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C1337 he's shy

Under the camera, there is a small white face reflected by the bright light. A long hair is tied with a slanting horse tail. It is close to one side of the chest. A pure white down jacket. Under the light and shadow, the beauty is exciting.

Her bright red mouth, I don't know if it's because she's eating something, stained with a little greasy, it's extremely powdery. The way she purrs her lips and Snickers at the camera, it's about to hook Ling Mo Feng's soul.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are fixed on her tightly, seeing her smart and playful appearance in front of the camera, and her thin lips are also subconsciously rising.

"I'm shopping. The streets here are very busy." LAN Yanxi smilingly punches his face and looks at Ling Mo Feng.

In my heart, I want to say that it's not safe for her to go back to have a rest earlier. But when I saw the happy smile in her eyes, Ling Mo Feng was reluctant to interrupt her joy. "Is it? Then have fun and be safe! " The deep male voice came with a smile. Cheng Yuan, who has a mobile phone nearby, also heard the words of the vice president, and couldn't help shaking.

I didn't expect that the serious and steady vice president could say such tender and affectionate words. He really wanted to separate people.

"Don't worry. I'm with Cheng Yuan. I'm not afraid with her!" LAN Yanxi said, turning her mobile phone to Cheng Yuan's face.

"Don't Don't shoot me! " Cheng Yuan's face turned white with fright and hurriedly dodged. She didn't have the courage to bear the vision of the vice president. That would cause psychological pressure.

"She's shy!" LAN Yanxi immediately laughed and watched Cheng Yuan's serious female officer become a rabbit running away. She really felt that Ling Mo Feng was too intimidating. Except for the woman who liked him, she was only afraid of him.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the girl's unbridled smile in front of the camera. The smile on his face freezes.

Is he that terrible?

LAN Yanxi did not dare to play tricks on Cheng Yuan, so she found a place beside her and sat down and seriously went to talk to Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng's background seems to be in the car. He sits alone in an independent space. His handsome face is slightly dim under the lens, but it has a deep and mysterious charm.

"Are you in the car? Where are you going? " LAN Yanxi asked him curiously.

"Go to the meeting, it's coming soon!" Ling Mo Feng said words at the same time, but also moved his eyes, looked out of the window.

"Oh, then What else can I do for you? " Lanyanxi heard that he was doing business, and she could not disturb his time.

"Nothing, just want to see you!" Ling Mo Feng lowered his voice and pasted his mobile phone to his lips, as if she was embarrassed to see his expression.

LAN Yanxi was shocked by his voice, and his heart was melted.

"Then what else do you want to do when you see me?" LAN Yan can't stop laughing. She is happy. She can't hide it, just like the happiness on her face at the moment.

"I want to hear you say something that you miss me!" As expected, the man was shy and never dared to show his face, but his voice was lowered.

LAN Yanxi also knows Ling Mo Feng's character. In the eyes of outsiders, he is calm and magnanimous, but in front of her, he is totally like a shy big boy, and even dare not look at her in the eyes. What does this mean? Does that mean she's cheeky? It makes a man shy.

"Ling Mo Feng, I like you!" LAN Yanxi looked at the screen and said without blinking.

Ling Mo Feng holds the palm of his mobile phone and shivers slightly. Inexplicably, the bad mood of the day seems to be saved by her words.

LAN Yan hopes to see that the other side hasn't spoken for a long time, but raises the camera to see his whole face and his slightly raised lip angle.

"Do you hear me?" LAN Yanxi thought that if the signal was broken just now, Ling didn't hear it clearly at all, otherwise, why didn't he give a little reflection.

"Yes!" The man said with a low smile.

"Then why don't you say it!" Blue Yan Xi breathed a white look at him.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned and lost his mind. He didn't respond to her in time, but these seconds were too late, which made the girl sulk. Sure enough, he was quick to respond to any news from his girlfriend. "Yan Xi, I'm here. Hang up first!" Ling Mo Feng whispered.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi nodded, reached for his hand and closed the video. Ling Mo Feng was a little surprised. On the speed of hanging up the phone, the little woman was always in front of him.

