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Bai Yiyan doesn't find that Ji Yueze's face is wrong. She cleans up the table and goes to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

When she came out after all this, it was more than nine o'clock. She thought that there were many work things yesterday. Bai Yiyan decided to go to bed early today. When she went into the bedroom, she found that she didn't seem to have any clothes to wear.

She was looking for her robe everywhere, but found that it was in the Louzi of the bathroom, and it was already wet.

Bai Yiyan looks at the empty wardrobe. She has no clothes to change tonight.

Alas, I knew she should go home and pick up all her things.

Finally, Bai Yiyan stares at a white bath towel hanging beside her. Tonight, she can only rely on it.

Thinking of this, Bai Yiyan carefully arranges all the clothes she wears today, because she may need to use them tomorrow.

After a comfortable bath, Bai Yiyan was surrounded by a bath towel. The air conditioner in the room was turned to the warmest temperature. She was wiping her long black hair with one hand and towel.

Just when she decided to blow her hair with the hair dryer, the bedroom door was suddenly opened. Ji Yueze stood outside the door in a lazy posture, with one hand on the door frame and one eye looking at the woman in the bright light.

"Why are you dressed like this?" Ji Yueze didn't expect to see such a beautiful scenery when he pushed the door. His eyes became obscure and he asked with an evil smile.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly reached out and grabbed the towel, turned around, and said in some panic: "I I have no clothes to wear. "

Ji Yueze thought that none of her things had been moved here, and the thin lip hook was more evil: "why don't you ask me?"

"You don't have any clothes for women." Bai Yiyan blinked.

"My T-shirt, you can wear it!" After Ji Yueze finished, he went back to his bedroom. From his huge cloakroom, he found a white long sleeve cotton T-shirt and returned to Bai Yiyan's bedroom.

Bai Yiyan gratefully reaches for it. Unexpectedly, the man goes up to the top with a bad stroke. She takes an empty one.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that the man would even play tricks on her. She immediately said gloomily, "why don't you wear it for me?"

"If you can get it from me, I'll give it to you!" Ji Yueze said worse.

Bai Yiyan immediately lowered her arm dejectedly: "forget it, I don't think you want to help me at all. Anyway, I only wear sleeping clothes and bath towel!"

"Bai Yiyan, tonight, we're going to sleep together. Are you sure you want to wear only one bath towel?" Ji Yueze's subsequent words directly shocked Bai Yiyan.

She opened her eyes sharply and looked at him incredulously: "what did you say just now? Want to sleep together? Tonight? "

Ji Yueze nodded: "you didn't hear me wrong, it's tonight!"

Bai Yiyan was nervous. Unexpectedly, he would suddenly ask for it. Her small hand holding the bath towel was tight and tight.

"Must it be so?" Bai Yiyan is still very afraid, because she knows the meaning of sleeping together. She looks at him with a pleading tone.

Ji Yueze's face suddenly became serious: "yes, you have no other choice."

Bai Yiyan had to hang down her shoulders and nodded her head as if she were dead

Ji Yueze looks at her face nervously. His brow twists slightly and throws the T-shirt at her.

Bai Yiyan quickly reaches for it.

Ji Yueze went back to his bedroom for a bath. He was wearing a white robe, short hair and moisture. When he pushed the door in, he saw Bai Yiyan huddled in the bed.

Bai Yiyan hides in the quilt and curls up. Hearing the sound of opening the door, she instinctively shivers.

Ji Yueze's steps didn't stop. He went straight to the other side of the bed, opened the quilt and lay down.

When Bai Yiyan was stiff, she felt that the soft bed was sinking over there.

"You're going to sleep one night with your back to me?" Ji Yueze didn't do anything directly. He just bent his arm and rested on it. His voice was a little faint.

Bai Yiyan immediately turned around. Under the light, she looked at the clean and charming features of the man. The tension just now disappeared.

Ji Yueze's beautiful face is very close to her. She only found out that this man is really handsome.

"Then how do I sleep?" Bai Yiyan asked in a low voice, she actually likes sleeping on her side. It's said that most people who love sleeping like this have no sense of security.

Ji Yueze stretches out an arm, Bai Yiyan hesitates for a moment, or gently leans over, long arm circle, she instantly pastes to his bosom.

In the quiet room, Bai Yiyan heard the strong and powerful heartbeat of the man, like a drum, very fast.

Bai Yiyan is stunned.

Isn't it just yourself that's speeding up?

"Ji Yueze, can I ask you a question?" Bai Yiyan felt relaxed after she posted for a while. She felt that she didn't suffer a lot. After all, it's a dream of hundreds of millions of girls to be able to sleep with Ji Yueze. She realized it. It's a good feeling.

"Ask!" Ji Yueze didn't look like Bai Yiyan thought he would turn into a wolf at night. He just lay on his back quietly and looked at the ceiling calmly. His voice was also very indifferent, merciless and lustless.

Bai Yiyan hesitates for a moment, but she still bravely asks, "how many women have you had?"

Ji Yueze didn't expect her to ask such boring questions. He didn't want to answer her.

Bai Yiyan waited for his answer, but after a long time, the man didn't make a sound. She couldn't help being curious, her head broke away from his arms, and her beautiful eyes narrowed to see his expression.

However, what she saw was that the man closed his eyes and wanted to fall asleep.

Bai Yiyan is shocked. Can't she? How could this man fall asleep because she asked this question?

Is he pretending to sleep?

Bai Yiyan didn't look frightened any more. Instead, she reached out and pushed him: "Ji Yueze, is this a problem for you? But I still want to know. "

"What do you know?" Sure enough, the man is pretending to sleep, and his voice is clear and calm.

"I know how many women you have. I know it's a silly question. It's a self inflicted crime, but I just want to know." Bai Yiyan continued to fall back into his arms, shouting at her little mouth and saying firmly. "Why should I tell you? This is my privacy! " Ji Yueze replied coldly. Of course, he can't let this woman know that he is also a place. If he let her know, maybe she doesn't believe him, he will suspect that he has a problem with his personality and loves to lie and cheat.