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C878. He's going to be with her

In a twinkling of an eye, three days have passed. These three days are warm and full for Ji's family. The time they spend together is very short. All year round, they are basically busy with work and all kinds of things. The time they spend together from morning to night is very precious. Season

Xiao Han and Tang youyou didn't go out to travel, so they took the children to play in the manor for three days. The parent-child activities were wonderful, leaving a very good memory for the two little guys. Three days later, Tang youyou wants to go abroad to see her father, so she wants to discuss the matter with Ji Xiaohan. She thought that Ji Xiaohan would not let her go far away, but she could not be locked in the manor forever for fear of the danger outside.

Although Xia Weiwen called and said that he would come back to visit her, Tang youyou was very sad that he was too old and had a long flight every day. He really didn't want to go for himself. At night, when the snow stopped, Ji Xiaohan left the two little guys in the toy room and went to his wine store alone to have a drink.

In front of the semicircle bar, the room is warm. The man takes off his coat. He only wears a white shirt with a grey blue vest. A long and slender suit sets off his straight neck and solid legs. The noble air that comes with him can't be concealed. It precipitates the mature beauty, just like the wine in his cup, which is addictive and intoxicating. Don

when you see him, he looks lazy and leisurely.

The tip of the heart is like being touched by dew, and there is a light shiver in the cool.

It seems that the eyes can't be moved any more. The handsome and gorgeous face of the man makes Tang youyou very amazing.

"How did you find it?" Season owl raises eyebrows coldly, intoxicated like the sound of wine, let Tang youyou wake up slightly.

"I asked Uncle yuan. He said you may be here. I haven't been here yet. You have a lot of wine." As Tang youyou walked towards him, he looked at his large wine storage room, where the good wine was fragrant and moving.

"Yes, I don't like drinking much, but I like collecting these wines, which may be a special hobby of mine." Ji Xiaohan left the bar and walked around his collection slowly. He said and laughed at the same time. His face was indescribable and elegant. No, after a while, the man came up to her and stood in front of her with her beautiful face: "would you like to have a drink?" "

well, I want to drink!" In front of others, Tang youyou will hold Jin for a while, but in front of this man, she feels that even if she is drunk, she is not afraid.

"Come here!" The man reached out to hold one of her small hands, felt the soft skin in the palm of her hand, and made a little effort to squeeze it twice. Don't frown and stare at him.

"Don't get drunk! Only one drink! " Ji Xiaohan poured half a glass of red wine for her and told her in a low voice.

Tang youyou took the wine and took a sip: "it's sweet!" "

don't women like the taste? Just like you, it makes me feel sweet! " Season owl cold starts to be not serious again, the long finger intentionally and unintentionally provokes her chest a long hair, the speech is low down. Don

the corner of your mouth rises up inexplicably and says with a smile: "is that right? How can I be sweet? "

"Your smile is sweet! I can't help kissing you as soon as I see you smiling and your lips flying! " When the man spoke, he leaned close to her, and the hot breath fell on her pink face, slightly scalding. Don

youyou is not as evasive as before. She just looks at him quietly. Next second, the pink lips are kissed by men.

Just for a moment, it's separated and the atmosphere is interwoven, which makes the atmosphere rise a lot. "

come here, let's sit here and drink!" Season owl cold Inexplicable heart, dragged her to sit next to the sofa.

As soon as Tang youyou's legs are soft, he sits on his strong long legs.

She fainted! "

if you can play, drink and spend this kind of leisure time with your children every day, that would be great!" Season owl cold lazy smile said. "

as long as you want, you can!" Don youyou smiles.

Ji Xiaohan is helpless: "but I dare not relax for a moment. I want to make you and your children have a better life."

Hearing this, Tang youyou inevitably felt heartache. He stroked his handsome face with his fingers: "our life is already very good. You don't need to work so hard. I just hope that our family can spend more time together in the future!"

"I'm already in this position. I have no choice but to work hard." Ji Xiaohan said with a wry smile: "I really don't have any other choice, either success or failure, or being a human being or falling into hell. Long time, follow me, are you afraid?" Don

there is a little uneasiness in youyou's heart. She looks at him seriously and shakes her head: "I'm not afraid to follow you. I'm not afraid of anything."

The man tightly hugged her, thin lips against her shoulder, soft voice way: "well, have you this sentence!"

After holding for a while, Tang youyou finally thought of his purpose, so he whispered, "I want to ask you something. I may go on a long journey in the last two days. I want to see my father!" Season

the big hand of Xiao Han hugging her waist froze directly, and his eyes flashed a flash of urgency: "why go abroad? You can let your father come back to play! "

"No, I don't want him to run around any more. I'm his daughter, so it's up to me to visit him instead of him running home for me every day." Xiao Han is speechless. Indeed, it's the duty and filial piety to visit the elders.

"But I don't trust you to go out. You know what I'm worried about!" Season owl cold voice or with a trace of tension. "

I know, but if I don't even go to such an important festival to see him, I have some conscience problems. On the day of my engagement, my father sent me so many things, and he gave me almost everything he had. He is really a good father, so I want to be a good daughter." Tang youyou is also a dilemma at the moment.

Ji Xiaohan knows that Tang youyou has completely forgiven and accepted Xia Weiwen's abandonment and guilt.

"Well, I want to go abroad with you. If you want to go, let's go to see him!" Ji Xiaohan finally made a decision.

"You're going with me?" Don youYou can't believe it because he hates his father? "

Yes, I don't trust you to go alone, but as his daughter, you have to go again!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to involve her because of her resentment. She can love her father. "

shall we take the children?" Tang youyou asked suddenly.

"No, the children stay at home and let my mother and grandma take care of them!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want his children to take risks with him.