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C1856 still a stranger

He read countless people, the vision is also unique, the total sense of Xia Xinnian is not a woman who likes promiscuity.

Well, he needs to be sure about it.


She has been abroad for five years, without any records. It can be seen that it is difficult for Li Cheng to investigate her affairs abroad.

Jimucheng doesn't want to embarrass this assistant. The investigation of keeping people awake in the middle of the night has already violated the tall image of a good boss.

He also wants to know the key point. Next, he should take this opportunity to move the closed door of that woman and see the softest flower heart in her heart. It must be the gentle girl's temperament.

Think of here, jimucheng heart and inexplicably swing out of a ripple.

Strange, why does he have a feeling of love?

This feeling appears too fast, just because she gave birth to his son, he began to want to close to her?

No, he didn't do it because he really liked her. He did it for his son.

Yes, that's the reason. Jimucheng firmly believes that he won't be so easily moved by a woman.

Xia Xinnian didn't sleep all night. She slept for a while when it was light. At seven o'clock, she was woken up by the alarm clock. She pressed the alarm clock directly and went on sleeping.

Don't wake up until ten.

I didn't have a good rest. I was limp and pale.

She sat on the edge of the bed, looking back at her son lying on all fours. The little guy didn't know if he had a dream, and his mouth curled up from time to time.

The mood of mother and son is in sharp contrast.

One happy to heaven, one down to the bottom.

After entering the bathroom, I washed my face with cold water. The color of resentment on Xia Xinnian's face is still the same.

At the thought of moving into the man's house, she felt the future was dark.

Accustomed to the mother and son two people fight free life, suddenly break into a strange man, and, or a cold and difficult man, Xia Xinnian has no confidence at all.

"Mommy, how are you? I'm in a hurry!"

Outside the door, there was a cry from the little guy.

Xia Xinnian found that he had been in a daze for a long time.

Open the door and see that the little guy has jumped. As soon as the door opens, he rushes in.

Looking at her son's red face, Xia Xinnian's inner cloud was blown away and he couldn't help laughing.

"Mommy, are you moving to live with Daddy today?

I'm looking forward to it! "

After the solution, the little guy showed a happy smile and looked at his teeth carefully. There were two little tiger teeth that were not obvious. When he didn't smile, he couldn't see them. Only when he grinned, the two little tiger teeth were shining and moving, which added points to his loveliness.


Xia Xinnian answered vaguely.

"Daddy's home is so big. Can I have a dog?"

The little guy is already imagining the future of life.

"Ask your father, I can't be the Lord!"

Xia Xinnian really doesn't want to beat his son, but in case that man doesn't love cats and dogs and his son has them, he's afraid that he will be unhappy.

"Daddy will let me raise it. I seem to see daddy soon."

The little guy can't wait.

Xia Xinnian's face flashed a sigh.

Don't they all say that the son is close to his mother?

What's wrong with her son?

Just then, Xia Xinnian's cell phone rings.

"It must be daddy!"

The little guy ran out, but Xia Xinnian couldn't stop him.

She doesn't think it's from jimucheng. How could he call in the early morning?

It may be that President Liu has come to urge her to go to work.

"Daddy, is it really you?

What, are you downstairs?

Oh, yes, I'll open the door! "

When Xia Xinnian's expression was shocked, the little guy had reached out his short hand and opened the door with a snap.

When Xia Xinnian was petrified, he saw jimucheng in a suit outside the door, with a mobile phone in his hand.

Xia Xinnian is standing at the door of the bathroom at the moment. When he saw the man, he suddenly remembered that he was wearing pajamas.

What's more, her pajamas are cool, deep V pajamas.


Xia Yuchen happily pours over, embraces daddy's big long leg, obviously incomparable intimacy.

Maybe it's too short of father's love. I'm afraid my father will disappear again.

Jimucheng felt his son's strong sense of dependence on himself, and his heart was slightly shaken, followed by his heartache.

"Daddy has come to pick you up!"

Jimucheng squats down the noble body, looks at with the son, the voice is low and gentle.

"Mommy's going home with you, too!"

Said the little one, blinking.

Jimucheng has a deep look at the bathroom. Just now, the woman flashed in and was caught by him.

He raised the volume slightly: "yes, she will follow me back!"

Xia Xinnian, who was hiding in the bathroom, heard me and couldn't help turning a white eye. This man doesn't want to be shameful.

Obviously, he threatened her to live in. How could it be that she wanted to live in the past?

It's disgusting.

"Mommy, what are you doing in there?

Here comes Daddy! "

The little guy immediately ran happily to knock on the door.

Xia Xinnian was in a state of inexplicable agitation, and immediately said aloud, "Tuba!"

The little guy stopped talking. Jimucheng's face sank. What is the quality of this woman.

Is that how she and her son get along?

Don't you know what to avoid?

After hiding for a few minutes, Xia Xinnian opened the door and came out.

Just as soon as she came out, she found something wrong.

It's too quiet at home. What about my son?

The heart beat fast. Xia Xinnian wanted to run back to the bedroom to change clothes.

Suddenly found that her son disappeared, she can only change direction, almost angrily rushed to jimucheng in front of, urgent voice asked: "what about Yuchen?

Where did you hide him? "

Jimucheng didn't expect this woman to stand in front of her.

He folded his long legs and sat leisurely on the sofa, lazy and dignified.

When he looked up, he saw the woman's light, thin and transparent pajamas. Because of the light on her back, the light penetrated into them, almost drawing her good figure into the bottom of his eyes.

Jimucheng only felt her heart beat stagnated for two seconds. This woman's figure is really good.

"I asked my assistant to take him downstairs first!"

Jimucheng opens her mouth slowly, but her eyes are not willing to move away from her body, even for a second.

This hazy aesthetic feeling made his proud self-control law lose control and become a defeated army.

Xia Xinnian looks angry and warns, "don't let strangers take my son out without my consent in the future!"

"He's not a stranger, he's my assistant, the one I trust the most!"

Jimucheng saw her tone was so cold, and her handsome face was depressed.

"To me, you are a stranger, not worthy of trust!"

Xia Xinnian's teeth biting attack of hate.