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Tang You You who had always been stubborn, under the attacks of the children, seemed to be unable to take it anymore and started to give in.

"Mummy, I want to tell Daddy everything you just said. Daddy will definitely be very happy to listen to it, maybe he will even love you more." Tang Xiao Nai was immediately overjoyed.

Tang You You didn't think that her voice would be so loud, scaring the little guy to the point that his face turned white.

When he thought about how smart he was, Tang Xiao Rui revealed a happy smile.

When Tang You You heard that her daughter was actually scheming again, she immediately stopped him. "No way, your father wants to sleep with brother now, brother is already used to it, if your father suddenly doesn't sleep with him, he won't be able to sleep."

"Who said that? I just hate dad sleeping with me, he relied on his long legs to always steal my blanket. Mummy, hurry up and take dad away, don't let him ruin my sleep quality." Tang Xiao Rui did not give Mummy any face, and immediately waved his little hands with disdain. He wished that tonight, he could push his father onto the bed of the Mummy to sleep.

Tang You You looked at the two little things in front of him in disbelief.

Who would try to scam their Mummy.

Tang You You saw that he could not convince the two little fellows at all, so he gave up.

"I'm going upstairs to take a bath. You guys can play something else, but don't look at IPAD anymore. About this, I'll confiscate it."

Tang You You took the little guy's IPAD and directly walked up the stairs, leaving behind two little things that were completely dumbstruck.

"Brother, doesn't Mummy like father a lot now? But why is Mummy unhappy that I allowed Father to sleep together with me? "

"Maybe Mummy is shy! "No matter what happens tonight, you have to drag Daddy out of your bed, do you hear?" Tang Xiao Rui commanded his sister.

Tang Xiao Nai nodded her head vigorously, "Don't worry Big Brother, after I trick Father and Mummy into going to bed, I'll sneak out and sleep with you."

"No, I hate sleeping in the same bed as you. You pee."

"I won't, I... I really am not peeing anymore. If you don't believe me, ask Mummy. "

Tang Xiao Nai was so anxious that her face was flushed red.

However, Tang Xiao Rui showed an expression that he didn't believe her, which made the little guy angry to death.

When Ji Xiao Han stepped into the living room, he saw his daughter sitting on the sofa with a dispirited and listless expression on her face.

He instantly walked over with concern and asked gently: "Xiao Nai, what's wrong? Did brother bully you again? "

"Daddy, you're back!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately reached out her short hands, asking him to hug her.

Ji Xiao Han gently embraced the little fellow in his arms and sat on the sofa with him. "Tell Daddy, why are you unhappy?"

"Brother despised me. He said that I would pee on his bed and would not sleep with me." The little guy pouted, looking like it was hurt.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, he kissed her face and smiled: "Didn't you sleep with Mummy? Why do you want to sleep with big brother? "

"I wanted Mummy to sleep with Father tonight, so I wanted to sleep with Big Brother for the night. But Big Brother loathed me." The little guy spoke in an innocent and innocent manner.

Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly lit up and he could not help but be secretly happy. He asked his daughter with a smile that was difficult to conceal, "Xiao Nai, do you really want father to sleep together with Mummy?"

As expected of his biological daughter, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but ruthlessly kiss the little fellow.

That naughty son of his actually dared to despise his daughter. He was going to catch him soon, and he was going to teach him a lesson.

"Yeah, brother said so, but Mummy doesn't seem happy. Daddy, I just saw online with brother saying that you and Mummy are going to be together, right? Uncle isn't lying. " When Tang Xiao Nai thought about how her father and Mummy were really going to be together, she felt that she would definitely be a very happy child. Because, in the future, she would have her father and her Mummy to accompany her.

When Ji Xiao Han heard that Tang You You was unhappy, the light in the depths of his eyes instantly dimmed.

That woman didn't really want to date him, he was the one that threatened and lured her into agreeing.

It seemed a little too early to talk about sleeping.

However, he already felt gratified that his daughter had such intentions.

This meant that the little fellow had already acknowledged him.

As long as the children felt that he could sleep on the same bed as their Mummy, it would be equivalent to a bright future.

"Xiao Nai, you play by yourself first, I'll go upstairs to look for your Mummy."

"Yes, Daddy, you should chat with Mummy properly, don't make her angry again." Tang Xiao Nai immediately advised him kindly.

Ji Xiao Han patted her little head, "Don't worry, Daddy will treat your Mummy well now."

After leaving his daughter behind, Ji Xiao Han couldn't wait to go up the stairs and meet her.

Although he had stayed with her for most of the day today, his heart had been itching for an excuse to go home and see her as soon as the sky darkened.

Ji Xiao Han walked up the stairs as he stared at the master bedroom near the balcony.

The door was tightly shut. What was that woman doing inside?

Perhaps, by pushing open the door, there would be an answer.

The man walked to the door calmly with a deep look in his eyes.