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C762 worried about him

Looking at miffee's innocent expression, Luo Jinyu's handsome face became more and more ugly, and his cold voice came: "why do you do this?" Miffee heard him ask, a rage rushed up, she said sadly: "why do you want to do this? what you think? If I'm not because of you, why should I do such a thankless thing? Luo Jinyu, my feelings are written on my face. Can't you really see it? Or do you no longer want to see it? "

"Because of me?" Luo Jinyu didn't move, but his voice became colder, which made miffee suddenly shiver. Then, Luo Jinyu stood up from his desk.

"Yes, it's because of you. I love you so much, but you turn a blind eye to me. I hate you in my heart..."

"So you take all the hate and revenge on Yang ChuChu for granted?"

All of a sudden, miffee felt as if she had been stitched in her mouth. She wanted to answer, but couldn't answer. This feeling was very painful. Her eyes were red, and she felt as if she had been wronged as if she had been wronged by the sky. Her tears immediately fell down. Luo Jinyu has bypassed the desk, stood in front of her and looked down at her face, but there is no pity. Instead, he said coldly: "you are still as selfish as before, and you don't think about why you can't get a person's heart? Because you don't know how to pay

, but you still think of great rewards. "

Miffee's pupil suddenly trembled and widened, looking at the man's cold rebuke, then the tears in her eyes rolled faster.

"I was born beautiful, from small to large, I do not need to pay, there are many people to like me, yes, I am selfish, but my feelings for you are true, I did not deceive you!"

"Shut up!" Luo Jinyu didn't want to hear her confession at the moment. He was just furious and warned in a cold voice: "if you dare to do harm to Yang ChuChu again, let me know. I'll let you go back to your ex husband." Miffee was shocked. Unexpectedly, he said such cruel words to herself. She forgot her tears and said angrily, "Luo Jinyu, I just want to ask you, did you really like me before? Why did you like me before and don't you like it now? Is your man's heart really changing? "

Luo Jinyu still stared at her face and sneered: "my heart hasn't changed, it's you who have changed. You let me know that it's a pity that some feelings are lost and won't be felt."

Miffee's heart is like being stabbed severely. He said it's not a pity. So, does he really have no feelings for himself?

"Luo Jinyu Jin Yu, this time I know I'm wrong, will you forgive me? I won't do it in the future. I just hope we can be friends even if we don't love each other... "

"I don't have your kind-hearted friend. I'm afraid you'll stab me in the back!" Luo Jinyu refused her very coldly.

Miffee looked at the man she loved and called herself a scorpion woman. She couldn't cry because of her pain. "I will remember the lesson this time!" At the moment, miffee seems to have no right to be jealous. She looks like a loser with a gray color on her face. She looks at Luo Jinyu, and her heart seems to be dripping blood. She nods and laughs at herself: "it's my death. I don't have the life of the heroine

but only the result of the supporting actress. Luo Jinyu, I finally see clearly that you don't love me."

Luo Jinyu turned his back and didn't want to see her, but it was just such a move that mifield already knew all the results.

She turned around, her legs were heavy, unwilling, but she had to leave.

Luo Jinyu didn't beat her, but she felt more painful than beating her up.

The most terrible situation of love is that even the qualification of jealousy has been stripped.

Miffee covered her lips and did not dare to cry loudly. At the moment, she felt no difference from death.

In the morning, Tang youyou wakes up from his dream, opens his eyes, and sees the handsome face of the man close at hand. He is still sleeping!

Tang youyou looks at it for a while, but it's only five o'clock. She just woke up suddenly because of a nightmare. The scene in the dream made her scalp numb and her whole body cold.

She dreamed that she was married, but Xinlang was not Ji Xiaohan, but Ji Shangqing. God, this dream, Lin stabbed her with a knife and made her terrible.

She couldn't sleep any more, and she didn't dare to. She was afraid that dream would haunt her and make her afraid.

She stretched out her hand, put her arms around the man's healthy waist, and put her face on one side of his arm. Tang youyou felt the man's temperature and uneasy heart, which was finally smoothed down.

Ji Xiaohan didn't wake up. He was really tired.

At about 6:30, Ji Xiaohan opened his eyes and saw a pair of clear eyes. He was looking at himself without blinking. He was stunned.

Holding up one arm, looking at Tang Youyou, who had been awake for a long time.

"Why didn't you sleep?" Between his words, big hands touched her face very gently.

Tang youyou shakes his head: "I can't sleep!"

"Well, I'm going abroad to see my uncle today. Take good care of your children at home!" Ji Xiaohan told her about his decision. Before that, although he made the schedule, he never said it.

"Today?" Tang Youmei's eyes were shocked instantly. She contacted the nightmare. She immediately reached for him and held his arm: "why do you have to be today?"

"What's the matter?" Season owl cold sees her like a child's beep, thinks she is not willing to own leave, gentle smile asks.

Tang youyou sighed and shook his head: "nothing, just don't want to leave you."

She is so natural that she even removes Jiao. Ji Xiaohan touches her long hair more gently, and her thin lips touch her forehead a little: "I only go for two days, and I will come back soon."

"Is there any danger?" Tang youyoumei raised her eyes and looked at him: "I'm worried!"

Ji Xiaohan replied seriously: "of course not. You don't think my uncle is so terrible. He's not a underworld. He's just a bit more ambitious than others."

"But that's his place. You're going. What should he do if he really treats you?" Tang youyou is still not at ease. He feels that what Ji Xiaohan is going to break into is the dragon pool and tiger cave, which is extremely dangerous.

"No, if I do have an accident on his side and the management power of the company, he will not be able to get it." Said the season owl in a low voice.

"What if he doesn't want a company? What if he wants to get even with you? " Tang youyou felt that there was no such possibility.

"My grandfather is still there. He dare not do it." Season owl cold is very sure. Tang youyou couldn't find any words to refute him, so he nodded reluctantly: "well, you should be careful, and don't drink anything!"