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C533. This is not what he wants

Tang youyou is sitting in a taxi. He can't cry loudly only by gripping the back of his hand tightly.

Find the truth, the truth is like a knife, hard into her heart, blood into the river.

Before, she had a father, but that father only loved her for a few years. As soon as his mother died, he fell in love with his stepmother and gave birth to their son. Tang youyou was directly thrown aside and no longer valued.

At that time, Tang youyou felt that he was the cause of his daughter, so he would be ignored by his father.

When her own daughter was born, she always shared her love equally with her two children. Sometimes, she would love her daughter more. Maybe she didn't get such love, so she would like to supply her daughter with these lost fans.

Later, Tang youyou had a good impression on Ji Xiao when he saw that his daughter was in a state of lawlessness.

It's also because he didn't think that he preferred men over women. Even if he loved his daughter more than his son, Tang youyou would accept that he was the father of the child in such a short time.

Now, she found her own biological father. Before she came, she came with emotion. She even thought of quarreling with her father and trying to say something very unpleasant to fight him.

I really didn't expect that this would happen.

"Are you all right, miss?" The taxi driver found that she cried as soon as she got on the bus, and immediately sent a word of concern.

Joe shook his head at first, and replied in English.

Back to the hotel, Tang youyou was still in a trance until a phone call came in.

This phone is actually the hotel's internal line.

Tang youyou is very surprised to answer the phone, and he hears a very low male voice: "Miss, do you have any special needs?"

"Are you jixiaohan?" Tang youyou cried out in direct surprise.

Although the other side spoke good English, Tang youyou could still hear the familiar voice, so he directly exposed the man.

"You seem to know my voice very well." The man chuckled at once.

"Where are you? Why can I make an internal call to the hotel? " Tang youyou asked in surprise.

"I'm in the lobby of your hotel!" Season owl cold says with a smile.

"Why are you here?" Tang youyou is really surprised. This man won't come here with him.

Season owl said lazily: "I come here on business! It happens to be in this hotel. "

"Really?" Tang youyou is suspicious.

Season owl cold light way: "open the door, I go up now."

The other party hung up the phone directly. When Tang youyou heard that Ji Xiaohan was going to come up, she rushed into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water. However, her red and swollen eyes could not be eliminated.

Two minutes later, there was a knock outside the door.

Tang youyou finally takes a look at his red and swollen eyes. He really doesn't want Ji Xiaohan to see him like this.

He knocked on the door a little hurriedly. Tang youyou could only walk there and open the door.

After the door opened, Ji Xiaohan was carrying a simple travel bag in his hand, dressed in a casual dress. He looked like he was coming to travel, not like a poor man at all.

"Why did it take so long to open the door for me? Someone else in there? " Season owl cold Mou color tiny MI, to her so slow open door to express doubt.

Tang youyou immediately turned around and didn't want him to see his eyes. He said lightly, "if you want to know if there is anyone else, come in and find out!"

Ji Xiaohan is actually joking with her. Of course, he knows that she lives here alone.

Because, he knows all her itinerary like a finger.

I also know that she has been to Xia's house.

So he hurried here in such a hurry to ask her the result of going to Xia's house.

"What happened to your eyes?" Suddenly, her wrist was gently buttoned by the man. Although she tried to lower her head and didn't want him to find it, she was still seen by him.

"No Nothing! " Tang youyou lowered his head a little.

"Lift up, let me see!" Ji Xiaohan orders her a little bit.

"Don't look!" Tang youyou blushed and buried his head in his chest: "how can you come?"

"I don't trust you to come alone!" Ji Xiaohan told the truth. When he watched her plane rush into the night sky, Ji Xiaohan made a decision. He wanted to find a chance to come and face this matter with her.

"As I said, I'm not a child. What do you worry about?" Although the mouth said this, but her heart has long been warm by the man's words.

There is a person who worries about himself and cares about himself all the time, which is more likable than any sweet words.

"Did you go to Xia's? See your father! " Season owl cold tight tight handsome face, voice low asked.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, I have met him."

"What kind of person is he?" The winter owl's eyes narrowed slightly.

"I don't know. I only get along with him for a short time," Tang youyou said to himself

"You didn't ask him why he didn't want you?" Ji Xiaohan is also curious about this, because, like Tang Youyou, what he thinks may be because he sees her as a daughter, so he ignores her and is carried away by others.

Tang youyou's eyes are sour again. He has an impulse to cry. "I asked and he told me the answer. Ji Xiaohan, I always thought I would hate him, but now I can't, you know? He may not have raised me, but he is definitely a very responsible father. Although I want to find a reason to hate him, I can't find a reason to do anything now. " Tang youyou's eyes are slightly wet, and his voice is full of helplessness and sadness.

"What's the matter?" Ji Xiao's face was cold and his voice sank.

Did he guess wrong?

Tang youyou knew that he would be curious, so she told Ji Xiaohan what Xia Weiwen said to her.

Season owl cold expression is also very surprised: "how can it be like this? Do you believe it? "

"I don't know, so I ran away directly. I don't know whether what he said is true or false, but I think he should be a very good person. He must have been looking for me all the time, and he also felt guilty and self reproach."

Looking at the trust in Tang youyou's eyes, Ji Xiaohan looks gloomy.

Why is the result different from what he thought? Tang youyou looks at the man's tense expression and knows that he must also feel this matter. It seems that Ke is too unexpected.