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When Xia Xinnian looks at Tang Youyou, Tang youyou is also surprised to look at her. Her eyes are clear and her eyes are beautiful and gentle. Tang youyou is a little satisfied with her.

"Hello, aunt. I'm sorry to meet you in this way." Xia Xinnian knows that she is ashamed. If she came to visit jimucheng as her official girlfriend today, she would be very happy. But now, she brings a son to meet her. She always feels frivolous and casual. Even she is very guilty.

Hearing her self mockery, jimucheng immediately explained to her mother, "Mom, I can't blame her for this. It's all my fault."

Xia xinnianmei Mou suddenly turns to someone who teases his grandson. "It seems that if there is a father, there must be a son. It's not just a word on the mouth, it's true."

Ji Xiaohan seems to be teasing his grandson, but he has been paying attention to Tang youyou's reflection. Hearing her saying this, he looks handsome and red, and immediately stares at his son seriously: "I have so many advantages, but I haven't seen you learn them. I've learned one disadvantage."

Jimucheng was shaking all over. Suddenly, he realized that his parents were angry with him again. He had to bow his head slightly and admit his mistake sincerely: "I was too drunk at that time, so I made a mistake. Dad, mom, everything happened. Yuchen has grown up. Can you expose this matter first? At present, I want to introduce it to you."

Tang youyou saw that the girls around jimucheng were all white. She smiled gently and said to Xia Xinnian, "are you Xinnian? The name is nice and the person is beautiful. Don't be nervous. I know it must be a man's fault. I'll ask him to apologize to you later. "

Xia Xinnian is stunned and looks at Tang youyou. She doesn't know why. She always feels that the person in front of her has the gentle breath of her mother, which makes her heart tremble and her eyes slightly red.

Her mother died of illness. Her father left unexpectedly. Her grandparents loved her and cherished her in their palms. She thought she would grow up happily, but she didn't expect that when she was 18, when she was going to be an adult, heaven turned her life into another track. Her life turned upside down.

If mother is still alive, she must be as gentle as the man in front of her.

"Auntie, in fact, I can't blame him for that. I also have responsibilities. But, after all, it's not a glorious thing. I don't want to mention it again." Xia Xinnian speaks in a low voice and puts half of the responsibility on himself.

In fact, he also lied. That night, he drank the wrong thing. After checking it out, he knew that a woman wanted to take this opportunity to sleep on him. However, he slept in summer. Of course, this kind of thing is really disgraceful. He dare not mention it.

However, this woman still has a conscience and knows that she loves him.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes stopped on his wife's face for two seconds. In fact, he dare not mention this kind of thing.

"Well, it's possible for people to make mistakes. Some of them are not worth forgiving, but some of them are justifiable. I believe you are all good children with self-respect and self love. Let's not talk about them in front of children." Ji Xiaohan takes the lead in opening up and ends the topic.

Ji Xilin's two brothers and sisters, who have ears up to listen to gossip, look at each other disappointed. Since daddy has spoken, they dare not ask more questions even if they are curious.

Tang youyou chuckled: "yes, there are some mistakes. We can face them squarely. Then we can be relieved. I'll let people prepare lunch and think about it. You can take your children to have a good meal here. We don't object to your marriage. After all, children need a complete family."

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are two of them. So they are calm when dealing with this matter.

It's mainly because the two young people have a very sincere attitude towards the event, and they have also cultivated their feelings. They can do less or do less such things as hitting the mandarin ducks. Love is a luxury, which is hard to meet once in their lives. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are also brought together by love. They know that it's not easy to love each other, so they still focus on the young people's own ideas.

"Is big brother getting married? That's great. Our family is finally going to have a wedding Ji Siyi is very happy. She claps her hands and celebrates. Ji Xilin smiles and says, "so, I'm going to find a girlfriend, isn't it, mom?"

As soon as Tang youyou heard that his little son had this idea, he immediately stared at him severely: "Xilin, you should give priority to your studies and study abroad soon. You can't be lazy this time."

Ji Xilin frowned bitterly: "Mom, why do you want me to study abroad? You know I'm not interested in reading. I like singing and acting. Didn't you watch my last performance?"? How crazy the girls are! I want to be a fan like my uncle. I want to leave some classic works for later generations to watch. "

"Second brother, I support you." Ji Siyi put up a mother finger.

Tang youyou is annoyed by his little son's words. He is just about to say something more. Ji Xiaohan has already started: "if your son wants to develop his hobbies, let him go. As long as he doesn't go out to make trouble again, it's OK."

"Dad, I'm the most obedient." Ji Xilin immediately displeased, and then turned to look at Ji Mucheng: "elder brother, you say a few words for me."

Jimucheng sighed and shook his head: "what do you want me to say? Say you broke someone's leg in the last race? "

"I......" Jixilin can't say a word.

At that time, it was a big thing. At last, Ji Mucheng came out to settle it. Therefore, Ji Xilin was always guilty.

Xia Xinnian watched the family tremble and felt so warm that her parents gave birth to her daughter. She was eager to have her brothers and sisters to help her when she was in trouble. At the beginning, she regarded her cousin as her own sister without any defense, but at last she stabbed her in the back, upset her engagement and let her grandfather drive her out of the country.

In this world, people are really different from each other. Some people, no matter how many brothers and sisters they have, don't look back at each other. But some people are clearly only children, but they are still in trouble.

Tang youyou doesn't pay any attention to his little son's vexatious behavior. She looks at her grandson, who is held by Ji Xiaohan. She can't help but stretch out her hand. Xiaoyuchen's big black eyes blink at her, half curious, half surprised.

"Let Grandma hug you." Said Tang youyou with a smile.

Ji Xiaohan immediately withdrew his hand, and the little guy sat on Tang youyou's leg. Tang youyou sighed, "it's like Xiaorui."

Jimucheng is slightly shocked. I haven't heard my mother's name for a long time.