" Yang ChuChu is still depressed and upset.

"What's the matter? What's wrong? " Luo Jinyu, who was stared at by her, didn't realize where she was wrong.

"Of course, it's not right. Other men and women only have one room and one bed when they go out to open a room. That's good for you." Yang ChuChu holds his hands in his arms, a pair of baby unhappy, baby has a small emotional expression.

Luo Jinyu just reflected this, and then he lost his voice and laughed: "you know, what's so angry about this?"

"Why can't you be angry? You can't Take care of my mood? " Yang ChuChu is in a hurry and his eyes are all slightly red.

"Didn't I say that? Before you were 22... "

"Twenty!" Yang ChuChu immediately corrected him loudly: "twenty years old! I can't wait that long! "

Luo Jinyu saw that she began to play small temper again, so he had to comfort her gently: "well, we are out to play, we should be happy, don't be angry, what do you want? I'll buy it for you! " "Don't treat me like a child, can I be amused by buying something?" Yang ChuChu got more angry, got up, ran into a room immediately, lying on the bed, a coax bad appearance.