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C957 fear of loss

Bai Yiyan feels that she is dreaming. She is so hungry that she can see Ji Yueze's face. "

What are you doing? Not yet in the car? " Men's voice line is low and urgent, angry and distressed.

Bai Yiyan wakes up with a start, and the beautiful eyes open in an instant. She can't believe it. In the next second, a big hand quickly pulls her directly into the car.

The elegant black car, like a cheetah, quickly merges into the traffic flow and disappears.

Bai Zhenzhen's seat. At this time, a man sat down. "

your daughter is safe now. It's time to fulfill your promise." The man's cold mouth.

White really tight a heart, completely relaxed, she nodded: "yes, I should fulfill my promise, go!"

At this time, Bai Zhen's cell phone rings. It's Ji Lin!

She answered directly.

"Who did you ask to pick up Bai Yiyan and leave?" Because the people in the car didn't get off, Ji Lin only saw Bai Yiyan get on the car and leave, but didn't know who was in the car, so he asked.

Bai Zhenzhen of course can't say it's Ji Yueze, she just sneers: "of course, I need to find someone to pick up my daughter and leave. You don't care who it is. I'll turn myself in at the police station now."

"You'd better do what you say. Don't play any tricks. If I can catch her once, I can catch her for the second time. But I don't have the saying that nothing is wrong. If you annoy me the second time, she will die." Ji Lin seems to have no old feelings to talk about besides threatening her.

"Don't worry, I will go!" Bai Zhenzhen really decided to turn herself in this time. Although she felt that she could not die, her daughter's life was always threatened and she could not afford to gamble. White

I really followed the man. My heart was filled with sadness, more regret than fear. Bai Yiyan, who was dragged into the car by Ji Yueze, still has a blindfolded and confused eyes, and tears immediately fill her eyes.

She clenched her lips and bowed her head to tears.

Ji Yueze's focus is on her pale face, and the scar of blood on her wrist when she reaches for her face.

"Damn it, what did they do to you?" Ji Yueze immediately grabbed both her hands and looked at them carefully. His heart ached. He took a breath of cool air and said angrily, "did they hurt you?" Bai lets Yiyan grasp her hand, but she can't say a word. Her pain is not the pain of flesh and skin injury, but the pain of deep heart.

"Ji Yueze, I'm sorry for you, I......" Bai Yiyan lowers her head and tears fall down. She can't say what she wants to say. How can she tell him? Is she Bai Zhen's own daughter? She didn't want to say it. She wanted to bury the secret in her heart all her life.

"What are you? You're like this now. What else do you want to say? " Ji Yueze is distressed by the scar of blood on her white wrist. She immediately scolded her. "

have you been looking for me?" Bai Yiyan doesn't want to talk about it. She just asks gently.

"Otherwise? You are really in a disaster. You were kidnapped last time, and you were kidnapped again this time. What is your brain for? Why not long memory? " Besides scolding her, Ji Yueze can't talk to her calmly.

"It's Lins. She pretends to be my assistant. I'm really careless. I trust her too much. Ji Yueze. I'm sorry that you worry about me!" Bai Yiyan looks at the gloomy color under the man's eyes. She is very sad. He must have such a serious black eye circle because he didn't sleep all night.

"I can't blame you all. I asked someone to recruit her and arrange it for you. I have half the responsibility!" Ji Yueze looked at her weak appearance, and could not bear to blame her again.

Bai Yiyan listened to his concern and was very sad. For example,

if he knows that he is his real daughter, he does not know whether he will care about himself in this tone. Maybe he will hate her. "

I'll take you to the hospital!"

"No, don't go to the hospital. You Can you send me to my aunt? I want to see her! " Bai Yiyan doesn't want to go to many places now. What she cares about most now is Bai Zhen. She also wants to ask her who she is. After listening to the words "white is true", Ji Yueze's face darkened instantly.

"Please, I I'm afraid that something will happen to her. I don't know why the kidnapper suddenly let me go, but I think it has something to do with my aunt. I want to confirm her safety! " Bai Zhen really dare not worry too obviously, afraid that Ji Yueze doubts her. "

you don't have to go. She may have gone to the police station now!" Ji Yueze originally wanted to not mention it first, but Bai Yiyan was obviously worried about Bai Zhenzhen. If she kept silent, the misunderstanding would be deeper.

"What? Why does she go to the police station? " Bai Yiyan was cold all over and asked in a hurry. "

of course, she is to save your life. Bai Yiyan, do you know anything?" Ji Yueze squints at her eyes to see if she is lying. Bai

Yiyan's whole body is petrified and unable to move, as if her mind has been seen through by him. She was stunned for several seconds. Then, she firmly bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and nodded: "yes, I know something. Ji Yueze, we We may not really have a chance to be together! " When she said

words, her tears kept falling down because of her heartache.

She sobbed and cried helplessly and flustered, "you were right about what you suspected last time. I'm not my mother's biological daughter, but I am..."

"You are a real daughter!" Ji Yueze looked at her sobbing, his face was more pale and his heart ached inexplicably.

Bai Yiyan suddenly stopped crying. Her tearful eyes turned to look at him and said, "you know?"

"Yes, Bai Zhenzhen told me that she said you were her daughter!" When Ji Yueze mentioned this, his face became cold unconsciously. Bai

Yi Yan didn't know for a moment whether it was a heartache or a heartbreak. "

well, since you already know it, you can take me home!" Bai Yiyan has nothing to say. Please, she can't say. She feels that she has lost a big part of her heart. Now she just feels exhausted and wants to hide and cry. "

I have to admit that this matter disappointed me, but Bai Zhenzhen is still a scheger's mother. In order to save you, she doesn't even want to die. She is willing to take all the blame for Ji Lin." Ji Yueze saw that her eyes were full of confusion, sadness, and suddenly couldn't bear to say cruel words to stab her, just laughing at Bai Zhen's behavior. Bai

Yiyan looks out of the window in a daze. For a long time, she cries again. Just like a child, you are over frightened.