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C1228 family background investigation

As a brother, Ji Xiaohan's daughter-in-law is pregnant, so he naturally wants to show it. So he asked Lu Qing to buy some gifts and send them to him. The children and adults all chose a lot, which is his intention as a great uncle.

Lu Qing basically bought the best things and bought a car. He personally sent it to the villa where Bai Yiyan lives. At the gate, Lu Qing rang the doorbell. Soon someone opened the door and drove the car in. "

who is he?" Leng Fei stood at the door and asked Liu Xiaoxing. "

I don't know. It's said that elder brother Ji sent someone to deliver things." Liu Xiaoxing's hands are around her chest, and she is also looking at her.

Lu Qing stops the car, pushes open the door, looks up and sees Liu Xiaoxing. He is very handsome.

Liu Xiaoxing also saw him, his expression also flashed a surprise.

"How are you?" Of course, Liu Xiaoxing won't forget that day when he collided with him in the hospital.

Lu Qing pushed the gold rimmed glasses and put on his professional smile: "I'm Mr. Ji's assistant. My name is Lu Qing. I'm here to send a gift to Miss Bai instead of my boss." "

Oh, it's you. Please help to move the gifts in." Liu Xiaoxing said with a light tone. "

OK!" Lu Qing doesn't care about her anymore, but he thinks that the pair of glasses that she trampled on is a precious thing he has worn for more than ten years. He still has some complaints about Liu Xiaoxing. Cold

Fei stood by and looked at it. He took the opportunity to ask Liu Xiaoxing, "he is the villain you have been thinking about before. I think he looks quite right." "

Hello, keep your voice down. How can I care?" Liu Xiaoxing is scared and wants to cover lengfei's mouth. He is afraid that Lu Qing will hear him and lose his face.

"If I don't remember wrong, you have mentioned this man to me ten times. Am I wrong? Or more than 20 times... " "

Leng Fei, are you angry with me? I think that's what he looks like! " Liu Xiaoxing's mouth is just so, but his eyes are still scanning Lu Qing's body. Lu has finally moved everything, and some hot sweat appears on Junxiu's forehead.

"Is Miss Bai resting upstairs? Please tell her, I won't go up to disturb her rest! " Lu Qing continued with a smile.

"Well, do you want to drink before you leave?" Liu Xiaoxing saw that he was about to leave. He didn't know where his courage came from. He called him directly.

"Don't bother. I have to go back to the company..."

Leng Fei suddenly came over and blocked his way: "little star let you drink water, you drink, a big man, don't be so uncomfortable!"

Lu Qing's appearance was very gentle, and he was very handsome. Suddenly, a woman reached out and blocked his way. For a while, he was stunned. "

lengfei..." Liu Xiaoxing blushed directly.

Of course, Lu Qing won't know women. Besides, these two people live in Ji er's house. They are friends. He smiled wisely and said, "I'll be happy!" Cold

Fei hurriedly glanced at Liu Xiaoxing. Liu Xiaoxing had a look that she was going to die of, so she turned around to pour water for Lu Qing.

Lu Qing sat down on the sofa. Under the mirror frame, his eyes flashed a little tense. Liu

Xiaoxing comes up with a glass of water and puts it in front of him. Lu

Qing reaches for his hand and holds it in the palm of his hand. Liu

Xiaoxing is sitting beside him, holding his chin and looking at him. Lu Qingqing was frightened by her meditator's expression and drank two mouthfuls of water.

Leng Fei suddenly sat on the sofa not far away, took the serious expression away, smiled and asked: "Mr. Lu, young and promising, there should be a girlfriend."

Lu Qing almost choked with a mouthful of water. He shook his head seriously and said, "no, I'm busy with my work. I didn't think about this!" "

Oh, so busy with your work, you should be able to meet many beautiful women. Are you interested?" Lengfei is an old lover, but the story about her is very mysterious. She never told anyone. From her words and deeds, it is absolutely not comparable to ordinary women.

Lu Qing was so interrogated. He was a bit sluggish for a while. He just came to send some gifts, not prisoners. How could he still inquire about his family and political situation? "

of course, beautiful women have seen a lot!" Lu Qing sat up straight subconsciously, coughed softly, and brought out the man's prestige. "

What do you think of the little sister next to you?" Leng Fei decides to turn into a matchmaker. If Liu Xiaoxing is allowed to develop with this man, how tragic will it be.

Liu Xiaoxing's whole body is stiff and her face is frozen. When she heard lengfei asking about Lu Qing's situation, she felt something was wrong. But now, lengfei even led the topic to her. She can no longer be an invisible person.

Lu Qing really turned around to look at her, but her eyes were sincere: "very good, very beautiful!" Liu

Xiaoxing is about to explode. She stares shyly at lengfei.

"Are you going to choose a woman like her as your girlfriend?" Lengfei asked him boldly.

Lu Qing was really scared this time. He quickly put down the cup in his hand. Jun's face was red, and he stood up uneasily. As he walked forward, his leather shoes tripped on the carpet, and the whole man fell on the ground in embarrassment. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei both burst out laughing at his surprise performance.

Lu Qing's glasses on his face fell to the ground again. Fortunately, this time, he picked up the glasses quickly and ran out as if running.

"Lengfei, you scared him. He's dead!" Liu Xiaoxing stared at lengfei angrily. Cold

Fei has a good look on his face: "little star, I don't know if he dare to look into your eyes. You two have room for development."

"Don't talk nonsense. I think he was scared by you. Lengfei, you've hurt me. He must think it's my idea!" Liu Xiaoxing shyly covers his face, feeling that he has no face to see others. "

fool, if I don't ask, do you want to miss him all your life, but dare not step out half a step?" Lengfei already knows her well.

"I......" Liu xiaoxingyuxi, because she was really told by lengfei, she just didn't dare to step out. Even if Lu Qing seemed to be a sincere man, she had no courage. "

to deal with men, we must be direct. Didn't you see him blushing just now? If he doesn't really feel anything about you, it's a leisurely walk away. " Lengfei patted her on the shoulder, rarely comforting her with a smile. At this time, Bai Yiyan's voice came from the stairs like a spiral: "what were you laughing at just now? I heard it all upstairs. Is there anything happy? " "

Xiaoyan, did you have a rest?" Liu Xiaoxing reproached herself. "

No, I was watching a movie just now!" Bai Yiyan shook her head and smiled. Cold

Fei opened his mouth and said, "the assistant of Jishao just came and brought you a lot of gifts. Come and have a look!" "

delivered so soon? I just got a call from Ji Yueze in the morning, saying that his eldest brother is going to deliver something. " Bai Yiyan spent the first three months, now the fourth month, her pregnancy is gradually smooth, and her taste is getting better every day. The bright water raised by the whole person is bright, and the more white it is, the more red it is, the more tender it is. "

Xiaoyan, you see, the people of Ji's family still attach great importance to you. The good things that you and Ji Er Shao are getting closer!" Liu Xiaoxing is really happy for her.

"Brother Ji is very good. He has never opposed us. What I worry about is the attitude of the old lady!" Bai Yiyan came over with a sigh. Looking at these valuable gifts, she took a box and opened it. It was a lovely pig carved from gold. It was extremely exquisite. "

don't worry, the old lady will definitely look at the children and let you marry in." Liu Xiaoxing comforts her. Cold

Fei also comforted: "you and Ji Er Shao are so close together, where can you be separated again? If the old lady really dotes on her grandson, she will surely miss your fate." Bai

Yiyan looked at them and said, "thank you for your comfort, but I'm very happy to live with you now."