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Want to hide from him?

A man would always say all the good things to maintain his face that he did not want to tear to shreds.

Was Ji Xiao Han treating her the same way?

Liu Xi also noticed that something was off and quickly went over to ask her, "Wandering, what's wrong? Are you sick? "

Tang You You quickly gathered his energy: "No, I'm just a little tired!"

"Then hurry to the side lounge and take a seat. I'll help you watch from over here!" Liu Xi doting her also did tire her out.

Tang You You gratefully hugged Liu Xi, "Thank you, mother!"

Liu Xi saw that she had suddenly given him a hug and couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, why are you being so polite with me? "Go quickly!"

Only then did Tang You You let go, and laughed out loud: "Because I still have you, the godmother, to help me!"

As Liu Xi watched Tang You You turn around and leave, full of worry, he sighed. Could it be that there was a problem with his relationship with the Quarterly again?

Tang You You sat in the resting room on the sofa, staring at the ceiling.

That woman just now had such an imposing aura, she should be really close to Ji Xiao Han. Turns out that since Ji Xiao Han's first love had such an appearance, it looked very pure, as if Ji Xiao Han would like it.

Tang You You's mind was full of nonsense, there was nothing else related to work.

Is she a demon?

How long has it been since I've sunk in?

She really was too simple and inexperienced. When he wove his beautiful dream, she fell head first into it, leaving no room for retreat.

Tang You You took two deep breaths. Suddenly, she heard the phone in her bag ringing.

Tang You You's body froze, she quickly sat up straight and stared at the bag, her heart was in a mess.

In the end, she still took out her phone, and it was indeed Ji Xiao Han who called her.

In the past, she would happily pick up the phone, matching his somewhat jovial tone.

And now?

She wanted to use the hammer to smash her past self to death.

To let you disappoint, to let you fall in love with this man, now you are courting death.

Tang You You knew that she shouldn't be tangled about Ji Xiao Han having a ex-girlfriend, but she was concerned that this man had lied to her. He once said that she was the only woman he had.

Now, another woman came over and said, "Be nice to him, how is he going to explain this?"

The phone had been ringing for a long time now, but Tang You You still did not want to hear his voice even after he closed his eyes.

She was afraid that she would not be able to control her temper, and would tear off her face with Ji Xiao Han. At that time, no one would look good.

But it would be hard on the child, because the child always believed that their father would wholeheartedly love the Mummy.

Tang You You held onto her phone, allowing the bell to ring. She buried her face in her knees.

What should she do?

Why couldn't she endure such deception?

Was she making too much of it?

Is it possible that other women can accept that their boyfriend has a ex-girlfriend? Why couldn't she?

Right now, it would be even harder to find a pure and pure relationship with him than the heavens themselves.

It was Lu Xuan Chen. At that time, she only played with him, but also had the feeling that his heart was beating faster. He also naively thought that when he grew up, the boyfriend he found would definitely be him.

Actually, the root of the problem wasn't whether or not there was one, but whether Ji Xiao Han had lied to himself.

It was truly unacceptable, too terrifying. Once there was a first time, there would be a second time. In the end, she would live through a lie and die in depression like her mother.

No, she would rather not have love than be like her mother...

She said that she already knew that Tang You Kang had other women outside, and she did not argue or argue with him, precisely because he did not bring that woman back, and that woman did not come to cause any trouble. However, even though she said that he did not care about it, his days still went on, but his heart became sick, and his illness became more and more severe.

The dark years that Tang You You had experienced had made her sensitive towards men and made her wary of them.

Ji Xiao Han was the only one she had ever been moved by and wanted to marry to him.

Tang You You thought that he must have been really lucky to have given him such a perfect man, and still be able to love her so deeply. They even had a pair of cute and beautiful children, and her life would truly be as blissfully blissful and blissful as others envious of her.

Tang You You really hoped that it was exactly as she had thought.

But the reality was so emotionless. The appearance of the woman called Ji Yun Ning broke the tranquility of the situation.

His phone rang again. It was still Ji Xiao Han!

Tang You You stared at the name. When she woke up at midnight, the figure that would appear in her dreams would cause others to feel fear and reverence towards her, whereas she was able to shout this name without any hesitation. Moreover, just by listening to the name, she would feel warmth in her heart.

But now, she really wanted to pretend that she had never seen, heard, and loved her.

Tang You You suppressed the panic in her heart, and she finally accepted it.

"Wandering, were you busy just now? I called you, but you didn't hear me! " When he had time, Ji Xiao Han wanted to give her a call and listen to her voice.

When Tang You You heard him use that magnetic voice to call her name softly, her heart was in extreme pain.

"Oh, I really didn't hear it just now. It's too noisy over here. Is there anything I can help you with?" Tang You You tried her best to sound the same as usual, but her voice still became a lot more stiff.