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Bai Wanqing's expression was trembling again. She looked at Bai Yiyan's eyes and said softly, "Xiaoyan, you know this. Who told you this? It's not your mother, is it? " "

not her!" Bai Yiyan looks down and denies. "

I guess it's not her, so who is it? There are not many people in this city, and there are not many people who know your mother's past affairs! " Bai Wanqing could not help being anxious. "

auntie, it doesn't matter who you are. I just want to know more about her now. Otherwise, I feel more uneasy!" Bai Yiyan smiled bitterly.

Bai Wanqing stayed for a while: "you You call me Auntie now? I'm not used to it! " "

but I'd better call you according to my seniority. I already know that she is my mother. It's not good for me to call you again!" Bai Yiyan explained softly.

"Yes, it doesn't matter what it is called. We are still relatives." Bai Wanqing is not unhappy.

"I'm not your daughter, but you always take me to get married and remarry. In my heart, you are more important than anyone else. Before, I was capricious and said all kinds of things to stimulate you and hurt your heart. You must forgive me. Later, I won't!" Bai Yiyan suddenly wants to cry again, but also wants to slap herself severely. "

I have kept you by my side. If I can give you away, I can't bear it. In fact, I'm not as great as you think. I just can't bear to let you be bullied by others, but I can't love you. In recent years, I have given birth to children and care less about you!" Bai Wanqing is also mixed at the moment. Bai Yiyan, who has always been regarded as her daughter, suddenly says such polite words to herself, which she can't accept at the moment. "

No, I should be grateful to you for no reason!" Bai Yiyan's voice becomes gentle: "no matter what I call you, I will be filial to you all my life!" "

with you, I'm worth it. I know you're a good kid. The first money you earn from working is all gifts for me. I knew that at that time. I was really happy!" Bai Wanqing's eyes are also inexplicably red. "

that's right. I will work harder and earn more money in the future. I will take care of you and her." At this moment, there are too many emotions in her heart. Bai Yiyan doesn't know how to express them. She can only say such gratitude like a fool.

"Don't be polite to me. How are you doing with Ji Yueze now? Does he know about you and your mother? " Bai Wanqing is now most worried about what she and Ji Yueze are going to do.

"He knows, but he doesn't want to break up with me. Don't worry about me!" Bai Yiyan thought of the man's tolerant attitude, and her heart was warm. "

I knew that he really liked you when he came to eat at home last time. Xiaoyan, I'm so happy for you. You are so lucky to find a man who loves you so much!" Bai Wanqing is full of emotion. Some women have a bad life. No matter how many men they look for, they may not have a real love for her. But some women have a good life. Finding the right man can give her a safe and warm life.

"Xiaoyan, don't ask me about your mother, you will make mistakes when you are young." Bai Wanqing doesn't want Bai Yiyan to know more details, for fear that she will blame Bai Zhenzhen.

"Well, I won't ask. She's locked in now. I'll see her." Bai Yiyan sighed.

"What? Where's it off? Xiaoyan, why didn't you tell me about it earlier? " Bai Wanqing's face changed greatly, and she was surprised and anxious. "

just two days ago, don't worry. She's just locked up and hasn't been sentenced yet."

Bai Wanqing's face turned white and muttered, "what crime has she committed? Why hasn't she ever told me? Xiaoyan, do you know? " "

I know, but I know she was wronged."

"Is there any way to save her?" Bai Wanqing asked anxiously.

Bai Yiyan looked out of the window at the street and murmured, "I don't know. I'll find a way." And

Bai Wanqing came out of the cafe, and Bai Yiyan watched her leave.

When she was about to turn around and leave, the women who had been splashed with water just now led several men to come over.

Those men look bad. Bai Yiyan looks at them without fear.

"You little bitch, you just had a good time splashing water, didn't you? I'll let my brother teach you a lesson! " Pei Yijia points at her angrily and scolds her.

Bai Yiyan sneers: "I warn you, if you dare to tell my mother how to behave in the future, I will not let you go." "

ah, a little bitch, a virtue, he knows how to hook a man, his brother, and call me!" Pei Yijia shouted at once. When the man saw Bai Yiyan was a woman, he came straight to her and wanted to slap her in the face. However,

pity, what he thought was so beautiful. Before others came to Bai Yiyan's face, Bai Yiyan raised her foot and kicked his lower part.

This is the most ruthless way to prevent wolves. The man directly covers his lower part of the body and makes a miserable scream.

"Bai Yiyan, you Are you kicking my brother's life? I want you to pay for it. " Pei Yijia suddenly thought that Bai Yiyan was good at it, but she regretted that it was too late. She rushed over and wanted to revenge her brother. Unfortunately, Bai Yiyan just picked her eyebrows slightly, so she dared not move.

"Pei Yijia, hurry up and send your brother to the hospital. Don't really die!" Bai Yiyan left the sentence, opened the door and left.

Pei Yijia looks at his brother's pain, blushing and thick neck. Her brain is blank. She hurriedly sends him to the hospital.

Bai Yiyan sits in the car and looks at the busy people in the rearview mirror. She feels that there are too many ridiculous people in the world. Ji called the old lady to ask her out for dinner.

The old lady was very happy, because she wanted to talk with her little son about the events of his later life. When we arrived at the reserved restaurant, Ji Lin waved to the old lady, and she went straight by. "

mom, sit down. I haven't seen you in some days!" Ji Lin still looks real to his mother. "

Why do you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?" The old lady was angry. "

mom, don't blame me. I'm not going to see you because it's inconvenient. The relationship between Xiaohan and me is not very good. If we really want to get together, it's more cold war. I'd like to meet you later. Let's make an appointment outside!" Ji Lin smiles to comfort her. "

you really don't worry me!" The old lady sighed.

"Mom, do you know? The murderer who killed big brother in those years has been arrested. " Ji Lin mentioned it directly. The old lady's face suddenly changed.