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C1843 re collision

Just as Xia Xinnian hurriedly walked in the crowd, she finally saw her son's small figure.

But when she saw her son whispering in a man's ear, she was shaking.

Looking at the man's face carefully, Xia Xinnian felt as if he had known each other before.

Where have you met?

Xia Xinnian is not very anxious for a moment, but Mei Mou still stares at the direction of her son and the man in panic.

Suddenly, she saw the man with a smile on his mouth and nodded to his son.

Xia Xinnian has a sudden attack at the bottom of his heart. What does he mean by nodding?

Xia Xinnian's tight heart hasn't yet returned to its original place, so he saw the man standing up from the sofa and walking towards her step by step with his long legs.

Wait Son, what did you do?

Xia Xinnian is like his legs rooting. He wants to escape, but he worries about his son's running around. His legs can't move.

A pair of beautiful eyes like water open wide, looking at the elegant figure of men far and near.

"No, no, no!"

Xia Xinnian yelled at the bottom of her heart. She would never agree to dance with this man.

That stinky boy, who let him pick this man?

What a mess! You must teach him a lesson in the future.

In the blink of an eye, the man walked up to her. The black straight suit wrapped his long and healthy body. His whole body was powerful and frightening, which made people dare not look at it more.

Xia Xinnian droops her eyes and tries to explain something. She hears that the man leans over slightly, and her voice is low and magnetic: "your son says, you want to dance with me!"

"Ah..." Xia Xinnian was shocked by the man's provocative words. Her pink lips brushed lightly on the handsome cheek that the man leaned against, and the whole person fainted again.

Xia Xinnian hurriedly stepped back and kept a safe distance from the man who was full of danger. He raised his hands and shook them violently: "no, no, sir, you may have misunderstood my son..." "The little guy is cute, I like him very much. Since he asked for it for you, I won't refuse it!"

Jimucheng saw that her pretty face was white with fright. She felt funny and wanted to tease her further.

"I......" Xia Xinnian only had time to say one word of mine, so he felt that his delicate wrist was buttoned by the palm of a man's hand.

The man tried to take her to the dance floor.

"No, sir, you listen to me, my son is talking nonsense!"

Xia Xinnian is embarrassed and anxious. Her pretty face is red. She is always calm and incoherent.

"Mommy, don't worry about dancing with your uncle. He says he's very good at dancing!"

Xia Yuchen ran over and stood by to cheer for mummy.

Xia Xinnian was so angry that he beat his little butt to blossom.

Xia Yuchen's angry look at mummy made her tremble. Mummy's look was terrible.

Did he do anything wrong?

He said he wanted to find the most handsome uncle to dance with her. He has found it. Why isn't Mommy happy?

Does she dislike that uncle is not handsome enough?

Can't match her?

With one hand on his chin, he decided to find a more handsome uncle to dance with mummy.

Xia Xinnian has no room to turn back. She has been dragged by jimucheng to stand in the middle of the dance floor, and one of his big palms is also around her slender waist.


Can't jump? "

The man is higher than her head. He needs to attach himself when talking to her. However, such a posture is too close, which inevitably makes people feel warm.

"Yes, I can't, let's not!"

Xia Xinnian takes the opportunity to leave.

"I'll teach you!"

I didn't expect that even if she answered like this, the man would not let her go.

Xia Xinnian's brain flashed a blank again, feeling that the man reached out and pulled one of her hands and forced it on the man's broad shoulder.

At the moment, Xia Xinnian has a sense of depression that he has to jump.

When Xia was wondering whether to jump or not, he didn't know that all the women's eyes were fixed on her like nails.

The voices all around seemed to solidify suddenly, because all the women couldn't believe looking at the center of the dance floor and being hugged in their arms by jimucheng.

Don't they all say that Ji family is not close to women?

Why is he still willing to dance around a woman?

Unbelievable, shocked, jealous, resentful, full of the whole party, those feminine eyes will be red.

Suddenly became the center of the storm of summer thoughts, but unaware.

Xia shuran and his wife also stood by and saw them. Their expressions were shocked.

They all know how valuable his identity is, and his name is the representative of power.

But now, Xia Xinnian is lucky to be invited to dance by him. Does it mean that Xia Xinnian is very likely to climb on him?

Xia shuran was very unhappy when she thought of it. She felt that she was very happy to marry he Jiaxuan. If Xia Xinnian became a woman in Jimu one day, her eyes would be red with envy.

Compared with Xia shuran's jealousy, he Jiaxuan's mood is more complicated.

Although he gave up Xia Xinnian on his own initiative at that time, all men were carnivores. Just now, he saw the transformation of Xia Xinnian with his own eyes. It was impossible for him not to move any distractions.

So when he saw that the beautiful summer heart was dancing with jimucheng in his arms, he became jealous.

Originally, he wanted to find an opportunity to apologize to Xia Xinnian and admit his mistake, to see if it was possible to revive his old love.

After all, a beautiful woman like her now is worth every man's obsession.

However, according to the intuition of the man, he Jiaxuan thinks that Ji Mucheng doesn't like Xia Xinnian, maybe he just wants to play with her.

If a man loves a woman, his eyes are not like the eyes of prey.

It seems that he must find a time to persuade Xia Xinnian not to be fooled by jimucheng without knowing it.

Xia Xinnian didn't know that she had become the heroine of the whole party.

She only felt that her whole body was very stiff and her steps were not very natural. What she inhaled in her nose was the cool fragrance of the man, which mixed with the hormone breath of the man. It almost made her brain blank and couldn't care about other things.

Xia Xinnian can only take time to glance at the direction of his son's standing, only to see the little guy's hands around his chest, but happy.

Xia Xinnian laughs bitterly at the bottom of his heart. I'm really painstaking.

Jimucheng's eyes were on the white and beautiful collarbone of the woman, and then down came the richness of his eyesight. His breath suddenly stopped. An unprecedented heat wave swept his body, and he felt some heat.