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C1713 telling the truth

The furnishings in the room are neat without any sense of disorder, which makes Ling wennuan ashamed. If she wants to think about her disordered room like a dog's nest again, she feels that she is lazy to a certain extent.

No, she has to make a change. She can't live a lazy life any longer. Her parents and brothers can't see it anymore.

"Are you organizing these things yourself, or is someone doing it for you?"

Ling wennuan took the nearest sofa and sat down. He sat in the right posture and asked Mu Weicheng with a smile.

Mu Weicheng is taking out a cup of warm boiled water and pouring it out to her. As he comes over, he replies, "this is my private room. There are some important documents in it. Of course, I have arranged them myself. There are few people here except Batai."

Ling warm heart relieved a breath, she felt that Mu Wei Cheng did not like to cheat her.

"Why do you ask?

You don't doubt which woman I let in to tidy me up, do you? "

Mu can't help but ask with a smile. He has already guessed her careful thinking.

Ling wennuan holds the cup and puts on a silly expression: "I didn't think of that."

But just now her heart is a acetic acid drama.

Mu Weicheng sat down in the chair next to her, with long legs on stilts. He looked at the girls around him lazily. He felt like he was dreaming. It was unrealistic. Ling wennuan sat beside him and drank the tea he poured.

Ling warm a pair of eyes son random Piao, suddenly, bump into the man's deep eyes light, her heart a jump.

"Why do you stare at me like this, with a bad face?

You're not thinking, am I finally in your trap?

I can remind you that we are now in a very pure relationship between men and women. "

Mu Weicheng also wants to keep the beauty for a long time, but when Ling warms up, he can't help but be happy. Sometimes this woman is real enough.

"Don't worry, I'm purer than you. I'll never do anything beyond your borders before we get married."

Mu Weicheng made a serious statement on his face.

Ling wennuan's pretty face changed for a while, red and white: "what do you say to be honest with me, as if I would do something bad to you?"

"I don't mean that."

Mu Weicheng shrugs his shoulders to show his innocence.

Ling wennuan put down her cup, stood up, and looked around his room. At last, she stopped at the window. She could see the scenery far away from the window. There was a huge bungalow. At the moment, the lights were still on. The slogan of training came from afar. It was so late and the training was really hard.

"You should have understood what Xia ninglan meant just now. I guess she might find an opportunity to express her love to you. Do you think how to answer her?"

Ling warm hands back in the back, language with sour meaning.

Mu Weicheng gets up, walks to her, stands behind her, looks at the night outside the window with her.

"I don't need to answer her. I've made it clear that if she doesn't understand, it's her business."

Murmured Mu Weicheng.

"I'm afraid that she understood, but pretended not to understand, or would ask you face to face for an answer, you don't doubt, this is the girl's mind, very complex."

Ling warms fiercely to turn around, nearly hit him, she startled, retreated a step, but is the window.

Mu Weicheng took her gently with long arms, so that she would not be near the window, which would be dangerous.

Ling warms up and snuggles into his arms.

Mu Weicheng reached out his hand and stroked her long hair. Next second, he encircled her more tightly.

"Warm, otherwise, I'll tell her the truth directly. I think she comes here to teach because of me. If she knows that the person I like is you, maybe she will leave at once. In this way, it won't bring us any more troubles."

Mu Weicheng suddenly suggested.

Ling warm Leng for a moment: "if our relationship is open, then my brother may know it right away."

"I'm sure your brother won't stop us from being together. I know him."

Mu said confidently.

"If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid. My brother dotes on me anyway."

Ling warms his mouth and laughs.

"So we can let her know about it, so that she will not continue to suffer here."

Mu Weicheng is also a good intention. He doesn't want to let Xia ninglan have an empty dream.

"Well, if you want to say it, you can say it, but one thing, you have to make it clear, you have to say that you liked me a long time ago, not just like me."

Ling warm immediately like a bullying little princess, stretched out a finger to ask him.

Mu Wei Cheng couldn't help but smile and wonder: "why do you say that?

Can't we just be happy? "

"No, it's not."

There is no reason, Ling warm is to let Xia ninglan know that her relationship with Mu Weicheng is not a recent development, so that she can know a first come, last come order.

"Well, if you want me to say that, I'll say it!"

Mu Weicheng has begun to listen to her now.

Ling warms up in a moment.

The night is deep. After taking a bath, Ling wennuan lies on Mu Weicheng's bed. The temperature here is very low at night. He still needs to cover the quilt. Ling wennuan pulls the quilt, covers it to the neck and kisses the man's quilt. It has a dry smell, like being exposed to the sun.

Mu Weicheng has something urgent to deal with. After going out for a while, Ling wennuan reaches for a book from the shelf beside him. Mu Weicheng doesn't come back and she can't sleep.

Mu Weicheng handled the matter well. When he came back, he went to the infirmary specially. At the same time, Xia ninglan finished the injection and was following a nurse to her place of residence.

"Master mu?"

Xia ninglan saw Mu Weicheng coming. She was very pleased and hurried to say hello.

Mu Wei Cheng looked at her face, which was better than when he first came. He asked, "are you better now?

Is there anything uncomfortable? "

"Do you care about me?

I'm really happy. The doctor told me to have another injection tomorrow. I'm much better now. Fortunately, you're here. Otherwise, I really don't know who to ask for help. "

Xia ninglan is very good at speaking. Every sentence seems to be grateful for the prime minister, and seems to rely on him especially.

Mu Weicheng smiled lightly: "since the doctor said, you should have another injection tomorrow. It's very late. You should have a rest earlier."

After Mu Weicheng finished speaking, she turned to leave, and Xia ninglan suddenly ran after her in a hurry: "teacher mu, can you wait a moment?

I have something to say to you. "

Xia ninglan is more and more brave, because she knows that some words must be said as soon as possible, otherwise, after this opportunity, she does not know where the next opportunity is.

Mu Weicheng's face changed, and he was really told by the warmth. In some words, Xia ninglan must say it in front of him.

"Oh, what is it?"

Mu Weicheng pretends not to know.

Xia ninglan was still very nervous. She was holding the corners of her clothes in both hands, and her voice was a little excited: "teacher mu, I I like you. "

Muwei Cheng's face remained unchanged, for it was expected. He smiled a little: "is it true?

Thank you for your kindness. "

"Mr. mu, you may have misunderstood me. I like you not between teachers and students, but between men and women. Once in school, Zhang Luyao's group tried to bully me. You suddenly hugged me and saved me. From that moment on, I couldn't control how much I like you. Mr. mu, I know I'm so abrupt, but I I really like you. You are the first man I like so much. Can you give me a chance to... " When Mu Weicheng saw that she was talking more and more, he immediately interrupted her: "Xia ninglan, to be honest, I really have someone I like."

"Who is it?

I asked the nurse, she said you don't have a girlfriend, Murdoch, can you not deceive me?

Give me a chance to take care of you. "

Xia ninglan immediately red eyes, have the impulse to cry.

"I like Ling warm!"

Mu Weicheng finally stopped selling.


How is this possible?

How could it be her? "

Xia ninglan's face is unbelievable, even, she can't accept the fact.

But mu Wei Cheng said firmly, "it's her. I've known her for a long time. I like her for a long time."

Xia ninglan opened her mouth wide in surprise, but she couldn't say a word.

"I'm not worth what you do for me, and I don't need it. You'd better go back to your life. Don't suffer here."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she seemed to have been hit by a huge blow, she was still a bit impatient. After all, she had a heart.

"Oh, I'm so stupid. I should have known that you defended her at school."

At last, she had to accept the fact, but she was very reluctant.