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In this northern disaster area, Ji Xiaohan has donated two hundred million yuan in his own name. This huge amount of money has played a very important role in the disaster area. Not only he, but also some of his friends, have also donated a lot of materials to send in. Such warm-hearted behavior makes people all over the country see hope and peace of mind.

The people standing in the line began to shake again. On the one hand, Ji Xiaohan represented a huge business group, and on the other hand, he went to the rescue of vice president Ling Mo Feng. They were all doing things in silence. However, some people, in order to stabilize their power position, frequently took small actions behind them, even threatened the fundamental of the country. Everyone wanted to live a stable life Some people are tied up, some important relatives need to be taken care of, and no one is really willing to take life tomorrow, so this disaster has become a fatal blow to the old president.

"What? Are those people really turning to Ling Mo Feng? " The old president privately held a party meeting. When he heard some people's reports, he was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at them. He wished he could take the documents at his hand and stun those who would only bring him bad news.

"Yes, our informants all replied in this way. This time Ling Mo Feng went to the front line for disaster relief. As soon as he reported yesterday, it immediately caused a sensation. Mr. President, it seems that we made a wrong decision this time, paving the way for Ling Mo Feng to step on the altar." Someone nearby whispered.

"Damn it, it's all you!" The manager pointed to a man's face and said, "look at what waste you are looking for, and let you get rid of him on the way. You are good. Let him pass safely. Now it brings us more trouble. You still have the face to sit here and report the news to me?"

"Please calm down, sir. Ling Mo Feng only made arrangements for a long time ago, which saved him. But you can rest assured that he will stay in the disaster area for a few days, and I will find an opportunity to start with him again. I can't live up to Mr. Ling's expectations." The man's legs were so weak that he begged for another chance to atone.

"Well, I'll give you a few more days. In three days, Ling Mo Feng is going to visit abroad. He must be looking for this opportunity to come back. If your people fail to give me good news these three days, you should be careful about your future." The old manager's face was black with anger, and pointed to his face to remind him.

Mei is also sitting in it. She looks at the old president's anger with no expression on her face. She is also a little anxious.

"Is there any news from Gao Yue? Is she dead? " Finally, the old president asked her questions. Her face was gloomy, which made sister Mei uneasy.

Mei quickly stood up and replied, "no, she should have gone abroad. Ji Xiaohan is afraid that he has hidden her. If he wants to find her, he is afraid of some difficulties."

"Damn it!" As expected, the old president took the document and smashed it at her: "you see what you have done, don't you always think you are thoughtful? Even an ant can escape from your feet. "

"Sir, it's all my fault. I will continue to look for it. I'm afraid that Xiao Han has completely fallen to Ling Mo Feng this season. Since we no longer have hope for him, can we..."

"What do you want to do?" The old president squinted at her.

"Since we can't make friends, if we let him become our enemy, we will die miserably!" Mei said with a worried face.

"Do you want someone to murder him? Are you sure you have that assurance? " The old president sneered: "at the beginning, Ji Lin was his uncle. He couldn't kill him!"

Mei also fell into a daze for a while. Indeed, she has not found a reliable person to help her to complete the task.

"As long as he is a human being, there will always be weaknesses. Recently, I have made some investigations on Gao Yue because of his disappearance. I found that he is very cautious. His sons and daughters have not sent them to school, even his wife has not gone to work in the company. The security of Ji's family is world-class. It is impossible for us to break into it They will beat the grass and startle the snake, but I learned one thing two days ago. Before Ji Xiaohan asked a woman to teach piano to his baby girl. However, I don't know what happened. The girl piano teacher was kicked out. He will definitely find another replacement! " Mei said in a deep voice.

The old president raised his eyebrows and said she would go on, because he was really interested.

"This is our best chance. Season owl is very defensive outside. But once he enters his home, his defense is the most vulnerable. Not only he, but also his children's wife. The only thing we have to do at present is to find someone who can work for us. In this way, we will win!" Mei Jie sees that the general manager agrees with her own view, and she is in a relaxed mood. She shows her decision more confidently.

"Just now I said that you don't think things are thorough enough. Now it seems that I'm still old-fashioned and dazzled. You are still suitable for dealing with these details. It's a good way indeed. I give you full power to deal with it. This time, don't disappoint me any more. Ji Xiaohan is a big problem in my heart. If he and Ling Mo Feng come together to deal with me, the consequences will be unpredictable And Luo Jinyu, who took the opportunity to deal with him together, was a young man who didn't buy my account. He was going to piss me off! " The old president didn't know if he was really old, but he became angry like a child, and his temper became more and more furious.

