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Lan Yanxi is really hungry. In addition, she is not a person who knows how to dress as a lady. Naturally, she is free of scrutiny, and she is generous in rewarding every dish. In contrast, Ling Mofeng eats a lot of elegance. He didn't eat much. Looking at the relish taste of the girl on the opposite side, these common dishes that made him inexplicable seemed to be much delicious.

After eating, Lan Yanxi decided to take a look with Ling Mofeng at his home. Anyway, Grandpa had explained to her before going out, so that she would not go back so early and wanted to create more opportunities to get along with Ling Mofeng.

Lan Yan's grandpa really wanted to sell her to Ling Mofeng.

Ling Mofeng ’s residence is much simpler than Lan Yanxi ’s imagination. After all, he is also a child of the family. Moreover, the Ling family is not short of money. He raised Ling Mofeng as a son from a young age. Lan Yanxi thought he should live in a luxurious place. Villa or something, but when the car parked in front of a nearby house, Lan Yan was dumbfounded, it turned out to be a very ordinary building, and this building should be a bit old, when the car entered the door, vaguely You can see that the environment inside is very old, just like antiques.

Lan Yanxi's sports car followed behind his car, and she looked around while driving.

"Ah, I'm going!" Lan Yanxi didn't expect that the car in front would suddenly stop. She didn't have time to brake, and even reared Ling Mofeng's private car here.

The sound of broken glass came from the ears, and Lan Yanxi's headlight directly hit Ling Mofeng's taillight, and the lights of both of them broke directly.

Ling Mofeng was also shocked, his expression was inexpressible. He couldn't help pinching the steering wheel, and then directly pushed the door and got out of the car. I saw Lan Yanxi also jumped down quickly, bending over, watching where the two cars collided. "

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't notice that you suddenly stopped, I will lose your loss! "Lan Yanxi felt so embarrassed at this moment, and then looked at Ling Mofeng's expression, and the other side was helpless."

How did you drive? Don't you see the road ahead? "Ling Mofeng said to her silently."

I patronized the scenery of your home, accidentally ... I'm sorry! Lan Yanxi had to lower his head. At this time, he wanted to dig into the ground and drill into it.

"Forget it, I'll ask someone to fix it, you can come with me!" Although Ling Mofeng felt that this was a delusion, he could only endure it. Who asked him to take the woman home? "

Ling Mofeng, you are the ancestral house uploaded by my ancestors, I think it seems a bit old. "Lan Yanxi immediately caught up with him quickly and asked while looking."

No, I bought it. I used to live here with a politician who I admire. Later he retired and wanted to demolish the house. I bought it directly with him. Everything here is quaint. Simple, just what I want! Ling Mofeng said, the lights in the living room have been turned on, and there is also a sophisticated picture, antique tables and chairs, and carpets covered with dark lines on the ground. This is really not like a place where young people live However, Ling Mofeng said that it was just what he wanted.

"I didn't expect that you would like antiques, which is similar to your personality!" Lan Yanxi laughed. "

I have loved these retro things since I was young, how about you? do you like it? Ling Mofeng was not so restrained in his own house. He reached out and unbuttoned the blazer. After taking off the blazer, he put it on the back of the chair. He was wearing only a sky blue shirt. When questioning, he turned Come over, a pair of deep eyes staring at Lan Yanxi, want to hear her answer.

Lan Yanxi had to sigh: "I'm also more casual, I don't like anything, and I don't particularly hate anything."

"If you don't want to live in this house in the future, I have other places, and also have completely modern-style home improvement. I can move there over time." Ling Mofeng did not force her to like it, so she gave her the first Two choices.

"What about you? If we are married, will you be separated from me?" Lan Yanxi directly misunderstood his words, thinking that he meant that she lives in a modern-style home, and he still likes to live here. Ling

Mo Feng smiled lightly: "Of course I can't live apart. I don't want to get married when I get into a scandal that couples don't agree. This is very bad for my reputation."

Lan Yanxi listened to his suggestive words, her ears were red with shame, and she felt that her relationship with Ling Mofeng was strange now. The two clearly didn't know each other well, but they could talk about what happened after marriage. , But not shy at all.

"What do you want to drink? Go to the refrigerator to see for yourself." Ling Mofeng also felt that his speech was a bit inappropriate, and quickly shifted the topic. blue

Yanxi really walked in front of the refrigerator, opened it, and saw water and wine in it. There were only a small amount of drinks. As for the stuff that filled her belly, maybe there were only those two apples. "

Don't you cook at home? By the way, I just came in and didn't see a servant aunt, what do you usually eat at home? Lan Yanxi asked curiously, feeling that this was really a life that a single man would live without any fireworks.

"I mostly eat out, and a small part is to solve it by myself!" Ling Mofeng said lightly, also went to the refrigerator, took a bottle of water, unscrewed it, and handed it to Lan Yanxi. blue

Yan Xi reached out to catch it, and didn't think about the random behavior of the two at this moment. He just looked up and took a sip.

"Want to take a look upstairs?" Ling Mofeng was actually a little nervous. It was the first time that he brought a woman into his own life. He was not an inferior man, but he was also worried that Lan Yanxi would not like his home. "

Alright! Lan Yanxi was generous. Since he allowed her to visit his second floor, of course she would not refuse, so she turned around and walked upstairs. Ling Mofeng stretched her eyebrows and stepped up to follow her.

"Is your bedroom upstairs?" Lan Yanxi asked casually.

"Yes, the room on the far right!" Ling Mofeng looked like a child who had to answer questions.

Lan Yanxi listened to his mechanical answer, and couldn't help but grin: "Do you have any extra rooms in your house?"

Why ask like this? Ling Mofeng said for a moment. Lan Yan didn't hide his mind, and said with a smile: "If we want to live together, then I have a place to live. "

The man's eyes darkened and he could not help looking at her shadow. Lan Yanxi didn't wait for his answer, turned sharply, and met his eyes: "Didn't he?"