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C1220 good things are coming

In this tense situation, a congratulatory note was suddenly sent to Ji Xiaohan. He opened it and looked at it. His thin lips bent subconsciously. His good friend and brother finally got what he wanted. He wanted to hold the beauty back.

Mu shiye is very happy in this period of time, because his good performance in more than one year has finally recaptured Pei Anxin's heart. He used to send a famous car and a big diamond ring to propose to Pei Anxin, but Pei Anxin seems to be extremely disappointed with him. Her heart will not beat for him again, and she refuses one by one.

But this time, he was squatting in the bathroom, washing his daughter's diapers by hand. Pei Anxin leaned lazily against the door of the bathroom, his hands around his chest, watched him scrub his daughter's diapers last night, and suddenly said, "when it's morning, let's get married!" The expression of that moment made Mu shiye a little unbelievable. He looked at the woman's beautiful face, so solemn, and she said it so lightly, which really made people wonder if they had heard a wrong word. "

Anxin, what did you just say?" Mu shiye wants to listen again.

Pei Anxin sighed a little, which made her look serious and said, "I said let's get married."

"Really?" At last, Mu shiye heard clearly. At this moment, his heart was ecstatic. He went straight to hold Pei Anxin tightly in his arms, and his thin lips kissed her between her hair: "Anxin, do you know? In order to wait for you, I have been waiting for more than a year, and you finally agreed to marry me! "

Pei Anxin was very embarrassed by his warm hug, and quickly reached out and pushed him away: "your hands are full of water. You have got my clothes. Hurry to wash my daughter's pants." Mu was so happy at night. He looked at the white blouse of the woman in his arms, and ten water marks had been printed on his ten fingers. He quickly backed away and looked at Pei Anxin with a smile. "Anxin, to be honest, why did you suddenly want to marry me? Did I move you with something? "

"No, it's just a sudden thought. Anyway, I've been alone in my life, and I've been with you. At least you can help me bring my daughter!" Pei Anxin answers him deliberately and indifferently, but the real reason is that for more than a year, the tender consideration of Mu shiye and the doting care for her daughter have penetrated into her heart bit by bit. She suddenly finds that she is still used to him taking care of her. Although sometimes she can't be angry by him, isn't this all the taste of life?

"That's it?" Mu shiye is still waiting for her to say some nice words to coax him. Unexpectedly, she will answer like this. It seems that his existence is dispensable, and his handsome face is lost.

"Yes, or what else?" Pei Anxin looked at his dim eyes, and her heart was already sniggering. Now she has found a way to treat this man, that is, don't take him too seriously. "

I thought you had forgiven me for the mistake I made before. Ann Xin, how important am I in your heart? Can you tell me?" I can't help but want to know.

Pei Anxin found that she couldn't bear his injured eyes. She had to stop looking for happiness with him. She went over and put her hand around his waist. Her cheek was gently pressed on his chest. She murmured, "it's more important than I thought. At night, I'm afraid my generation will plant it on your hand." When I was admiring her, I heard her charming and spoiled voice, and her dim eyes were bright and clear. He looked down at her gently and happily: "I know, Anxin, you are a grinding demon, you are playing tricks on me just now!" "

daddy, Mommy..." Just two people were joking everyday. Suddenly, a small body came in at the door. It was two years old and half a year old. It began to understand. It said more and more things day by day. Sometimes, it would burst out some incredible words, which surprised and delighted the parents. Two

bodies clasped quickly separated. Pei Anxin reached for her hair on the side of her ear and stared at Mu Shi's night: "wash your clothes quickly. I'll take my daughter downstairs to play!" "

OK, please have a candlelight dinner in the evening!" Mu shiye took the opportunity to whisper in her ear.

Pei Anxin can't help but lift up the corners of her mouth. This man has a lot of tricks, but why does she like it? It's not only Ji Xiaohan who receives the invitation, but also many people. However, there are only a few good friends who know how hard it is to pursue their wife at night.

Ji Xiaohan makes a phone call to his friend and sends his blessing. "

Xiao Han, I originally wanted you to be my best man. Unexpectedly, you got married before me. It's not as good as heaven!" Mu shiye and Pei Anxin had reached the point of marriage. Mu shiye really greeted Ji Xiaohan and Luo Henning and asked them to be their best man, but the wedding was delayed for four years. "

anyway, you and Pei Anxin have got a good start, just hope you can remember the hard work of chasing your wife this year and live a good life with others." Ji Xiaohan only shook his head and sighed and smiled at this friend. He didn't cherish a good relationship. He had to wait until he lost it before he realized that he had been deeply involved in it. People in this world may have such troubles.

"Of course, I have to learn from you now. I must treat marriage and women as one thing. Otherwise, I have to beg for help!" When I admire you, I smile bitterly. "

I only know that if you want to really get a woman's heart, you must attract and give to each other. Before, many women expressed their good feelings to me, but in their eyes, what they see is more about my wealth and my appearance. Even if there are more women like that, I dare not ask for it." From the beginning, Ji Xiaohan saw his feelings clearly. The feelings he asked for must be the most sincere and pure. The combination of spirit and flesh must also be based on real love. Otherwise, people's soul will become like an empty shell without a sense of home.

"Xiao Han, you are the only one worthy of my admiration. I think you always know what you want, so you can work alone to your present position. I'm just curious. For example, in a special period of time, do you give your eyes to other women?" Mooshi night is also the heart of gossip. I want to spy on my friends' real ideas.

"What do you want to do?" Ji Xiaohan sees through his bad idea directly. "

nothing, just Want to ask, after all, are men! " Mu shiye laughs. "

then you should ask Henning and believe his answer will satisfy you!" Season owl coldly snorted. "

I dare not ask him. His answers are the same thousands of times, that is, he has my sister in his eyes and heart. He has no interest at all. He dare not drink with me now, for fear of saying the wrong thing when he is drunk." When I think of my brother-in-law and good friend, I have a lot of complaints at night. Xiao Han smiled a few unkindly: "who asked you to marry his sister? Besides, Pei Anxin is Henning's cousin. Your relationship is too complicated. I can't get involved in your family affairs." "

forget it. If you don't want to say it, I won't ask. Anyway, I understand!" When the night smug said. Season owl cold low light way: "bored!"

"Don't dig your secret. I'll hang up first. Remember to come earlier then. I have to bring your family to me!" Murmur said with a smile at night. "

be assured that you will arrive early!" Ji Xiaohan assures his friends.

Hung up the phone, season owl cold eyes to the window, toward the building not far away that only shows one side of the wall, thin lips can not help but arouse the smile.

That's the building where Tang youyou works. Although it's blocked by many buildings, Ji Xiaohan's eyes crossed those buildings and stopped for a long time. Then he took back his eyes and continued to work. Ji Shangqing was beaten hard by him. Ji Lin must be angry, but he hasn't come to reason with him until now, which proves that Ji Lin's father and son are going to bear this lesson.