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C506 just break up

The two little guys came home with the elder. They were joking and laughing as usual. They had a good time. The old lady who accompanied them was always in a trance. She was worried for them when she saw the two little guys laughing so brilliantly.

If they know that their parents are going to break up and not get married, can they bear it?

But now, there is no way. The old lady only hopes that the two children can be stronger in heart, and she must go through this difficulty.

"Great grandmother, it's dark. Why don't Daddy and Mommy come back? Did they go out on a date again? " Tang xiaonai ran to the old lady's face and asked.

Little guy is more dependent on people, so when it's dark, daddy and Mommy should come back to play with her.

The old lady suddenly reached over and held Tang xiaonai in her arms. In a low voice, she said, "xiaonai, your father and mother may have something to do, but they won't come back tonight. Would you like to sleep with your great grandmother?"

"Ah Why? Why don't they come back? Don't they want Nai? " As soon as Tang xiaonai heard this, he immediately felt uneasy and didn't feel valued.

The old lady's expression was a little stiff. Although it was the innocent and ignorant words of the child, it was extremely stinging to hear them in her ear.

She had to touch Tang xiaonai's long hair, gently comforted: "no, mom and dad still love you very much, and they won't want you, you can rest assured, tonight's great grandmother with you to sleep, you won't feel lonely."

"Great grandmother, but I still want mommy to take me to sleep. I have been sleeping with her since I was young." Tang xiaonai immediately tooted a small mouth, some unhappy said.

Of course, the old lady knows that Tang xiaonai is timid and likes to rely on others, so she doesn't know how to answer her at the moment.

"Great grandmother, why don't you talk? Why didn't daddy go home? If Mommy doesn't come back, I can sleep with Daddy. I like to sleep with him. " Tang xiaonai suddenly laughed, a little shy.

The old lady looked at the child's innocent and pure eyes. Suddenly she didn't know how to talk to her. She nodded, "let's call your daddy and see if he can bring you back!"

"Well, great grandmother, do you want to fight? I'll let daddy go home! " Tang xiaonai immediately laughed happily.

The old lady had no choice but to call Ji Xiaohan.

Fortunately, Ji Xiaohan answers!

Tang xiaonai immediately took the mobile phone and cried sweetly, "Daddy, don't you go home tonight? What about Mommy? Is she with you? "

When Ji Xiaohan heard his daughter's naive voice, he only felt the pain in his heart, and it came up like a flood, which almost choked his voice.

Finally, he could only suppress the sadness and make his voice sound gentle as usual: "xiaonai, would you like to sleep with your great grandmother tonight? Daddy's company has a very important thing, maybe it can't go back! "

"What about Mommy? Why hasn't she come back? " Tang xiaonai immediately asked.

"She She also has very important things. Xiaonai, listen to me. Daddy is really busy! " Ji Xiao feels that he can't talk to his daughter anymore. His mood will break down.

"Well, I'll sleep with my brother tonight. I don't want to sleep with my great grandmother!" Tang xiaonai immediately made a choice.

The old lady has some silly eyes.

"Well, you and brother together, let brother take care of you!" Ji Xiao's daughter is more and more obedient and sensible. He is both relieved and distressed. He is afraid that his two children will have to experience more setbacks to grow up.

After hanging up the phone, Tang xiaonai still looked lost: "daddy said there are many things to be busy, he really won't come back, ah, so sad!"

"Xiaonai, would you like to sleep with your brother tonight?" The old lady wished the little fellow would stop pestering.

Tang xiaonai nodded his head and compromised: "OK, but I really want mommy back. Can I call her?"

"I I didn't save your mommy's number! " The old lady lied.

"It's OK. Uncle yuan has my mummy's number on his cell phone. I'll find him!" Tang xiaonai immediately jumped off her leg and ran to find uncle yuan. The old lady immediately stood up. Uncle yuan already knew about it this afternoon. The old lady told him. He also felt hard to accept and sad. However, there was no way to deal with it. It can only be said that fate played a trick on people so that lovers could not keep each other. It was really a very sad thing.

Tang xiaonai ran into the kitchen, found uncle yuan, and immediately begged him to call his mother. Uncle yuan was a bit stunned. Seeing the old lady follow in, he gave him a look. Uncle yuan could only lie: "Little Miss, my cell phone is broken today, and I can't call now. I'm sorry."

"Oh, no!" Tang xiaonai immediately lost his face, turned around, lowered his head, and went to play with Tang Xiaorui.

Tang Xiaorui looked at her drooping little head coming over, he asked lightly: "what's the matter with you?"

"Daddy and Mommy won't come back tonight, brother, can I sleep with you tonight?" Tang xiaonai immediately pleaded.

Tang Xiaorui's expression was startled, then his big eyes turned: "do you know why they don't come back? It's not going on a date. "

"I guess so!" Tang xiaonai nodded and thought hard in a good direction. "Then sleep with me. I'll take care of you. Make room for mom and dad. Don't leave them all day long." Tang Xiaorui thought to himself, daddy and Mommy are going to get married soon. It's necessary to go out and have a romance. As his elder brother, he should divide them into

worry and solve problems. Isn't it just to take care of the idiot xiaonai? He must be able to take care of it. What a simple thing.

"All right!" Tang xiaonai can only accept such an arrangement, but she still wants to Mommy.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is sitting alone in the office with the lights dimmed a few times. He looks at the lights of the city at his feet and feels very lonely.

Suddenly, he called Uncle yuan and asked him to call Tang youyou.

Uncle Yuan made several phone calls. They were all unanswered. He also told Ji Xiaohan the truth.

Ji Xiao sneers at himself. What is he doing? Worried about what she's doing now?

It's only a long time since they separated. He begins to remember her. Ji Xiaohan feels that his heart can't be hardened any more. He seems to have been used to knowing what she's doing, caring about her and worrying about her.

How could this happen? What to do in the future?