"Sir, please calm down. At the last moment, the result is still uncertain. You hope so much that you don't have to worry!" After a few words of comfort, sister Mei left.

Mei still hates Ji Xiaohan in her heart, because Gao Yue is her fault, like a stain in her career, so she hates Ji Xiaohan for having such a stain.

In fact, before reporting to the old president, sister Mei made arrangements early. She even went to find the female piano teacher who had been expelled from Ji's house and threatened her. She learned the reason why she was expelled. It was because she was young and beautiful and seduced Ji Xiaohan. After she was found out, she was expelled directly.

Knowing this reason, it's still very useful for sister Mei. Since the young and beautiful piano teacher will not be chosen again, and the men will be disillusioned, only the older and well-looking female piano teacher is the most promising.

Sister Mei immediately got the list of famous pianists in China. She picked three qualified candidates, because the chance is greater.

Mei Jie went to talk to these female teachers alone. Of course, her purpose is not clear. She just contacted them temporarily and established a relationship. When one of them was admitted, she would use the most important person to threaten her. Since the threat could not reach Ji Xiaohan's beloved, then, like the piano teacher everywhere, she could easily control it.

When the three female piano teachers know Mei Jie's identity, they are also very happy to make friends with her. They are very familiar with her.

And now, Jijia!

Tang youyou looks at his daughter sitting alone in front of the piano, playing a song with two little hands. Looking back, he looks at Tang youyou with some frustration: "Mommy, I won't!"

"Xiaonai, don't worry, you can practice again!"

"I really can't. My brother said that my brain must be flooded. What I learned will be forgotten immediately. Mommy, do I wash my hair every day, so the water flows into my brain from my ears?" Ji xiaonai is now more than five years old, but her IQ and EQ are not as good as her brother's development, or she may be too favored at home, which leads to her still with innocence. If asked, it will naturally make people laugh and cry.

Tang youyou is happy with a pop. Whose daughter is so lovely?

"Who said that? Don't listen to your brother. You have a good brain. It's only after you've just learned that you'll easily forget it. It doesn't matter. I've met some piano teachers tomorrow. At that time, I will choose a satisfied teacher for you to continue to teach you." Tang youyou touches his daughter's small head and gently comforts her.

"Really? Can I play as well as Miss Wang? " Ji xiaonai still miss miss miss miss miss miss Wang.

"Yes, as long as you are willing to study hard, you can play better than her, Mommy believes you!" Tang youyou kissed his daughter's forehead and said softly.

In the evening, Ji Xiaohan returns home. Before going to bed at night, Tang youyou sits in front of the dressing table next to him and daubs it. After the man takes a bath, he bends over and hugs her. His thin lips kiss her long hair greedily.

"Tomorrow I'm going to interview Xiao Nai for a piano teacher. Would you like to check it out?" Tang youyou looks over his head and asks with a smile.

"It's up to you. Anyway, this family is up to you!" Said the man in a low, hoarse voice.

"But I still don't have the strength, or you can have a look together!" Don youyou pleads with him in a low voice.

"What perfume did you put on your face? It's so fragrant!" Ji Xiaohan laughs

"I'm telling you something serious!" Tang youyou stared at him speechless.

"What we are doing now is very serious. In fact, we can choose teachers without making decisions. Now that xiaonai has grown up, she can find one she likes. I think their level is not bad!" Ji Xiaohan is obedient to his daughter. He already wants her to make the decision.

"That's what I said. Well, let my daughter choose for herself!" Don youyou doesn't want to bother.

"You said, if we want to have another baby, will it also be a dragon and Phoenix?" Season owl cold suddenly thought of an interesting thing, you Mou looked at her and asked.

Tang youyou is stunned. He cries in his heart. Don't be a dragon and Phoenix. Just give her a cute baby. Two of them can't stand it.

"There's no such a big chance to have another dragon and Phoenix. I don't think so. "Tang youyou smiled with his eyes narrowed.

"Don't you believe in my ability?" Someone is not happy for a moment, as if male self-esteem has been questioned.

Tang youyou stood up and turned to face him. Mei Mou said with a smile, "I don't believe it, but it's not our destiny to have a baby."

"Shall we make a bet?" Someone immediately showed interest.

"Bet what?" Tang youyou's expression is stupefied.

"If you have a pair of twins, you will give me a condition?"

"Your condition won't let me have another baby, will it? I don't agree! " Tang youyou immediately shook his head and refused to participate.

Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but be amused by her words and comforted: "let go