What does that mean? He loves her more?


Ling Mo Feng smiled helplessly, no wonder that the little woman was always in front of him.

LAN Yanxi is holding the mobile phone and is stupefied.

Cheng Yuan looked at her from afar and hung up the phone. She dared to approach her. Then she asked in a low voice, "is the video off?"

"Well, thank you!" Lanyanxi gave her back her cell phone.

Cheng Yuan reached for it, then whispered, "that number just now Is it Mr. vice president's? "

"It seems to be the Deputy Chu's!" LAN Yanxi confirmed it, because what she kept was also the number, which belonged to the adjutant Chu.

"Is it him?" Cheng Yuan suddenly looks unnatural.

LAN Yanxi was so nervous that she didn't find something wrong with Cheng Yuan. Her face was hot and red all the time.

Back to the hotel, it was more than eleven o'clock in the evening. As soon as LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan walked out of the elevator door, they saw Qiao Zhuo standing in the corridor. He had something in his hand. What's more, he was standing at the door of LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan's room.

"JOJO, what are you doing here?" Lanyanxi asked directly.

When Qiao Zhuo heard her voice coming from behind, he was shocked. He turned around quickly and saw LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan carrying two hands. He was stunned.

"I've bought some supper and I want to give it to you!" JOJO immediately picked up the packed box and said with a smile.

"No, we just ate from outside!" LAN Yanxi smiles and refuses.

Cheng Yuan said coldly, "it's not early. Mr. Qiao should go back to have a rest. Men and women will not accept each other."

Qiao Zhuo hears Cheng Yuan's words, the facial expression is hot, this just reluctantly turned to leave.

Open the door, LAN Yanxi throws things, takes off his shoes and lies on the bed: "tired and dizzy!"

"Yan Xi, go to the bath first!" Cheng Yuan and LAN Yanxi are familiar with each other. In the absence of outsiders, she calls her name directly.

"Good!" Lanyanxi took her things and went to the bathroom.

After taking a bath, she saw that Cheng Yuan was lifting the dumbbell, and she was stunned.

"Cheng Yuan, you didn't bring the dumbbells, did you?" LAN Yanxi didn't expect Cheng Yuan to have such a special hobby.

"No, I asked people here when you were sleeping. I have the habit of exercising before going to bed every day. I can't sleep without exercising!" Cheng Yuan said with a smile.

"Oh, let me lift!" LAN Yan wants to go over and practice together.

"Ouch!" LAN Yanxi tried her best to raise the dumbbell to her ear. Next second, she quickly squatted down and put it back on the ground: "it's so heavy, Cheng Yuan, you're so powerful!"

"You'd better not raise it again. Don't sprain your hand!" Cheng Yuan said softly.

"I dare not lift it!" LAN Yanxi looks at her slender arm. It's clear that Cheng Yuan's is not much bigger than herself. Why can she lift it up and down easily?

Lanyanxi finally realized her own shortcomings. She hurriedly lay down in bed. She had better take a good look at tomorrow's curriculum plan. It's really a drag.

Qiaozhuo was so frustrated that he managed to run to the restaurant and have a big night to send to lanyanxi, but he didn't expect that they had gone out to eat. After a careful look at lanyanxi's bags, I believe they cost a lot. As expected, it was the rich lady who loved shopping and shopping no matter where she went, and she didn't lack money at all.

Qiao Zhuo finally understood how hard the task she accepted was. Even if LAN Yanxi didn't like Ling Mo Feng, she had to choose a better man. Why would she like him? It was he who was too self righteous and self defeating to feel that his tenderness and consideration could move her heart.

Just, if you give up, won't you really fail? Qiao Zhuo is still very willful. He is absolutely unwilling to give in easily. Anyway, there is still more than a month to go. He will work hard and let LAN Yanxi have a look at him.