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C1979 fear of family opposition

This night, Ji Tingyan had a very good dream. When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, someone is holding her hand and running in the forest together. She is tired and has a dependent hug.

When she woke up, it was bright. Ji Tingyan was taken out of bed, dressed, and came to the lobby of the hotel. Seeing Cheng Yue talking and laughing with Wang Cheng, Ji Tingyan was in a better mood.

"Miss Ji, I'll get the boss up." Wang orange immediately stood up in fear and ran away.

Ji Tingyan sits down, and Cheng Yue hands her a cup of warm water. As she drinks it, she stares at Cheng Yue and smiles. Cheng Yue laughs inexplicably.

"Nai, is there any dirt on my face?" Cheng Yue subconsciously touches her face and asks in doubt.

"There is no dirt, I only see happiness." Ji Tingyan smiles.

Cheng Yue's face was stunned, then she put her hand on her face with shame: "you misunderstood me. Wang Cheng and I have nothing to do with each other. He is just a little brother. He looks bullied."

"If you have nothing, he can't be bullied by you." Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

Cheng Yue is startled, immediately touched his handsome short hair: "that kid can't have an eye problem."

Ji Tingyan looks at Cheng Yue's stupefied expression and laughs funny.

As soon as tieting came out of the corridor, he saw a woman sitting on the sofa with a chin smile. The light outside the door shone on her. In the gentleness, she was charming. This kind of knowing smile could hit the man's heart most. His eyes were fixed on her and he lost his mind for a moment.

As soon as Ji Tingyan's smiling eyes lifted, she saw tie Ting standing there and looking at herself. She looked surprised and quickly stopped the smile and sat up straight.

Wang orange arranged everyone's breakfast. After having breakfast, he discussed the next step.

Lu Mengmeng is sitting on the chair with two big black circles. Her eyes are staring at Ji Tingyan from time to time.

Ji Tingyan is so much older than herself. In her eyes, she is an old woman. Why does brother Funing like her so much?

Ji Tingyan feels that Lu Mengmeng looks at herself angrily, and she is helpless.

The next trip is to continue to drive to the mountains, where there is a natural ranch. Although it's snowing now, the scenery along the way is also very beautiful, which is rare to see.

Sitting on the return train, Ji Tingyan sits beside her. She is close to him. The smell of the man penetrates her nose from time to time. She unconsciously leans against him. The man directly puts her hand in his arms. It's warm, like a stove.

Ji Tingyan has never felt this way before. She is as generous as her father's love.

Back to the parking town from Wenquan Town, it's still early. A group of people drove along the main road. The relationship between Ji Tingyan and feting has made a qualitative leap. Before that, Ji Tingyan had all kinds of precautions against him. Now, Ji Tingyan can lean on him lazily and enjoy the scenery in all directions.

A man is like a mountain. He lets the woman in his arms move around. He finds that it's really difficult to understand such a creature as a woman. He can laugh happily one second after frowning one second.

Ji Tingyan took a lot of photos and collected them together to prepare for her exhibition in the second half of the year.

"Tie Ting, look at me." Ji Tingyan slaps at the man's face in a mischievous way. The man raises his hand to stop her from clapping.

"Take your hands off, why don't you let the clap go?" Ji Tingyan said angrily when she saw that he didn't cooperate.

The man is helpless, put down the hand, direct connect her lens: "shoot."

Ji Tingyan didn't expect her order to be so effective. She took pictures of her.

She quickly captured a few photos, the long handsome is the advantage, she clearly wanted to take the ugly point, later together to make fun of him, but his eyes are deep, his eyebrows are bright, his facial features are beautiful so that he has no dead angle in the camera, on the contrary, the last one, the man also evil hook lips, smile at her.

Ji Tingyan can't make fun of him, so she has to give up and lean on his arms. The man opens the zipper of his coat and wraps her whole body in his arms.

From the man's solid chest, Ji Tingyan blushes, but enjoys the treatment.

"You come to me, your family know?" Tie Ting asked suddenly, her eyes fixed on her face.

"Yes." Ji Tingyan answers him lazily.

"What if they object to us being together?" The man's voice was a touch of sadness.

"No, they want me to find someone to marry." Ji Tingyan chuckles, but she doesn't think that tie Ting will worry about it.

"My parents are gone. I have a younger brother working abroad. My family is not complete. Is that ok?" When tie Ting introduced himself, his eyes flashed a sad look.

Ji Tingyan quickly sat up from his arms, and Mei Mou looked at him brightly: "I know your grandmother told me."

Tie Ting is a little surprised: "since you know, you won't dislike it?"

"Why should I dislike you? I want to live my whole life with you and your family. I'm also very sad. I hope you can save your sorrow." Ji Tingyan reaches out and holds the man's fingers tightly.

Tie Ting felt her understanding and gentleness, and once again pulled her into her arms.

Ji Tingyan fell asleep in the arms of a man.

Tie Ting can't sleep, his mood is very excited, hot, more than a touch of warmth in the desolation.

Suddenly, a text message came from his mobile phone, and tieting quickly picked it up and looked at it. He looked down at the sleeping woman in his eyes and arms and saw that he didn't wake her up, which swept to the content of the message.

"Elder brother, I have found that group. What should I do next?"

The nerve of tie Ting was tensed fiercely, his fist was pinched hard, and his warm eyes sank instantly.

"Don't mess around. I'll come to you as soon as I get the news." He quickly replied to the message, and looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms. His hot heart seemed to fall into the ice.

He also has a very important thing to do. He has been planning with his brother for many years, and he can't let his brother do it alone. His dead parents can't close their eyes when their wishes are up.

Tie Ting is in a complicated mood. She kisses Ji Tingyan gently on her forehead.

Ji Tingyan seemed to feel his tenderness, arched her body like a cat, and continued to crouch in a more comfortable position.

After parking in a service area, Bonnie looks at Ji Tingyan, who has a hazy look, and dodges: "xiaonai, our company is in a bit of an emergency. Maybe we can't go on with you next, but I will keep Wang Cheng. He is very familiar with the local area."

Ji Tingyan is stunned. Her blinded eyes suddenly wake up. She knows that tie Ting must be in an emergency. Otherwise, she won't say she's leaving in the middle of the way.

"Well, if you have something to do, go ahead." Ji Tingyan is a sensible woman. Although she wants to make trouble out of nothing, she can't. the feelings of adults need to be understood and tolerated.

Tie Ting's eyes were fixed on her face. If it wasn't for an emergency, he really didn't want to be separated from her: "I will come to you."

"I know. If you have something to do, you can do it. We have enough hands." Ji Tingyan smiles and nods.

Lu Mengmeng sees that feting is going to be separated from Ji Tingyan. She immediately runs to feting's car and says, "brother feting, I'll go back with you."

Tie Ting has no objection. At the same time, he wants to find someone to send Lu Mengmeng back to Lu's family.

Tie Ting's car is about to leave. Lu Mengmeng makes a proud face to Ji Tingyan on the window.

Ji Tingyan's heart was empty. She looked at the long-distance SUV and was stunned for a long time.

Suddenly, there was no sign of the difference. Ji Tingyan was depressed, as if she had been poached.